"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

Watching With The Enemies

Do you really want to spend time watching movie with your enemy? I don’t think so. Enemy is someone that will never be anywhere on your list except for the uninvited list I suppose LOL. But, please ignore this reality for one moment since the girls are talking about what kind of movie that you consider as a suitable movie to watch with your enemy. Forgive me if I walk on a quite different path for this topic today, girls. Because my choice is going to be all kind of telenovelas that you can find easily broadcasted on TV everyday as I can’t see any better choice than those.
Telenovelas such as La Tormenta, Maria la del Barrio, Maria Isabel, or La Mentira are the perfect example which explicitly explain how enemies can be found around us.
 The bad think about these telenovelas is there is no "grey zone". People can only be just evil or just angel. When you’re an evil, you will never have even a tiny spot of good intention. You will always find a way to hurt other people badly even if you must sacrifice your own life for that. Revenge is the only thing that matter to you and you will smack all your enemies down every time you can.
On the contrary, if you are on the angel group, then you could never hurt anybody. You are a kind of people who usually cry after someone else did bad thing upon you. However, you can always forgive and forget every bad thing easily and looks stupid at most of the time. Because it seems like you’re covered with tears every minute of your life. Silly huh?!
Every human has both evil and angel sides on their mind. That’s how we find out about the grey zone. That’s life. You can hate people just like you can love them very much.
Anyway, I’m sorry if you are a fan of this telenovelas, girls :)

We Are The World

Talking about a long lasting kind of song which will never lose it's meaning I think this song will be one of them. I heard this song for the first time when I was a kid more then 15 years ago and I was so deeply touched. But it was the version where the late Michael Jackson sang it with groups of children in a place that looks like a dessert. I fell in love with this song in a minute after I heard it though I can't figure out about the title yet. All I know that this is a MJ' song. When I saw the video clip on TV the next couple of years, then I realized that it was the magnificent song which I've heard before. When I finally found out the title of this song, soon I bought the cassette and wrote the lyric in every first page of my book. So that I'd be able to sing it over and over again.
Well, believe it or not, I always cry when I hear this song (until now) LOL. I love every word on the lyric. And when I saw the enthusiasm of the singers, I just fall in love once again with this song. I believe that those fabulous singers have bring more souls to this song.
So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you "We Are The World" by Various Artist..

My Nick Name Story

Aha, its Friday again! As usual, I will join the 5QF meme here and (as usual also) I love the questions above.
1. Do you have any nicknames and if so how did it come about?
I got a few nick names actually. For your information, my real name is Risma. Back when I was a teenager, I have a few close friends who spent most of time together. We made a particular name for each of us just to make is –you know- exclusive (lol) We called each other with our nickname all the time. Not only in the class room but also at phone or everywhere we met accidentally. We are still calling each other our old nicknames until now, can you believe it? And my nick name is: Kimi. (lol) I know! I can’t find the connection between my real name with this one. But that’s the fun part about it, right? Some friends also used to call me Ling-Ling. It’s a common name among Asian females especially the Chinese. They gave me this nick name accidentally just because I have a pair of small eyes like the Chinese even if I’m not Chinese. But I receive that nick name happily because I realize that they did that because they care :)

2. What is your birth order amongst your siblings?
I’m the oldest among my siblings. I have one sister named Flora who is a year younger from me. When we were a kid, we spent most of time fighting (lol) and looks like we never fit to each other. But as we grow older we can understand each other easier and be best friend until now. She is going to marry her boyfriend this October and I’m so glad for her. The youngest one is my brother named Reynando who is 3 years younger than me. As the only boy among us, he used to be spoiled by my moms and turned into a selfish kid. As he grows up, he becomes more mature and cares for other people more than ever. He works in the capital city until present.

3. In a movie of your life, who would play your significant other?
I love Lucy Liu from Charlie’s Angels. I think she will be the perfect significant other for me. She looks tough yet feminine in the same way. Moreover she has that Asian look and will look more natural rather than I choose Cameron Diaz for instance (lol)

4. What is currently your favorite song?
My currently favorite song now is an old song from Green Day titled: 21 Guns. I love those magnificent voices of the cast of American Idiot singers. Somehow their voices make me stop doing anything and listen to the lyrics completely. I will be happy to share the video with you here. Hope you enjoy it also.

5. Are you saving your money for anything right now? Big or small purchase?
Actually yes. I want to buy a complete package of Clinique skin care and cosmetics which obviously not cheap for me but I really want to have the complete package one day. So I’m saving my money right now :)

I Believe Wrinkle Cream Works

As adult females we are all will start to worry about the wrinkle problem in a short time. Aging has turned our soft and flawless teenage skin into dull and dry skin which starting to show some wrinkles on it. I use anti aging cream since I was 25 years old and believe me it’s not that easy to find a perfect cream for you. I have tried to use wrinkle cream from a few different brands including the famous and expensive ones. My friend even bought a wrinkle cream which cost her $500 for a single 50ml package. Did it work? Well, seems like things doesn’t go as she expected when she bought that wrinkle cream since apparently the result is not as perfect as the product’s claims. While in the other side I use a cheaper wrinkle cream than her and surprisingly work for me. So, I think price doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that wrinkle cream you’ve bought is suitable for your skin type and you will see the result in a short time. That’s why you need to read reviews about particular brand of wrinkle creams before buy it because you can learn from other women experiences first and read their opinions after using. There are so many wrinkle cream products out there that have been properly reviewed based on the true experiences such as dermajuv reviews. Then you can make up your mind about which product are you going to use after all.

Window Blinds Online

I love to rearrange my living room interior at least once a year. It makes the room looks comfortable with a different ambiance. There are many ways for you to make your old room like a brand new one other than shifted your furniture position or replaced the old one with a new one. You can also change the color of your curtains or even your paint color. Also you can try to use blinds for your window. Blinds can be found easily from stores or you can also buy it online. These blinds will give a different look for your room instantly. Just make sure you pick the right color and style.Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100 percent mine.

Hugh Grant

Are you a fan of love story or drama? Then you might be..just might be..a fan of Hugh Grant. Today, we use quotes from him for Wednesday Wickedness this week. Here we go..
1. “Basically, my life is so boring, it's embarrassing.”
How boring do you think your life is?
There are times when I felt so boring and wished that I was someone else with a different life. But soon I realize that my life isn’t that boring when I saw the smile of my loved ones. So I can get over it in a relatively short time and find my spirit back

2. “But I just know from experience that accent wise, even if you're an accent genius, crossing the Atlantic is the hardest thing in the world either way.”
Can you do any accents? If not, do you know someone who is good at it?
I can do one or two particular accents only (lol)

3. “For any new technology there is always controversy and there always some fear associated with it.”
What technology did you at first fear that you now could not live without?
Definitely electricity. I can not imagine this world in a pitch black without electricity. Especially for those who live in four seasons area. Without electricity, the winter can turn into a real monster, right?

4. “I cling to the fantasy that I could have done something more creative. Like actually writing a script, or writing a book. But the awful truth is that I... probably can't!”
Do you, or have you ever, thought you have a book in you?
No, I don’t think so

5. “I had Courtney Love's left bosom out of her dress on my plate in front of me. It was extraordinary. I didn't know where to look.”
Have you ever been in a similar type of situation?
Hell no!

6. “The moral of filmmaking in Britain is that you will be screwed by the weather.”
How does the weather effect where you live?
We only have two seasons here, the rainy season and the dry season. But you can still have rain in the dry season and on the contrary you can also have dryness for couples of days in the rainy season. So, there’s nothing special I suppose.

7. “When I think about actors I know, I'd much rather hear about who they're shagging than what film they're doing next.”
How about you? Are you more interested in you favorite artist’s next work, or the TMZ side of it all?
I love the TMZ side the most (lol) I’m not really interesting to find out about their next project as if it was a movie then I’ll watch in very soon. What’s the big deal? But when you know that they got drunk after partying in an exclusive club, then I’ll open my ears widely *grin*

8. “Women are frightening. If you get to 41 as a man, you're quite battle-scarred.”
Have you ever felt “battled-scarred” by a relationship or relationships in general? If yes, do tell.
Not yet, pal. A relationship is not a battle but more like the bliss for me

9. “You know everyone loves to be the villain.”
Do you tend to root for the bad guy?

10. “I think that's the whole point of Bridget Jones. It's all about that it's okay to fail.” 
What have you failed at and learned a lot from?
Not being able to be a real cook. I love to cook but apparently, I can’t satisfy everyone if it talks about cook and food

Fast Weight Loss Diet

How to lose weight is a common issue among us nowadays. Our bad habits may turned us into a fat person who unable to move effectively and started to face some health problems. Some may choose to talk about their problems directly with a nutritionist and asked for a perfect diet plan. But I can tell you though this is the perfect answer to your question; you still need to spend money for it. There is another option where you can try to find answer. Internet provides you almost everything you need to know including this how to lose weight in a short time.
For moms out there who needs information about how to lose weight in short time, I am sure you are already have some references that meet your expectation. But I still want to share you a bit about this site I found in the internet. The main idea of this site is about fast weight loss diet. You can find information about diet pills, supplements, exercises or even surgery here. Of course this website can not replace advises from a real nutritionist, my friends. But it still gives you many options and choices to start planning a simple diet or exercises in order to lose weight.
Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100 percent mine.

Michael Jackson

1. BLACK OR WHITE: “It’s a turf war on a global scale. I’d rather hear both sides of the tale” …
What was the reason for your last argument?
My last argument was with my sister about where our next family gathering will be held. I remember that it’s her turn this month since I already had mine last month. But she insists that this month is not her turn yet.

2. DON’T STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH: “Touch me and I feel on fire, Ain’t nothing like a love desire…I’m melting like hot candle wax, Sensation lovely where we’re at” …
Where was the last place you were intimate with someone?
Ehem…in my bedroom with hubby (lol)

3. ROCK WITH YOU: “Out on the floor There ain;t nobody there but us…Girl, when you dance, there’s a magic that must be love” …
What is your favorite dance move?
I’m not good at dancing, people. So I don’t have any particular favorite dance move.

4. OFF THE WALL: “So tonight, gotta leave that 9 to 5 up on the shelf, and just enjoy yourself…groove…Let the madness in the music get to you, life ain’t so bad at all, If you live it off the wall” …
What do you like to listen to in the car or train/bus when you head home from work?
I like to hear Yani or Kitaro music. They make me relax after busy hours at work

5. SHE’S OUT OF MY LIFE: “She’s out of my life. And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I don’t know whether to live or die. And it cuts like a knife. She’s out of my life” …
Who are you glad is out of your life?
A girl who worked with me at the same office a few years ago. She’s really irritating me so many time. When I resign from that job, I never saw her again and I thank God for that.

6. THRILLER: “They’re out to get you, there’s demons closing in on every side. They will possess you, unless you change that number on your dial. Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together, yeah. All thru the night. I’ll save you from the terror on the screen” …
What is your favorite monster or creepy person?
E.T has become my favorite funny monster since I was a kid.

7. BEN: “Ben most people will turn you away. I don’t listen to a word they say. They don’t see you as I do, I wish they would try to. I’m sure they’d think again if they had a friend like Ben” …
Who have you hung out with that no one else seemed to like?
There’s a girl who considered being arrogant and rude by some other friends. After hang out with her several times, I found out that she’s not that rude or arrogant as they said.

8. HUMAN NATURE: “Get me out into the night time, 4 walls won’t hold me tonight. If this town is just an apple. Then let me take a bite” …
What is your favorite thing about New York?
Never been there (lol)

9. MAN IN THE MIRROR: “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. And no message could have been any clearer. If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change” …
What was the last noticeable change you made in your appearance?
My hair. I colored it red two months ago

10. BEAT IT: “They told him don’t you ever come around here. Don’t wanna see your face you better disappear. The fire’s in their eyes and their words are really clear so beat it. Just beat it” …
When was the last time someone refused to let you enter somewhere or threw you out of a place you were in?
Never experience anything like this before.

11. BAD: “I’m giving you on count of 3, to show your stuff or let it be. I’m telling you to watch your mouth, I know your name, what you’re about” …
What celebrity or politician do you think is a total jerk?
I can mention a lot of names from my own country. But if you’re asking me for a global one, I think it will be Mel Gibson and his racist statements.

Aceh Tsunami 2004
12. EARTH SONG: “Did you ever stop to notice all the blood we’ve shed before. Did you ever stop to notice this crying earth, this weeping shore” …
What do you believe is the worst environmental or political tragedy to date?
The tsunami disaster on 2004 in Aceh, Indonesia. It was the worst environmental tragedy I’ve ever seen happened in my own country. The tragedy even lasts for more than 2 years afterward as they still struggle to clean the entire corpses from the land but still can't avoid the bad effect long time after that. It’s really a traumatic tragedy

13. ROCKIN ROBIN: “Every little swallow, every chickadee, every little bird in the tall oak tree. The wise old owl, the big black crow, flappin their wings singin go bird go, rockin robin”
What is your favorite regional bird?
Believe it or not, I always love sparrow. I can find them every morning and every afternoon playing on my back yard.
Pictures taken from:

Watching Movie With Hubby

This week, the girls are talking about what kind of movie that you recommend to watch with your special one. In this case, I’m talking about my husband. He loves action movies. The more guns in the movie, the better. He loves to watch old movies such like Chuck Norris’ movies or Arnold S. But to be honest, I don’t like action movie that much. I prefer horror such as The Messenger or The Ring and fantasy genre such as Eragon or Harry Potter. But he hates horrors so much because he can’t sleep tight at nigh after that (lol).
So, if we’re talking about a movie which suitable for us, I think it would be Australia or Pearl Harbor.
In Australia, we can watch romance between Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman with an amazing background of Australia. How they’re herding hundreds of cows through a wide wild area and still talk about love.
In Pearl Harbor, the bombardment background will fulfill his need of action scene while I can enjoy those beautiful faces of the casts such as Ben Affleck, Josh Harnett and Kate Beckinsale. (lol)
How about you? What kind of movie that you and your special one will enjoy together

Dust In The Wind

For ABC Wednesday this week I want to share with you all people this old yet still admirable song. Beautiful and simple lyric with an outstanding singer and music. I understand why this song is still favorable until now and I love to hear it over and over again. So, here is my D people....
Dust In The Wind
from Scorpions

I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moments gone
All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind
Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind

Don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away; all your money won't another minute buy

Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind
Everything is dust in the wind
The lyrics are so deep and meaningful. Reminds me of how we’re all is just dust in the wind or a drop of water in the endless sea. Don’t be too proud of what you have right now coz it can easily blown away like dust in the wind. Don’t consider yourself to be the noblest man on earth coz what you’ve done is just like a drop water in an endless sea.
It amazing how this huge meaning can be written in a very short lyric likes this. Be thankful for what we have in our hands right now and for what we’ve been going through. Don’t be over pride of yourself and your life coz its all just dust in the wind.
Happy Wednesday my blogger friends..

Do My Own Grocery Shopping

Would you trust someone else to do the grocery shopping for you? I may trust some one to do this for me only if I provide the list about things I need before. But I wouldn’t trust anyone to shop for me without any particular list. I’m the one who know all stuff I need and what kind of product that I want. I mean, how do you feel when you’re run out of “low fat milk” and someone bought you “full cream milk” instead? Or when you run out of “chocolate cereals” that somebody gave you “corn flake cereals” instead? It’s hard to admonish someone for their wrong purchase especially when they helped you for free right? But you can’t also stop murmuring about it.
That’s why it’s better for me to do my own grocery shopping instead of letting somebody else do it for me. But if somehow I can’t manage to do it myself then I’ll take extra time to write down everything I need on a list complete with the particular products or brands that I usually use. And I avoid writing too many stuff on this list. Only the most important things. Then I will find another time for me to buy the rest of my groceries myself. How about you? Do you trust someone to do the grocery shopping for you?

Perfect Present

Everybody loves presents especially on their birthday. What kind of present do you prefer to be given to your friends on their birthday? I always try to choose the general kind of stuff which can be used on any age or size. I avoid giving dresses or blouses to female friends especially when I don’t know exactly about her size. I also avoid giving shoes no matter how gorgeous they may look because I believe that if you want to buy a perfect pair of shoes, you need to bring the person herself with you and put those shoes on her feet before buying unless you already prepare for the possibility that those shoes may not fit into her feet or even too big for her. In the end, my present is going to stay in her closet for a long time. For female friends, there are lots of thing that can be used as a general present such as bags, necklaces, wallets or scarf. And for my male friends I usually give wallet, belts, or sunglasses. You can always choose gadgets as present for both genders. I’m sure an iPod will be well accepted by either female or male, right? (lol)
But there is another perfect option for you, just in case you've run out of idea. You can always use gift vouchers instead. I love this gift vouchers. They can choose whatever they like using that amount of money in the voucher. Some also choose to pay more money to get the even more expensive stuff. That’s all up to them. In this case, I’m free from a necessity to buy stuff that I always wonder whether they will like or not. And they’re free to choose what ever they wanted to buy. So, every body feels happy and satisfied.

Pictures taken from: www.celebrations.com

I Love 80's

Today we picked I Love the 80s theme for Friday Meme!. The song titles from which we took the lyrics and band are in caps. Here's Rock 'n Roll Fridays!

1. MADNESS: OUR HOUSE  “I remember way back then when everything was true and when we would have such a very good time, and such a fine time, a happy time"
What is a funny memory of a parent, sibling or guardian in your childhood home?
I remember when I took a picture of my parents together on a certain occasion. It’s not usual for them both to stand together and let me took their picture. My mom was always too shy to show her smile. She kept bowing her head and refused to look at the camera. While my dad stood just like a soldier ready to be shot. Standing without a smile on his face and look at the camera as its something that will steal his belongings right after I push the button (lol) I miss them.

2. MEN WITHOUT HATS: SAFETY DANCE “We can dance if we want to, we’ve got all your life and mine…as long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it, everything will work out right”
What activity did you do that would be considered dangerous or reckless?
Driving a motorcycle without a helmet is absolutely one of them. The road is a wild world, people. If you don’t equip yourself with proper protection then it’s only a matter of time for you to pay for your recklessness.

3. FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: RELAX  “But shoot it in the right direction, making it your intention…live those dreams, scheme those schemes, got to hit me, hit me, hit me with those laser beams”
What was your dream job and what did you actually wind up doing?
My dream job when I was a kid was to be a stewardess who able to visit every places in this world. It sounds like a real fun job. But I must forget about it when I found out that I’m not tall enough to be a stewardess (lol) and that I must wear eyeglasses is a very young age (10 years old). Poor me! :D

Lake Toba, Indonesia
4. MODERN ENGLISH: I MELT WITH YOU  “I’ll stop the world and melt with you…you’ve seen the difference and it’s getting better all the time, there’s nothing you and I won’t do…I’ll stop the world and melt with you”
What is the most romantic getaway you have taken?
Lake Toba in my hometown. It’s such a paradise there. When we had a chance to go back there this year we will definitely visit this beautiful lake again.

5. THOMAS DOLBY: BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE  “I don’t believe it! She’s tidied up again and I can’t find anything! All my tubes and wires, and careful notes”
What valuable item have you lost?
Never lost any valuable item yet. I always keep them carefully in a proper place or use them wisely every time. I’m good at organizing :)

6. DEVO: WHIP IT  “Crack that whip, give the past the slip, step on a crack, break your momma’s back”
Were you spanked as a child? How were you punished?
Yes. My parents were still believed in spanking as a punishment to their children. It’s a common thing around those days. But now parents believe that spanking your kids its not good. Talk to your kids directly is a better option that spanking.

7. ANIMOTION: OBSESSION  “You are an obsession, You’re my obsession, who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?”
What is the oddest thing you ever did to get someone to like you?
I never did anything odd just to get people like me whatsoever. I like people the way they are and I want them to like me the way I am. If somehow people see me different, that’s okay. You are free to go. I’m not going to change myself just to please you, dude.

8. TOMMY 2-TONE: 867-5309 JENNY JENNY  “Jenny Jenny who can I turn to? You give me something I can hold onto..I know you think I’m like the others before, who saw your name and number on the wall”
Who do you regret giving your phone number to?
A beauty advisor of a certain brand who asked for my number for their customers’ data base. Turns out that she keeps calling me everyday to offer me every new product they have there. The fact is that their previous product is not suitable for my skin and I stopped using it. I told her that I’m going to find another option but thanks for her kind attention. But she won’t stop and keep asking me to use another product from them no matter how hard I try to refuse. At last, I block her number completely and she never call me again ever since.

9. KAJAGOOGOO: TOO SHY  “Modern medicine falls short of your complaints, ooh, try a little harder, you’re moving in circles wont you dilate? Baby try”
What is your favorite medicine or drug?
Don’t have one. I always avoid any kind of medicine or drug as best as I could. I believe I can find some kind of fruits; vegetables or any natural cure to replace that chemical stuff. So I use drug or medicine just if I can’t find the substitute in natural cure.

10. GARY NUMAN: CARS  “Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors, it’s the only way to live, in cars”
What was /is your favorite car?
I love hatchback cars like Honda Jazz. A small car but still equipped with the cargo area. I’m a small female remember? (lol)

11. THE GO-GOS: OUR LIPS ARE SEALED  “Can you hear them? They talk about us, telling lies, well that’s no surprise”
What is the worst lie or rumor anyone ever told about you?
I can’t remember. If that rumor really exists then it never reaches my ears at all. I know there are always certain people that will spread worst lie about you and the best way you can do is just ignore it whatsoever. I believe that people do bad things to other people for one reason: ENVY! So why bother responding it anyway?

12. DURAN DURAN: HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF  “In touch with the ground, I’m on the hunt I’m after you, smell like I sound, I’m lost in a crowd. And I’m hungry like the wolf”
What food do you crave so much you would brave a long line or travel a far distance to get it?
Right now? It would be Ateng’s fried wide noodle in my hometown, Medan. I crave this one so much. I never eat this delicious noodle anymore since we move to a different town here, Palembang. I miss it so much. Luckily, hubby is on his way there for a business trip and he promised to bring me this noodle when he gets back to Palembang. Yaayy….

13. JOAN JETT: I LOVE ROCK N ROLL  “I saw him dancing there by the record machine. I knew he must have been about 17. The beat was goin’ strong, playin’ my favorite song”
What was the last song you paid to hear on a jukebox?
Never heard songs from jukebox before (lol) it’s not common here I suppose.

And that’s my entry for Rock n’ Roll Fridays, my friends. How about yours?

BMI Calculator

What’s your breakfast this morning, ladies? Did you pick the healthy breakfast today? I started this day with a glass of orange juice and oatmeal this morning. It’s important for us to pick the right menu for breakfast each day. Some people choose to avoid breakfast just to stay slim but deep in your heart you know that it’s not healthy.
Anyway, have you ever calculated your BMI before? BMI is calculated value which allows you to define how well your body corresponds toyour height and consequently a degree of over- or underweightness. There is a particular website that help you to calculate BMI easily. You only need to provide your height (in lbs); height (in ft) and gender in to the BMI Calculator on that site and press calculate. And you will find out about are you having over weightness issue or underweight ness in a very short time. And the better part is the website also provides you information about how to lose weight and how to gain weight also, all in healthy ways. Including choosing a healthy diet according to specific reasons and how exercises help you to lose your weight or gain more weight. Although this is a sponsored post all opinions are 100% mine.

Friendship And Fashion

If I want to ask some friends to watch movie together, I will ask them to watch 13 Going On 30. It's a good movie with a cool friendship theme. This is definitely not a brand new one as I can't find a new interesting movie yet. But I love this 13 Going On 30 and never get bored of it. In this movie, you can also see stuff just like in The Devil Wears Prada. I mean you can see gorgeous, colorful high heel which used by Jennifer Gardner. As well as designer dresses and bags and fashion life in a big city. Friendship and Fashion themes all in one.
Friendship is the main theme, I suppose. Since the story told how Jenna (Jennifer G) suddenly turn into what she's always wished for, the most popular girl at school. But with this popularity comes the consequences. She turned from a nice and shy girl into mean and ambitious woman. She left all of her friends including her own parents behind to live in a fancy life by herself.
While the Fashion theme as the second theme was showed also because Jenna works as a talented fashion editor on a famous fashion magazine. She is also a shopaholic and love the designers items. So, just like I tell you, this movie is 2 in 1 package. Love it.

Pictures taken from: http://bluraymedia.ign.com

Collecting Shoes

The first section I visited every time I went to a department store or boutique is the shoe section. God those shoes are adorable! From a simple black pump shoes to a colorful peep toe shoes. I love everything except for the boots. I don’t like boots and never wear it before. I love cute design of shoes like high heels, strappy shoes or stiletto.That's why I made the tittle of this post as C for collecting shoes.
My first reason of choosing particular shoes is the color. My only black shoes were the last one I bought when I still work 4 years ago. There rests of them are in colors.
Yes! I love colored shoes such as red or silver. Of course if you wear this kind of shoes you must avoid using a colorful outfit at the same time. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree with all those colors and festive accessories (lol). Just pick one item that you want to be the vocal point and use a dark color or at least softer color for the rests of them. But if you asked me which one will I choose for my vocal point it would be my shoes (lol).

I almost forget to tell you that this is my entry for ABC Wednesday. Happy Wednesday people…
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