"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

Body Exfoliation

A regular body skin exfoliation can be very useful to keep your skin young and soft. It will help to unblock the old skin cells and lessen hairs. Exfoliation is also very useful for stimulating the blood circulation since you’ll do some massage during the exfoliation process. I usually use granules as the exfoliator, but you can always use other different ones such as exfoliating gloves or loofah, body scrub lotion, or body scrub polishes.
How to make a perfect exfoliation then? First, before showering your body (your body is still in a dry condition), brush your skin softly using your exfoliator item, such as this gentle loofah below, to stimulate your circulation and remove dead skin cells. Do that for about five minutes and after that you can take a shower like usual. You may also want to use the loofah once again onto your wet skin and that alright. But you need to brush wet skin more carefully since the skin has been smoothen by the water.
After shower, cover your body skin with moisturizer cream. Your skin will absorb the moisture easily and make your body looks and feels fresher. Especially when you have a plan to sunbathe, you might want to exfoliate your body skin first. Because the exfoliated skin will give you a perfect tan as the result along with a healthy and shiny look as the bonuses.

Pictures taken from: aww.ninemsn.com.au, cdn.hellobeautiful.com

NoLIta-North Little Italy

North Little Italy a.k.a NoLIta ia the shopping center on Manhattan, New York where shopper can find almost every kind of fashion items, whether the premium brands or the vintage ones. I read a lot about this area in fashion magazine. It seems like NoLIta has familiar enough among the shopper around the globe.
North Little Italy
Mostly, every boutique in NoLIta belongs to the designer also. For example, a boutique named “Zero” which owned by a designer Maria Carnejo. Or “Only Hearts” boutique by Helena Stuart. Or “Seize sur Vingt” by James and Gwendolyn Jurnye. Still you can find the mainstream labels such as Paul Frank, Miss Sixty, Ralph Lauren or RRL here also.
Unlike SoHo or any large boutiques you found along Madison Avenue, NoLIta offers more personal services for every shopper. The stores are quite small with only one or two store assistants inside. NoLIta is a perfect place for shoppers who want to spend more time looking around without having bothered by the aggressive store assistant. The perfect shopping paradise.

Pictures taken from: http://inlinethumb49.webshots.com, http://farm1.static.flickr.com

Michael Kors

If you are a fan of “Project Runway” show (as I do), then you must be familiar with this handsome man. He has blue eyes, blonde hair and a baritone voice.

Michael Kors is not a kind of jury who can easily gives his appreciation to the designers in this competition. As a matter of fact, he even ridicules almost every designer there (at least once) and sarcastically mocks their designs. But, as the compensation, he always salutes every design that he found perfect and gorgeous. Fair enough, I think (lol)

Michael Kors was born in Merric, New York. He started to sell his first design (a hand painting leather vest) to his neighbors by the time he was 9 years old. There was a time when he studied at the Fashion Institute for Technology for one semester before he made a decision to quit and start to run his own business instead.

Then he made his own fashion line using his own name as the label (Michael Kors LLC) and able to run his first fashion show in the next two years. The fashion workers love his simple yet fabulous style of his collections. After that, he widened his business line and creates a special label for man clothing, shoes, sunglasses, perfume and handbags.

On 1997 he was asked to work with Louis Vuitton on Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) as a designer for Celine label. His first fashion show was successfully done on Autum/Winter 1998 in Paris. As an appreciation, LVMH helped him to develop his own fashion line.

Pictures taken from: www.givememyremote.com, www.geekpurses.com

Bridget Hall

Bridget Hall started her modeling career since she was 9 years old. Her first photo shoot was as a model for JC Penney Catalog. By the time she was 14 years old, she has already be the Guess? Girl. She started it all in a very young age, huh?
Bridget’s golden age was when she was 22 years old and was hired by a lot of designers as the first face on the runway. Such as Bill Blass, Christian Dior, Valentino, Ralph Lauren and Zara. So that, we can say that she spent almost her entire time walking on the runway or on photo shoots.

She loves to stay at home and sleep with her cat during her break time. Or do a trip to visit her mother and brother back in her hometown, Texas. Despite her glamorous life as a model, Bridget Hall always uses a casual t shirt with jeans on her daily activities. She even loves “unhealthy kind of foods” which usually rejected by other models. She loved salty foods and refuses the sweet one.

This year, she’s going to be 32 years old. So, just like Laetitia Casta or Estella Warren, Bridget Hall starts to disappear from the runway and have a new way of life somewhere.

Pictures taken from: www.hopegames.com

Flowery Perfume

Have you ever think about how your perfume was made? To make such a perfect blend, the perfumer needs to combine several kinds of rare and expensive flowers and any other materials.
For example: “Guerlain Nahema (1979)” which inspired by a French actress, Catherine Deneuve, was made from May Rose and Damask Rose. Or “Jean Patou Joy” which contains pure Jasmine essence and May Rose from Grasse, French. These two kinds of flower can only be harvested once a year. And you may guess why this perfume becomes so expensive (up to $900 for pure perfume) and only available for limited edition.

The expensive material is the flower essence. Some flowers are so rare or need a special kind of treatments to maintain the expensive essence during the process. Here are some of those rare or expensive flowers that usually used by the perfumer of premium brands.

A. Rose
The best kind of rose in the world is May Rose (rosa centifolia) which grows in Grasse, Southern French and North Africa. The essence becomes so expensive since this flower needs a special kind of treatment. They must be harvested early in the morning before the sun comes up and the petals are still wet with the morning dew. They believe that sunshine my effect the pure scent of this rose. The other one is Damask Rose (rosa damascena) which can be found in Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt and Russia.

B. Jasmine
Jasmine is the most popular essence among the perfumer since almost every perfume has a touch of this essence. The most expensive kind is Jasminum officinals or Jasminum grandiflorum. Several premium brands of perfume used the combination of jasmine with May Rose for the main essence before adding other scents. As an analogy, you need to combine 10.600 petals of jasmine with 28 dozens of rose to make 1 ounce of Jean Patou Joy.

C. Violet
The best quality of this kind is Borsari Violet from Parma, Northern Italy. The essence doesn’t come from the petals like any other flowers but from the leaves instead.
Violetta from Penhaligon or Channel No.19 and Givency L’Interdit use violet as the main essence.

D. Neroli
Also known as essence oil from the orange flowers. The most famous kind of neroli is Sevilles from Southern French, Italy, Egypt and Tunisia. Neroli essence is irreplaceable material for any classic kind or eau de cologne. This is a kind of very rare flower. 1.016 or Neroli petals can only produce 907 grams of essence oil. Even if we gather all Neroli in this world altogether, they can only produce 200 grams of essence oil. Very rare, indeed. This beautiful flower also commonly used on the wedding bouquet.

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Hair Talks

Did you know?
Hair grows up to 12 mm per month and will stay at the same color and healthiness for up to 7 years.

If you have never ever cut your hair before, your hair will grow up to 107 cm before finally fall out.

Generally, human can grow 120.000 hairs along her/his life.

Your hair grows fast especially when you’re on age 16-24 years old.

When you are somewhere between 40-50 years old, you tend to have hair fall out issue.

Human hair is stronger than a copper wire made in exactly the same thickness.

Your hair’s growth depends on your age, gender, and your foods,

The main problem for grey hair is the lack of new color pigment on your hair. Your body will start to reduce the pigment production due to you age until finally stop producing it when you are old.

Pictures taken from: http://celebhairstyle.files.wordpress.com

Breast Cancer, The Silent Killer

I'm sure every woman loves her breasts. Until now, breasts are still considered to be "the beauty factor" on woman's body. And as I wrote up there, there's a sillent killer who silently attack your precious breasts, girls. It can't take your breasts away and even your own life.
The silent killer is the breast cancer. It can happen to anyone of us, no matter what color you have, old and young, SAHM or WM, anyone...

Right now, breast cancer is the #1 killer in this world. Breast cancer mostly happens to women around 35-45 years old. As an analogy, there're 26 women among 100 women who have this cancer on her body. Sounds creepy, huh?

The research found out that almost 50% of these women don't even realize that the silent killer is killing them slowly from the inside. And when they finally "woke up", it's been too late. Most of them find out about this breast cancer when they're on the 3rd or 4th stadium already. At this stadium, it's quite late for medical treatment or therapy.

The experts believe that smokers, alcohol drinkers, and junk food lovers are the main target if this silent killer. We call this cancer as silent killer, since you won't realize that's its already in your body for so long. At the 1st stadium, you won't see any particular signs of breast cancer at all. Ironically, this is the only stadium where you have 100% possibility of a fully recovered condition. At the 2nd and 3rd stadium, the possibility of recovery is between 60%-70%. And at 4th stadium, you only have 15% chance of recovery.

So, you need to increase your breast cancer awareness, my female friends. Check your breasts condition regularly using mammogram. Early detection will provide you a better chance of recovery. And the most important thing of all is to keep a healthy way of life. Prevention in the best of all. Don't you agree?

Pictures taken from: http://arkansasmatters.com, www.imtiredonline.com

Serum For Skin Renewal

I believe that a healthy and younger look skin is the obsession of every woman. And to gain that maximun condition of the skin, I think we're already quite familiar with every rituals we need to do. We use cleanser products (such as facial wash or make up remover), tone products (such as freshener or toner), eye care (such as eye cream/gel), moisturiser products, protector products (such as sun block or SPF products), face masks (cleaning or treatment) and exfoliate product (such as facial scrub).
Is that all? Actually, there's still one item left. I'm sure that you all have ever heard about skin serum before. In cosmetical context, serum is a kind of liquid which contains mostly amino acid on it and use for skin renewal purposes.

The main ingredients of serum are water, emultion, Vitamin C and E. Beside the renewal purpose, skin serum also works to moisturising your skin and make the skin look flawless. What is the different between skin serum and the skin moisturiser that we use daily then?
Skin moisturiser works at the outer layer of epiderm, while serum works at the deeper layer of epidermal itself. You need to apply the skin serum first before applying the skin moisturiser on your face. They work together from inside and outside to maintain your skin condition. Make sure you use them both regularly to get the perfect result.

Now, have you added the skin serum on your list already?

Pictures taken from: http://cdn-viper.demandvideo.com, www.ydryskincare.info


Are you a workaholic? If you are a workaholic, don't be so proud of it, girls. It happens when somebody having a problem in trusting other people, bad on job delegation, and can't be a part of a team work.
According to the experts, there are four kinds of workaholic:

1. Bulimic workaholic
This is kind of people who insists to do every job perfectly. If they can't do it perfectly, they will choose the refuse the job instead. They will spend more time on details until deadline shocked them up. Then they will finish the job in a rush. As you may guess, the result will not as perfect as they want.

2. Relentless workaholic
You kind find this on people who hunts for a kind of job which can challange them in a certain way. They love to feel the adrenalin rush into their heads. On the process, they usually pick the fastest way to do it (mostly in careless way). The result will not gain their expectation in the first place. What a useless.

3. Attention-deficit workaholic
People like this enjoy the warm out part when they just begin to work with the project. They're full of enthusiasm and plans. But they'll get bored very quickly and forget about the enthusiasm and plans they've had before. People like this usually fail to finish their job/project successfully.

4. Savoring workaholic
There are three words to discribe people on this zone: slow, systematic, thorough. They usually have a problem to finish the job based on deadline. They also refuse any kind of help from other member of the team. And usually find a perfect reason for being so late on the job. The only reason they have is: the result is not perfect enough yet.
See? In a big picture, being a workaholic is not a good thing. I can't guarantee that you will have the perfect result because of it. So, why don't you spend sometimes for yourself? Go see some friends and hangout. And you'll be ready for the next project.

Pictures taken from: skew.dailyskew.com, www.up-lift.com

Long-Lasting Lipstick

How many hours do you have before your lipstick finally faded? One hour or two hours maybe? I’m sure that every one of you want your lipstick to last all day long, right? Of course you can easily find various kinds of ad out there which claimed their products to be the best among all since it can last for more that 8 hours. But you need to know that that kind of lipstick is usually make your lips dry and irritable.
It’s because it contains certain kind of chemical to keep the lipstick lasts longer. They’re more expensive compare to the usual lipstick also.

As a matter of fact, you can still keep your lipstick lasts longer if you only know the tricks. Before you apply the lipstick, first you need to apply the skin foundation gently onto your lips.
Make sure it covers your lips surfaces perfectly. After that use a lip pencil to draw a thin line along your outer part of lips or your lip line, but make sure you choose the color that will suit your lipstick color, girls.

The next step is to apply the lipstick itself. The best way to do this is with a lipstick brush since it will give you a better result. It’s not wrong at all to apply the lipstick directly without lipstick brush actually but make sure you apply the lipstick carefully so that it won’t break the lip line you’ve just drawed before. When the lipstick fully covered the lip surfaces, take a sheet of tissue and press gently onto your lips.

Then, you need to apply loose powder around the outer part on your lip line using a powder brush, remember to apply it gently since it can ruin your lipstick or lip liner. Then apply the lipstick one more time as the final touch. Sometimes I replace this part with lip gloss only, since I love glossy look better than the matte one.
But it’s all up to you. If you want the glossy lips then you can use the lip gloss as the final touch. But if you want the matte look, apply the lipstick one more time to make it lasts longer.

And the most important thing of all is: Don’t forget to put a smile on your lips. It’s the best way to color your lips better than any kind of lipstick, girls…

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Estella Warren

Another gorgeous woman to talk about is Estella Warren. This blonde girl with sexy lips comes from Canada. Even though she is a famous model, she also well known as a good swimmer in her country. Her first photo shot was with the Manhattan Modelling Agency and from there she started to work as a professional model.
She was the ambassador of Chacharel from Chanel and some other famous brands of perfumes. She also worked for Victoria’s Secrets and Perry Ellis. Her gorgeous look brought her to become one of “Hot 100 Babes” on Maxim magazine. This entire job has provided her more than enough money to buy her very first house by the age of 17. She became famous and rich in a very young age.

Somehow, Estelle felt something missing on her world as a model. She has not satisfied for just being able to see her face as a cover on so many famous magazines. She needed something to stimulate her brain and thoughts. I guess she found it on wide screen. She was offered to participate on three movies at a time. But her most favorite movie is Planet of The Apes where she worked together with Mark Wahlberg.
Unfortunately, after that Planet of The Apes movie, Estella seems to be disappeared from the wide screen. I sometimes saw her on Victoria’s Secret runway on Fashion TV only, that’s all. Maybe because she is 31 years old already this year and that age is considered to be “old” in modeling world. Then she was replaced buy other new models who are younger and fresher. Still, Estella Warren is one of gorgeous woman I adore.

Pictures taken from: www.popularfaces.com, www.mactonnies.com
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