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Is It Matte or Moisturizing Lipstick?

For our Tuesday meme, let's talk about your favorite dates or favorite dates idea, girls. Well, I might come up with two ideas this time by using two kinds of lipstick as the main concept.

#1. Matte Lipstick
How about dinner in your favorite restaurant? Use your best outfit (Little Black Dress might be the perfect choice for this) and glamour make up. Don not hesitate to use matte lipstick for this occasion. But, iff you’re a fan of Matte Lipstick, you need to apply lip balm or lip moisturizer before or after applying the matte lipstick. Since this kind of lipstick contains less oil and almost zero water inside. If you use it everyday without special protection to moisturize your lips, you lips may dry and cracked. I know, matte lipstick will give you glamour and elegant look and that’s why it’s the perfect choice for you to use before attending a party or any social activities. It also lasts longer compare to any other kind lipstick and effortless. But still, it will be useless if you have dry lips in the end of the day.

#2. Moisturizing Lipstick
For a casual date, you might like to spend time with your loved one on a beach on a sunny afternoon. Use casual outfits and simple make up for this, such as moisturizing lipstick. Moisturizing Lipstick can help you with dry lips issue. It still gives color to your lips and at the same time moisturizes them. But, this kind of lipstick may not last long as the Matte Lipstick can do. You need to touch up and add more color after a few hours. It’s a perfect choice for daily use, such as shopping, picnic, hangout or any daily activities where you can touch up anytime you like. It’s safer than the matte lipstick but needs efforts.
That's all for my top 2 dates ideas for this week. For more ideas, you may visit Undomestic Momma below
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Free Wordpress Themes

For you, bloggers, wherever you are. I think we have something in common here. No matter what kind of concept we have or what kind of language we use for our blog, we still need and seek for perfect and quality templates, right. Template you choose depends on what type of platform that you’re using.
For Wordpress platform bloggers, check this free wordpress templates for you. You can find many kinds of templates there. I’m sure; one of these templates will suit your blog concept just like that one above. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine

Online Shopper Dot Com

For all of you girls out there, who love to shop online, make sure you keep your password and credit card numbers carefully; especially if you have kids around you. Did you notice that kids are getting smarter and tricky these days? In fact, they can easily find your password and credit card number when you don’t even realize. After that, all they need to do is finding the right site and then start shopping.
They can trick you by pretending that they don’t know about your activities in front of your computer and make fool of you behind your back. A research has been held to find out more about this. And the result is a bit shocking. The Daily Telegraph in London wrote that quarter of the England children are shopping online without their parents notice. And half of them are using their parents’ credit cards. So, are you one of these unconscious parents right now?

The best thing to prevent this: do not store your credit/debit card information on internet. Use only the credible, reputable and trust-able online shopping sites. But the most important thing is that you must log out from that site after finishing you shopping activities. Prevention is always the best thing to do. Happy shopping.

Pictures taken from: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Find A Perfect Cut Jeans

Recognizing the best cut for you is a must before buying or wearing jeans. There are different types of woman’s body. I’m sure you’re already known about it. If you have a pear shape, then boot-cut jeans will look perfect on you. It will help you balance the upper side of your body with the bottom part.

For petite shape woman, skinny jeans will bring out your perfect body. It will completely cover your slim hip and legs.

What about the apple shape then? Use the straight jeans like this one below. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Last one, if you want to get a street look, try using boyfriend jeans like this one here. As a matter of fact, this jeans really looks like a male jeans but still suitable for female. Especially if you are a kind of woman with square type body.

Lasik Patient Advocacy

If you have a problem with your eyes or using eyeglasses all the time like I do, maybe we can use Lasik as a problem solver. Its not easy to wear eyeglasses every time and I avoid using contact lenses either.

But, its better for us if we seek for advices before doing surgical procedure like this. For US people, you may ask for help from USAEyes or browse USAEyes.org for further information. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine

Have A Healthy Weekend

It's weekend already, my female friends. Have you any particular plan ahead? I'm sure you do. We usually spend time with foods during weekend. Whether you spend it at home with your family member (or alone) or go outside with some best friends to hang out. Will you believe if I say that most of foods we have during weekend are bad foods?
If you're enjoying old movie in front of your tv right now, look at what kind of foods that you choose to "accompany" you right now. Is it pop corn? Or chocolate bar? Or french fries? And what about your drink? How many of you choose to have milkshake right now? (lol)

Weekend is always fun and that's why we may forget that we still need to pay more attention to our snacks. Have some slices of fruit is always better that a bowl of popcorn. So, keep your weekend healthy, my dear friends. And hope you have so much fun ahead.
Pictures taken from: http://c.photoshelter.com

Los Angeles Melrose Movers

It’s fun to have a new and bigger house, right? But when it comes to plan on how you are going to manage the move itself, I think it’s going to give you a headache. Luckily, you can ask for help from many local Moving Companies in Los Angeles that provides commercial and residential moving services at budget prices which always arrive on time, and work in an efficient pace, while being careful to wrap and transport your belongings as safely as possible.
Call La Movers today for a free estimate or moving quote at 1-800-431-3920 and they will spend the time to explain all their prices and policies for you, so that you are not faced with any surprises or unexpected fees during the move. They guarantee that as the best Moving Company Los Angles they will make your moving experience as smooth and efficient as possible! Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a Drama Queen?

Drama Queen. I thing you have (at least) one of this among your friends right now. We could see woman of this kind so easily just by looking at her attitudes. Well, at some points, I hate Drama Queen. But some other time, I feel sorry for them. They’re desperately need attention from everybody around them.
As I said before, you can easily find a Drama Queen among your friends from her attitudes. If you tell some stories about how bad life treated you in the past few days, she is the one who will stand up and says that life treats her even worse. If you tell stories about some good things you’ve done before, she will come up with a story the she has done better than you. If you share stories about how much your husband loves you, she will tell you that her husband loves her more. Pathetic, isn’t it? In some occasion, she may tell you that you’re lucky enough to be one of her friends (lol)

I understand completely why we hate woman like this. Drama Queen wants everybody put attention on her and her only. It doesn’t matter if the attention tends to mock her or appreciate her as long as she got it all. And this is the point where we should feel sorry for them, I think. For some of us, it’s not that hard to get attention from people around us. Maybe we are surrounded by family members that have so much love to share or husband with his abundant love showering us every time.

While she must work very hard just to make people turn their eyes on her. Otherwise, she will feel lonely and neglected. As a friend, we might want to help her with this. Some of you might have solutions for this kind of friend? About how to change a Drama Queen into a Loveable Queen.

Pictures taken from: s0cialbutt3rfly.files.wordpress.com, imagecache01a.allposters.com

Knowledge Providers Meet Knowledge Seekers

If you had a chance to get paid from providing experience and knowledge to other people, would you take it? We usually give away our knowledge to every body else for free in this cyber world. Every one can access that information any time, any where and absolutely free.
So, if you’re thinking about making money from your personal information and knowledge, then you will be interesting with U-2-Me The Knowledge Exchange. This is where the Knowledge Providers meet the Knowledge Seekers online and gain profits. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

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