"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

Beautiful Women From Time To Time

They said women will sacrifice everything to look and feel beautiful. For example, though some of us (including me) consider stiletto shoes as a must have item, other people think that those sexy shoes are made to torture women and hurt their feet however women still love stiletto. In modern age right now, many women willing to stand the pain of plastic surgery on their bodies just to get what they thought will make them look more beautiful and attractive. Then how about the old time women when stiletto and plastic surgery are not exist yet? Women in the old days have their own perspective about beauty. Today, we may find all this stuff as weird ways to look beautiful. But as I said before, they have their own perspectives about how a beautiful woman should be.
First, we have Foot Binding.
This is a well known tradition in China around 618-1911. In this case, the smaller your feet the better you look. Beautiful women’s feet at that time has only 10-15 cm! How can adult women have such small size of feet like that? The secret is by wrapping the feet so tightly using a ten feet long fabric everyday since they were very young. They usually start to do this on 4-5 years old little girls. The four fingers will be bended towards the sole of foot and the big toe will be bended toward the heel. The wrapper will get tighter and tighter each day to prevent the feet from growing in normal way and this is definitely a tortured way to look beautiful.


Second, we have Corsets.
Despite the tortured and the shortness of breath effect, women still love wearing corsets because it can make your belly look flat and gives you incredibly small waisted. This tradition comes from Europe noble ladies in the middle age. Though corset is still available and still lovable until today, but modern corsets are quite different from the old time one.

Third, we have Sharpening Teeth.
This painful tradition is found in South Asian tribes for many years. Beautiful ladies will sharpening their teeth in particular way using stick and some woods. Imagine the pain that these women should endure. This process can not be done within a day or two. It takes a long time to make your entire teeth sharp like that. So you better get ready for the pain.

I also have another post about different perspective of women sexiness few months ago. You can read it back here.
I wish I can deny the prejudice that saying: woman willing to sacrifice everything to look beautiful, ladies. But after found out about all these traditions, I really think that the prejudice might quite right. What do you think?


  1. Great post, Risma
    There's a quote : Beauty is Pain. I think it's right...

  2. I ever watch on tv about Chinese womens who are willing to operate their legs to make it look higher...they believe it can make them look more beautifull and sexy, so terrible.

    Anyway, the most miserable thing that I did to look beautiful is facial, it hurt but I'm willing to do that.hehe ;D

  3. absolutely right :)
    i wish there was a way to be beautiful without pain..

  4. Beauty is TRUELY only in the eye of the beholder! If you think looking natural is Beautiful... Then it is! Unless you are so focused on pleasing others... That you can't form your own opinions... It's all relative.


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