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Dangerously Crazy

So many women nowadays become so addicted to designer items such as bags, shoes or clothes. As you know, most of those things are really expensive. Why? In my mind, those items were designed for groups of people with certain range of income such as heir/heiress, actor/actress, noble family or kind of people like that. That's why they make the shoes or bags expensive.

But what will happen if you become one of those who addicted to these expensive item, while you actually come from "average" people? The answer is, dangerously crazy! For example, if you work as a staff in a small with income less than $2000 per month. Somehow, deep inside your heart, you dream about having a $8000 Hermes birkin bag. Then to fulfill this dream, you will do almost anything such as borrowing money, or stop having dinner for more that a year just to be able to save some money. This what I called dangerously crazy!

What exactly is the reason why women are so crazy about designers items? Well, I know a friend who loves to buy original Louis Vuitton bags for collection just because most of her friend in her office wear that kind of bag. Some people also say that designers items are usually last longer than anonymous bags. So, even though you must sacrifice a big amount of money to buy it, you still can consider yourself as as investor who save her money by purchasing expensive original items since you can always sell them back anytime you like. I'm sure you can add more and more reasons to this addiction.

It's okay to buy or to collect expensive designers items as long as you don't have to sacrifice your own neck for that. If you only have $2000 income per month, then buy for your self a maximum $1000 bag. Because an expensive bag is not worth to replace your meal money or other bills you must pay each month. Forget "Shop till you drop" and replace it with "Shop wisely"

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