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Your Zodiac Way of Style

Want to read something for fun? Try this one then. Let’s find out what your zodiac sign is going to tell us about your make up way of style, girls. Remember, we do this for fun. So it doesn’t matter if you find this as a hoax or something (I knew people who hate horoscope) lol..

First we have the Earth element
Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Basically, you are a sensually beautiful. In life, you’re a kind of person who achieved almost every target in your life. A calm woman with an established life. You love to look natural in all the way. In fashion, you choose the classic way with natural colors which is timeless. Inside your cosmetic purse, you always bring a concealer and a two way cake powder with you. That’s all you need.

Second, the Air element
Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
You have a tricky unique beauty, dear. You can either fully influenced by the trend or reject it at all. You love doing experiments by mixing modern stuffs with vintage items and still enjoy the result. You always try something new and different, such as green eye shadow or light purple lipstick. You are an adventurer who always hunts for something new and fresh to try on.

Third, the Fire element
Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Girls, you have a mysteriously seductive beauty. You are a truly rebel who will do everything to gain the attention that you’ve seek for. Yes, you love attention. You love bright colors and dare to look hot and sexy. You choose to ignore all the bad words from other people about your style and just listen to your heart. You are a kind of woman who can easily choose to wear dark brown color as your blush and not afraid to use it for shading as well in your daily style. As I said before, you are a rebel. Lol…

Fourth, the Water element
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (I am a Pisces)
This element is almost similar with the Earth element. You have a naturally soft beauty and love everything that looks glossy or shimmering. You love natural materials such as cotton or linen. You prefer to look casual instead of glamour. You also like vintage stuffs or antiques. You are probably still keeping the old stuffs that you inherit from your mother (or grand mother, perhaps) for their sentimental values, even if they’re not useful any more.

So, what element are you?
Have a great weekend every one

Virtually Coward

I have a story about my Indonesian blog, Blog Perempuan Rumahan. A coward has stopped by a few days ago and left a bad comment on my shout box. It was a kind of comment that mocked my capability of managing my blog, especially with the comment moderation and I was so annoyed. This coward used a weird nickname as ‘bodat’. In my traditional language (Batak), bodat means monkey. I bet this person also looks a lot like monkey also (lol). This person didn’t leave any site or email where I can reply the statement directly (so typical). This usually happens to cowards who hide behind the anonymous thing, since they can’t do that on the comment box (the anonymous part was made frozen and can’t be used to write a comment)
I have special widget that I use to write on every little thing on my mind which is not long enough to write on as an article. I give a name to this widget as “A cup of coffee”. I used to write about my mood or every little event I saw that challenge me to write an opinion about it. So, I write my answer about that on this widget.

I write about how I’m not looking for hundreds or thousands of comments on my blogs. I prefer 3 qualified comments better than 100 spam comments. And I mean it. That’s why I use comment moderation in all of my blogs. I want to maintain the quality of my blog by moderating any comments arrived. That’s my way of blogging. No wonder if some of you might experience the same thing (I reject your comment, unfortunately) due to some particular reasons, such as spam or blogwalking comments. I reject this kind of comments since I already provide a special widget for it. You can sell your products, say hi, or stuffs like that on my cbox, can't you? And leave the comment box to give a comment about my article instead.

I’m also a kind of people who dislike any negative comments on my blogs, my friends. Some people say that they want to give the same opportunity with anyone who wants to criticize their post as and still appreciate it. Well, I don’t. I want my blogs to be my sanctuary where I can find peace and everything looks perfect. I may not find this kind of place in the real life, but I want to create one on a virtual life. That’s why I have a straight standard of how am I going to maintain my sanctuary. And accepting the nice and positive comments rather that negative ones is one of those standards I made. I don’t really care about the quantity of comments but looking forward to have the qualified one. Since I love the part of making friends better than the comments stuffs, actually (lol)
Back to the topic above, I wrote this opinion on my widget to answer that person’s comment (somehow I feel that the commentator was a male instead of a female) at the same day. In the next day, I found a few lines of worst comments on my shout box. It’s a not comments, genuinely. But some sort of porn sites. I don’t open any sites of it since I know it won’t bring any good at all. But somehow I feel (once again) that these sites were written by that bodat-coward after he read my answer on the widget. This has been happened for three days and I choose to ignore it at all. I don’t even really care to delete it. I just do more blogwalking and soon find out that all those sites were hidden and buried by the new nice comments from my other blogger-friends. That’s all.

Since I realize that best way to beat this kind of people is by ignoring him at all. Make him invisible just like the wind passing by. Coward is just coward anyway. Well, that’s enough for today’s nagging, my dear friends (lol). I hope you won’t experience the same thing like I do here.

By the way, I want to say thank you very much to one of my virtual friends, Fanda, who choose this blog's template as one of her favorite templates.

I really appreciate it. And I want to say that I really love her poinsettia blog also, since the day I found it accidentally. Poinsettia always reminds me of the warmth of Christmas which I love so much. Thanks a lot, dear..

Have a nice day and happy blogging..

Red Carpet's Disaster

Red carpet moment is the perfect time for artists to show their outfits up. I also think that this moment has also become the most favorable moment of all. People love to watch those glamour people passing by and wearing gorgeous outfit from famous designers. Usually, you can find most of that outfit style in a relatively cheaper price in the market the next day. So, we may say that Red Carpet moment is also used as a pattern to predict the next trend in fashion world.

In fact, you can find almost every kind of fashion styles here. Not only the gorgeous ones; you also can find the disaster ones. Just like some outfits below.
Cher with her outrageous dress came up to receive her Best Actress award in 1988. This outfit was so vulgar at that time. She looked like a cabaret dancer with that “see through” lace gown.

Celine Dion on Academy Award 1999 wore a white backward tuxedo from John Galliano. She was also considered to be the worst dressed celebrity on that ceremony.

Bjork came up with a dead swan dress on Academy Award 2001. That poor swan’s neck laid helpless in her right shoulder. This outfit really reminds of a kindergarten’s costume on a fable story.

Uma Thurman in the next celebrity. She came up in Academy Award 2004 with a white oversized dress complete with a big blue belt. She looked like a girl from the mountain then.

Diane Keaton with her Charlie Chaplin’s costume in Academy Award 2004. She maybe want to bring the androgyny theme with this outfit that ended by humiliating herself at that time.

Gorgeous dresses were kept for their fabulousness. But the worst dresses moments were kept for their silliness.

Pictures taken from: www.nypost.com, http://i39.tinypic.com, www.harpersbazaar.com, www.n24.de

Famous Haircuts

These days, haircut has become the most important thing in fashion world. People have their own fashion icons to be followed. These are some famous haircuts that have also been used by several modern celebrities nowadays and become the way of fashion.

Sheila White as Messalina
Let’s start with the first century A.D haircut style. The style this time was about the golden wig. This glamour wig has been presented by Messalina, the Rome Empress. And it became the “must have item” among the prostitutes at that time to get a glamor and elegant appearance. Sheila White played the character as Messalina in a movie and wear the famous golden wig to complete her acting also.

Lady Godiva
Cate Blanchett in LOTR
Around 1100’s, there was a story about an aristocrat woman named Lady Godiva. She rode her horse along the street of Coventry in absolutely naked as a protest to her husband’s taxation of his subjects. She put parts of her long wavy hair to cover her breast. You may find this hair cut on Cate Blanchett while she was playing a cast in The Lord of The Ring.

Madame de Pompadour

Sophia Myles as Madame de Pompadour
In 1745, there was a haircut style called “Pompadour Haircut” which has been inspired by Madame de Pompadour (wife of Louis XV). Every woman (mostly aristocrats) followed her haircut style at that time. Look at the elegant style of this haircut on Sophia Myles when she played the cast as Madame de Pompadour on movie.

Louise Brooks
Victoria Beckham in bob style
The classic bob and blunt cut from Louise Brooks became the biggest trend in US around 1920’s. Amazingly, this haircut is still famous enough these days also. As we can see Victoria Beckham and Anna Wintour are following this short cut also.

Marilyn Monroe
Christina Aquilera's platinum blonde
1n 1953, all eyes were stuck on the sexiest artist, Marilyn Monroe. She was well known with her platinum blonde that is so bright. Some modern celebrities followed her path also, such as Christina Aquilera.

Jacqueline Kennedy
Nikki Blonsky in Hairspray movie
If you ever saw “Hairspray” the movie, then you must remember that the trend around 1960’s was inspired by the bouffant style haircut from Jacqueline Kennedy. This big hair indeed needs a lot of hair spray to maintain the look, right? Catch Nikki Blonsky (or even John Travolta) with her big wig in this movie.

Farrah Fawcet
Krisdayanti in wavy hair
A wavy long hair style was introduced by one of Charlie’s angel, Farrah Fawcet on 1976. This is one of a few haircuts that considered as a classic and long lasting style. Even Krisdayanti has this haircut one time.

Pictures taken from: wikimedia.org, i00.rnhh.de, cathylwood.files.wordpress.com, www.seraphicpress.com, www.topnews.in, reneeashleybaker.files.wordpress.com, hoocher.com
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