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A Suitable Kind of Make Up Foundation For Me

What kind of make up foundation do you use everyday, girls? I’m still looking for the right one for me. My skin type is combination to oily especially on the forehead area, around the nose and my chin. I know I can find two different types of foundation. First is the liquid foundation and the second one is the compact one. I like the liquid foundation since it can be applied smoothly and gives almost natural look. What I don’t like about this type is I must control every layer I made in my face carefully; otherwise I might end up with a face like a clown. Also I need to wash my hand after applying the foundation onto my face. That’s why this kind of foundation is only suitable to use at home. You don’t want to carry the foundation bottle everywhere just for a little touch up, do you?
About the second one, compact foundation then. Well, I’ve been using this one also for about six months now. I like it because it’s handy enough to carry inside my purse and I can use it everywhere for a little touch up. What I hate from compact foundation is the fact that it makes my combination skin looks oilier after a few hours use. I read that compact foundation contains more oil than the liquid one. That’s why it’s suitable for dry or combination to dry skin type.
I really love the handy to carry compact foundation but I hate the fact that it makes my skin looks oily a few hours later. On the other side, I will definitely not carry the liquid foundation bottle inside my purse just for some touch ups, though I know that foundation type is the suitable one for me.
My compact foundation is almost gone now and I don’t think that I will purchase another one for now. I will use the liquid foundation instead until I find another better option. I also heard about the mineral foundation in powder type but from what I read, this powder foundation is not long lasting and need to be touched up regularly to maintain the perfect look on your skin. I want foundation that can last longer like the liquid and the compact did, so mineral foundation is not on my list for now.

Anyway, I want to say thank you to Fanda And Fitness who kindly gave me this award two days ago.
I’m sorry because it took me so long to display your award here, dear. And for anyone of you, who loves this award too, feel free to grab it anytime you want. Have a nice day my female friends..

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I'm Not Actually Rich, But I Can Act Like One

Many people choose to live their life in denial nowadays by pretending that nothing is wrong with their life at all. I’m saying this as living in denial because they actually realize that the truth is there is something wrong with them and their life but they refuse to admit it. On the contrary, people around them actually believe that they are not as good as they look.
For example, I know a woman who is actually a stay at home mother like me. She doesn’t have another job besides taking care of her children and house work. Her husband work as a staff in an insurance company whose income is totally depends on how many client he got each month. But somehow, this lady enjoys life like an heiress in her house. She spends lots and lots on money to buy fashion things such as designer’s dress, bags or shoes. She even refuses to cook their daily meal herself and choose to eat at restaurant instead. When her kids are in school, she spends her time in an expensive beauty parlor for the whole body treatment.
From the way she looks, no one would ever believe that she’s actually in a real bad debt. When suddenly her husband got fired from her job due to crisis in his company, all these secrets finally revealed. The wife has been using more than five credit cards to fulfill her ambition of having a high end life style. All those fancy apparels she kept on her wardrobe have not yet paid off. Her husband feels so devastated.
He has no idea that her wife’s partiality for expensive things by using the low salary he earns every month has bring his entire family to the lowest part of their life ever. They can’t find any clue to pay their enormous amount of debt yet and almost end up in divorce.
After all her clicks find out about this, they left her right away. When I asked them why they can be so cruel by leaving their friend while she’s really in trouble like that, they simply answer that they hate a liar and a loudmouth. They can’t have a friend who pretends as if she is rich while actually she is not. Well, that’s life, I suppose. There are always kinds of people who ask you to be their friends because you look rich and extravagant. By the time you lost your glamour, you will lose them too.
But this stay at home mother is going to pay for every excitement she had many years before now. I think that’s the only thing you will ever get when you live in denial, right?

Join Do The Reuse Challange Now

This post brought to you by Aladdin. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you know that in the United States, 50 billion disposable water bottles are consumed per year; 137,000 per day; 1,585 per second. Imagine how hard our earth must struggle with all those waste and garbage all this time. I think it's time  for all of us to have reusable containers to replace the disposable containers for food in our house such as water bottler, mug or reusable tumbler for our daily coffee. You have so many benefits from using a reusable tumbler. First, certain coffee shops provide discounts for customers who bring their own tumbler for every purchase. Second, it’s safer to put in your car since reuse tumbler is better than that flabby disposable cup. Third, you are relatively free from harmful chemical which usually made from the hot liquid inside a disposable cup, so reusable tumbler is also healthier. But the most important part is that you may contribute a little action to help our earth fights global warming issue.

If you agree with me, then you might be interested with the Do The Reuse Challenge made by Aladdin. It’s challenge where you make a commitment to give up any kind of disposable containers such as cups, water bottles or food containers. And you are welcome to participate in this challenge. The most important part of this challenge is that you must have your own reuse container of course. But if you don’t have any of them yet, you can follow one of the Do The Reuse Challenges to get discounts and free shipping on selected Aladdin products through their Website on www.shopaladdin-pmi.com. Or join Aladdin on Facebook for further information.

Find out more about the challenge on http://www.dothereusechallenge.com and invite your friends and family members to join this challenge start making impact right now to reduce the waste and garbage for a better earth and a better life in the future. So, are you ready to join the challenge now?

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Guest Bloggers Are Welcome Here

Someone sent me email this morning and asked whether I receive guest bloggers in my blogs or not. This is the first time for me and honestly I’m not familiar enough with this guest blogger stuff. I saw some posts written by guest bloggers in some of my friends’ blogs so many times though. Then I do some researches to find out about this on the internet.
Generally, guest bloggers are writers who share their opinions on thoughts through someone else’s blog. Their posts usually contain information about certain product or service and not just personal stories like I usually do. Their main goal is to create a kind of portfolio about their writing skill and gain more attention in the blogsphere itself (CMIIW). And I think it’s totally fine for me.
Somehow I can’t find out whether these guest bloggers do this for free or they require some kind of compliments for their work. If so, then I think I will not accept any kind of guest blogger for now. I made blogs for fun purpose and I’m not desperate enough to make them as commercial blogs by paying other people to make them look wonderful. However, if you do this for free, then you are always welcome to write either in this blog or Mommy Mayonnaise or ~Serendipity~ under certain conditions:
*No adult contents, drugs or gambling.
**Do not provide outside links inside your post unless you want to pay me for that. I can get such a post from any kind of paid review brokers and they paid me to put a link inside my post.
***I have right to reject your post if I found it contains kind of insulting opinion, blaspheme opinion or anything like that which may cause problems for me and my blogs in the future.
****I will identify your post as guest blogger post and write your name in a proper place.
So, if you are interesting to write in one or all of my blogs, just CONTACT ME anytime and I’ll be happy to reply you.

Look Fabulous With Stockings

Many women maybe still confuse about the difference about stockings and thighs just like me. I try to find out more about this from other websites and they provide me different kind of answers. Some of them said that stocking is elastic garment which covers foot and lower part of the leg but not intended to conceal the leg completely. Then some other said that stocking is a leg covering garment which held up with the use of suspenders or garters. About the thighs, some say that thigh is close fitting garment that can be used from your feet to waist just like pant while stocking is about the length of knee high only.
So, before starting to write my opinion, I’m going to use the general meaning of stocking itself here. In my opinion, stocking is a kind of sheer leg covering which can be whether about the length of knee high or fully cover your leg up to your waist. That’s all.
Almost every stocking is made from a tight knit sheer but thin garment and can be easily damage. This kind of stocking will look almost naturally blended with your skin especially when you use the nude color and usually used for daily purposed or formal occasion.
There are also fishnet stockings which made from a wide knit garment just like a net. The variation is on type of the net it self such as diamond, rectangle or circle. These attractive stockings are usually used for fashion show purpose on runway. But some may also use it to attend party or night club.
The other one is fun and festive kind of stockings. This usually used only for fashion event because they look more festive than the other. You may find this stocking decorated with many colorful ribbons or other festive patterns such as stripped or polka dots, absolutely not a kind that you’ll choose for work or attending cocktail party.
Since stockings are “vulnerable” you need to give extra care to maintain their good condition. Use warm water and mild soap to soak your stockings then leave it for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with water until completely clean. After that spread the wet stocking on a towel and press together then hang it until fully dry.
You need to replace your stocking after using it five times since your stocking may already loss their elasticity and not comfortable enough to use again.

Irritated by A Cheap Advertiser!

I woke up early this morning when I read few emails sent to my Blackberry phone. Some of them were regular so that I can take care of them later. But one of them was really irritating me. As you may already know, I also write sponsored articles in my blogs including this Female Stuff blog. Then one of the brokers sent me email telling me to fix one of the articles I made about two days ago. The reason is: the advertiser can’t find the link inside the post, and they asked me to bold the link instead. Otherwise, they are going to SUSPEND my account! I just can’t believe it!!
That advertiser asked me to display three links and I did it all correctly. I already check and re-check my post before submitting my post to the broker. But this email somehow made me feel like I’m a cheater. And I’m telling you I AM NOT A CHEATER! You pay me to display your links here and I’m not greedy enough to take your money only then forget about my duty. The links are all there, for God sake! As usual, I always try to make the link look as natural as it can be. And I haven’t received any complaint before about my writing style including from advertiser who paid me higher than this one. They want their links to look natural, that’s all they asked.
But when this one asked me to change my style, I said: Okay. I then make all the links in bold, bigger fonts and in red color altogether. I hope, this time, they will be able to find the links easily!
Anyway, can’t the broker themselves do something about this? They just simply visit my blog to find out the truth, whether I put that advertiser’s link or not. They know I’m not a cheater and they can see it from my track back. If somehow they don’t satisfy with how the links appear, they can simply ask me to bold all the links through email without having to threat me like that.
And the silliest fact of all is that my account is about to be suspended for an advertiser who paid me only for $2.5!! Yes, i really regret the decision to receive this job few days ago. They made a bargain in the last minute and I don’t bother at all. Because the reason why I’m doing this sponsored post is not for money only. But also because I love to write and I want new ideas for blog each day. If then I got paid as a compliment, why not?
But I can’t accept my account being suspended for this $2.5 article. From now on, I think I’m going to put all those cheap advertisers behind, every time they offer me a bargain. They don’t pay me enough to face this irritating situation. I’d rather write more meme here and write about any other silly things instead. And if somehow the broker I’m talking about here suspend my account because of this article. All I can say then: LET IT BE!

The Healthy Expectation

Do you agree when people said: “Do not expect anything; therefore you can never be disappointed.”? Honestly I can't tell you that I totally agree with one. Indeed, when you expected something and somehow you can’t get it fulfilled you will be very disappointed. But expecting something is the time when you can feel hope and at the same time, the courage to make it happen right? So, if you refuse to expect anything then maybe you will never have hope again ever because all you have is only resignation. And when that happens, I think life will be very flat and boring. People with these symptoms usually have health problems especially frustration and other mental illness.
So, I say: expectation is good for your health and life as long as you have a healthy expectation. It will make life more colorful and full of hope about a better life in the future. But if somehow your expectation can’t be fulfilled don’t get stressed, dear. Life can be hard sometimes. That’s life! Just do not lose your hope.

Luxury Parlor

I am really sure that every woman in the world wants to present her best appearance at all the time. That’s why we spend money to buy beauty products especially for daily use. In my drawer, I always have a bottle of skin moisturizer and body butter, day and night cream for my face, lip balm and lip butter for my lips. And in my bathroom, beside the soap and facial wash, I also have shampoo and conditioner as well as the hair serum. What? Don’t you give that look to me LoL. Yes, I have so many things inside my drawer and my bathroom not to mention my grooming stuff. Hahaha…
Anyway, in my previous post I already mention that I’m having a hair loss problem right now. And for now, I put away any kind of shampoo and conditioner I have and replace it with the anti hair loss ones. Indeed, it’s a bit expensive compared to my last shampoo but it’s alright as long as it can stop my hair loss issue. Do you know that you can also buy shampoo and conditioner from online shops? And you can save your shopping time to do something else instead. I know a suitable site where you can search for almost any kind of shampoo and conditioner you need. Luxury Parlor is the answer. You can find hair treatment product such as Bumble and Bumble, Moroccan Oil as well as OPI products. They also provide natural and organic products for you who need ones.

Hair Loss, Go Away!

I have hair loss problem recently *sigh* I never have any problem at all with my hair before. Though my hair is relatively thin but it always looks smooth and shiny. Its killing me to watch my hair falls every time I comb or wash my hair. I don’t want to be a bald lady. Not ready yet LoL
Or maybe it’s because I colored my hair constantly in these past two years. You know, since I don’t have any problem with my hair, I like to change the color of my hair every year but I've never bleach it before. The hair stylist told me that bleaching is not good for hair. So I just asked them to color my hair. I love the red or copper color.
Right now, my hair is not entirely covered with the red color anymore because my hair grows longer and the colored part is getting lower and lower every time. I actually already have a plan to visit a hair saloon to get my hair re-colored. That’s when I noticed this hair loss problem and I changed my mind right away.
Colored hair is the last thing I have on my mind right now. I want to have some hair treatments right now to fight this hair loss problem. I use a special shampoo and conditioner for hair loss problem right now to replace my colored hair shampoo and conditioner. After a few days, I found a significant progress. Though I still find hair on my comb but they’re not as many as before. I think this shampoo is going to help me and bring back my healthy and shiny hair. And maybe (just maybe) I can start to color my hair again in the next two years. I’m sorry I can’t resist it. I love to see my hair in a red color LoL

Remodeling Bathroom

I enjoy spending time in my bathroom for relaxing purposes. After a long weary day, what is more comfortable than lying on a hot water bathtub accompanied by the fragrant of scented candle right? That is why I always want only the best equipment for my bathroom otherwise I can not enjoy that “me time”.
I am planning to remodel my bathroom and definitely need some new equipment. The easiest way to find information about this is through the internet itself, am I right? And when I put the keywords in the search engine, I was directed to this site. Better bathrooms has everything I want for my bathroom remodeling online. They have a wide variety of bathroom equipment. From bathroom suites, tiles, furniture, and taps to shower enclosures, trays, and whirlpool baths. Anything you want. And the most exciting part is they are having a stock clearing on bath suites and those magnificent bath suites are offered up to 55% off.
They will deliver your purchase in the next day after completing all required step and your bathroom equipment will arrive within 3-5 working days later. They also offer you 7 days money back guarantee just in case you feel unsatisfied with your purchased (term and conditions applied).
After seeing all their bathroom furniture, I think I am going to spend more time in my bathroom after it got remodeled.

Adi's Giveaway Contest

Join Adi’s first ever contest for her 2nd Anniversary in the world of blogging. Anybody can join as long as you have a blog. You will win awesome prizes plus bonuses. Please do join and be part of this success.

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Let The Colors Talk

Somehow, the color you pick for your outfits can bring different effect to your mood the entire day. Many believe that certain color can boost up your spirit while the other one help you calm down and bring more self esteem. Below are some descriptions I found about how color helps you on certain occasion.
The color Red has been considered as a color which exudes certain kind of energy to make you look amazing and admirable. This color also makes you gain self esteem which is attractive to people around you. You will stand among the crowd and people will at least pay attention on you one time. If you plan to be the limelight, use this color.
The color Pink always looks feminine. Women who wear this color will look sweet and seductive. This color is also believed as a color which makes you feel calm and reduce the anger inside. But be careful with this color though, because if you pick the wrong style of fashion, you will look like a sweet teenager instead of a beautiful mature woman.
The color White is described as a color which brings positive energy around you and your environment. People tend to get close to you easily. You look honest and trustable, that’s why. Remember the feeling when you’re having conversation with doctor. Somehow it makes you feel calm right?
The color Green makes you look more mature and wise. You will feel more confidence and communicate with other people more easily.
The Black color makes you look proud and elegant. That’s why people choose to wear this color when attending cocktail or wedding party or any other formal occasion. You can’t wear accessories to make this color more alive and any color you pick will just fit.
Well, in the end it’s all up to you whether to believe it or not. But in my opinion, indeed there is a connection between color and moods. What do you think?

IVR Service

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is just a perfect option for you to replace the old duty of receptionist in your office. It’s a system which used to automate your incoming calls to appropriate person or departments directly quicker and more efficiently. Every call will be handled so your callers will never experience any more busy line issue or engaged signals. It can fully link into Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) where the callers will be prompted with the caller specific details before talking to the call center agents. That’s why IVR is considered to be the second most used telephony technology after automatic call distribution. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Ground Coffee Variety

You don’t have to go to a coffee house to enjoy coffee, girls as you can buy coffee online nowadays. I mean a real coffee or Ground Coffee and not the instant one. If you are a fan of this ground coffee, then buy it online. See? You don’t have to change your cloth and wear your shoes just to have a delicious coffee for you. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

My Morning Coffee Sip

What is more enlighten than a cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning? Hmmm…I love coffee. But what if you don’t have enough time to visit coffee house nearby? Then Instant Coffee will be the perfect choice. Just pick your favorite blend and add hot water. Then you can enjoy your morning coffee sip. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Control Your Online Company Campaign

This is information about my previous post about social media agency. A social media agency’s main function is to manage your company campaign online which more effective that making your own company campaign. Customers nowadays are not that easy to believe company campaigns right now. So Social Media Agency may give you a different point of view. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Social Media Agency

Advertise better and more effective through a proper social media and it will help your business growth. Company campaigns are not enough to make customers believe in you and your products. That’s why you need help from social media agency to help you profiling your major social network platform or do some research about your customers base or demographic. For further information you can contact Social Media Agency. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Security Guards Warrington

Still looking for suitable security guards for your company? Choose a trustable security services and guards supplier in your town. If you are in Warrington, then Security Guards Warrington must be suitable for you. They have offices closely situated in Warrington. Services they provide are also including Security Guards Wigan, Security Guards Southport, Security Guards Sheffield, Security Guards Manchester, Security Guards Liverpool, Security Guards Leeds and Security Guards Bolton. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Considered To Be Free Call

Do you know that 93% of the UK considers the number of 0800 as a free call which is good for your company? Customers will be happy to contact you anytime since they don’t need to worry about the charge. This can really help you run you company better and in effective way because you don’t need to call each customer yourself since they’ll be happy to call you instead. Have your own 0800 Numbers now and enjoy the benefit. However some mobiles charge customers for calling a free phone number. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

What Is Brash?

What exactly is the meaning of Brash? Well, you can choose what Brash means, but to us it means nothing as it’s a feeling that encompasses ones inner being. Wow that was deep huh? Want to find out more about what Brash means to other people? Click here. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

The Coffee Beans

As a coffee lover I found out that a great sip of coffee comes from a right roasted coffee bean. Believe it or not, I used to work as a barista in Starbucks Indonesia few years ago. That’s where I learn much about Coffee Beans and how they roasted. Interesting isn’t it? Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

You Are Beautiful, No Matter What They Say

There are numerous women on this earth who wish they had someone else’s look to replace their own. Plastic surgery nowadays has become their way out for this. Even a young and pretty teenager right now may already has her own plan about when she’s going to have her very first plastic surgery and which part of her body that she really want to change first. There lots and lots of choices out there: facelift, brow lift, cheek lift, blepharoplasty (eye lids surgery), nose thinned, jaw surgery or breast augmentation etc. Not to mention the Botox injection that has been considered as a regular treat for some people right now.
I mean, what is wrong with these beautiful girls? Why are there so many women there who feel so unsatisfied with their natural look given by the Almighty God? Each of us is unique and beautiful on our own way. You have your one (and only) nose or lips or eyes or cheeks which always look harmonious with your entire face. Then why you must ask a surgeon to change and make you look like a freak?
Does it mean that most women nowadays consider themselves ugly? Do you consider yourself ugly right now, my friend? So that if only you have a chance (and money) to have a plastic surgery right now, you will grab that opportunity without a single doubt? Will you replace what you have right now with something new which so unnatural and live with it for the rest of your life?
There are women out there who can not be recognized by her family members anymore due to her numerous plastic surgery. Her old friends can’t recognize her anymore on a reunion party. Is that what you want? In my opinion, no matter how gorgeous and astonishing you are after having a plastic surgery, its still not you whatsoever.
Of course, there is always an exception for everything. We can really appreciate the technology we have right now which enables us to have a plastic surgery if we had a terrible accident. Victims who survived from accident usually have scars that won’t fade for the rest of their life. This is where plastic surgery are really needed. It will fix the broken part of the human body and make it better instead of destroy the good part and make it look worse, right? Well, at the end of the time, it’s still your choice anyway, girls. But before deciding anything, just stand in front of the mirror first and find out how beautiful you are then be grateful for what you have.

Sorry! For Members Only!

I noticed that almost every exclusive brand boutique chooses a different way to run their store. Instead of letting everyone come in and look at their items directly, they choose to keep their store as private as they can. In some particular stores, no one can even enter without showing member card to the store keeper first. Due to this regulation, they will shut and lock the store’s door and open it only for those with the member card. But some said that the door may also be open for those who don’t have member cards as long as they have appropriate appearance for it. The store keepers will appraise you first subjectively from your outward appearance before decide whether to let you in or not. You see that exclusive boutiques usually sell expensive things inside such as a $20000 hand bag or $8000 scarf and stuff like. The conclusion is that there’s no way you are going to use a $50 dress when you want to buy those fancy stuff in a fancy boutique right? You must look as wealthy as you can before they allow you to come inside and look around. That way they can be convinced that you are going to buy at least one item and not just looking around for nothing. That means you can touch this and touch that as long as you buy something in the end. That’s the big deal.
Whew! Services really come with prices huh? Maybe this is a kind of marketing plan that tends to make the wealthy shoppers feel special and gain prestige at the same time. In the other hand, this will also intimidate those medium shoppers who wish to enter for window shopping only. No walking around, no touch this or that, no try this or that, forget everything if you’re not going to buy anything! For that intention, we can still visit department stores or other retailers instead (lol)
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