"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

I Am A Basil

I want to do some fun this Saturday afternoon. This time I don’t want to write a daily post like I always do nor post a meme (also like I always do. Hahaha). Right now I want to join a quiz hosted by Blogthings. I found this site accidentally and surprise….I think this site is awesome!.
This quiz’s title is: WHAT SPICE ARE YOU?

I only need to choose one option each number and the result will be concluded when I push the submit button. I colored my answers with red if you want to know.
And here we go…………
1. What kind of food do you like best?
* Mexican food
* Thai food
* All kinds, as long as it's exotic and different
* Italian food
* Japanese food
* Comfort food
* Fast food
* Indian food

2. How well traveled are you?
* You've mostly traveled in Europe
* You are truly a world traveler
* You've been all over your country, but you've never left it
* You've bounce around a bit, but you always feel like you have more to see
* You've never left your state / provence
* You've mostly traveled in Latin America
* You've traveled in Asia mostly
* You've never left your country, and you haven't been many places

3. What most defines your personality?
* You are valuable
* You are fun
* You are controversial
* You are very loving
* You are powerful
* You are energetic
* You are bold
* You are flexible

4. Would you consider yourself hot?
* Some people consider you hot
* You're attractive, but not exactly hot
* You are incredibly hot
* Hot... not exactly. But you definitely leave an impression.
* You aren't the hottest, but you make up for it with your personality.
* You're hot enough to please some people.
* You can be hot or you can blend it. Depends on the day.
* You are hot when you put in the effort

5. Are you sweet?
* Only when you get to know someone well
* Not really, but people seem to want to be sweet to you
* Yes, you are occasionally sweet - and it surprises people
* You can be sweet... as long as you can still be sassy
* You can be very sweet
* You are probably average when it comes to sweetness
* You're a little too honest and real to be considered sweet
* You're quite sweet

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::And here is the result:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
You Are Basil
"You are quite popular and loved by most people.
You have a mild temperament, but your style is definitely distinctive.
You are sweet, attractive, and you often smell good."

Honestly, I’ve never thought before that some quiz will “juxtapose” me with Basil whatsoever (lol). Do you want to know what kind of spice are you? Then click here.
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday people
Pictures taken from: http://blogthings.com

My Colored Nails

The color is right but its not my finger (lol)
I just did my nails yesterday. I did it myself of course. I seldom go to the beauty parlour just to get my nail done. It’s something that I can do myself at home. So I just bought the equipments I need to do self manicure and pedicure at home. Maybe the result can’t be as sophisticated as the beauty parlour did. But it’s okay. All I need is nails that look clean and neat with color of course. I love bright color for my toenails and a lighter color for my fingernails. This week, I choose garnet red for my toenails and light pink for my fingernails. I don’t like to use garnet red on my fingernails. Too conspicuous!
So, my nail is done and I’m ready for this weekend (lol)

This is my entry for Five Questions Friday meme.
1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it?
Funny! I do have one. It’s a filthy red blanket which given for me since the day I was born. I can’t sleep without it until I was 10 years old. I won’t even let my mom washed it because I love the filthy smell also. Hahaha. I asked my mom to get rid of that blanket when I was in Senior High School and I never saw it again ever since.

2. Do you dream in color?
Somehow I can’t remember it quite sure. This is the funniest question I got. Who ever think about color in your dream anyway? It’s not something that you can control. To be honest I usually forget about my dream as soon as I wake up in the morning. I’m certainly sure that I have a dream that night but I just can’t remember what exactly it is. So, if I can’t even remember my own dream, don’t bother ask me whether I dream in color or not *lol*

3. How tall are you? Do you wish you were shorter or taller?
Ehemmm… I’m not gonna tell you exactly how tall I am here (if you really want to know, just message me. Hahaha). But I can give you a little clue. I’m an Asian female so automatically I will not be as taller as Caucasian. That’s for sure. Honestly, among the Asian female themselves I’m considered to be “quite” short maybe just a few centimeters above average only (lol). And yes! I wish I was taller *crying*

Denzel Washington
4. If you could have anyone's (celeb or other) voice as the guide on your GPS, who would it be?
It would be Denzel Washington's voice! I love his voice so much. It sounds friendly yet commanding. I actually like his face too (lol)

5. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or leave it wherever in the parking lot?
Hahaha…no, I don’t. I just leave it like that. I don’t want to make excuse for this actually. But you need to know that every time we go to shop some groceries, we always got lot for parking that’s so far away from the entrance. It’s easier to look for a small space to put that shopping cart. But we always put that cart in place that wouldn’t hamper anyone’s car. Trust me :)

Right now its 6.30 PM in Indonesia. Saturday is just 6 hours more. So, welcome weekend…

Pictures taken from: http://just-for-mom.slides.kaboose.com, http://images.businessweek.com

Dear Movie Director

I think its fun to spend times with some old girlfriends just for a couple of hours in the weekend. Every mom must leave her kids at home or with hubby during this time and hangout herself with her friends only. This also brings relief to your soul after busy struggling with your daily routine (especially a home maker like me). Some female friends my choose to shop things together on a boutique just like they did when they’re still young and single. Some choose to spend time in a coffee shop and talk about some sweet memories. While some other may choose to watch movie together in the theater. What’s the newest movie right now? You can choose between Inception, Furry Vengeance or Salt.

Anyway, this is my letter that I’ll never send to a Movie Director.
Dear Movie Director,
Please stop producing a Sci-Fi movie if you can’t provide the best visual image to your viewers. I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi movie such as Independence Day or Armageddon. But I hate a cheap quality Sci-Fi movie like The Day the Earth Stood Still. Please give us the best scene you have and throw the bad ones to the garbage can.

If you plan to make a horror movie instead, it would be nice if you describe a scary ghost visually than showing a massacre with parts of human body spread all over the places. It looks disgusting instead of terrifying. Especially the zombie things! There’s no real plot for this kind of movie. Just screams, bloods and bites everywhere *sigh*

I would love to see your newest movie. I’m a big fan you know? Please kindly reply to this letter to inform me about your newest masterpiece.

From your biggest fan

Beautiful Brocade

B for Brocade. What is brocade? Brocade is a rich woven fabric with interwoven design of raised figure or flower spreading all over it. Usually the raised figure or flower will look contrast compare to the fabric surfaces. These embosses pattern is the “heart” of brocade itself.

History told that there’s only certain kind of people who may wear this kind of fabrics a long time ago. Only the wealthiest or powerful people (due to its expensiveness and exclusiveness) who afford to buy brocade. I used to see many patterns of brocade on flowered couches inside the old time French manor pictures. Or from an old French style movie on tv. The casts use brocade gowns almost in every scene. I found this fabric so beautiful and elegant. I really want to have a dress made from brocade one day.

Nowadays, brocade can be easily found everywhere. You can find a beautiful dress or pouch or even shoes made from brocade. Never get bored of this one.
I dedicate this post for ABC Wednesday
Pictures taken from: www.sugarscape.com

In Searching For

Everyone has their own favorite things to buy. For example, those who love photography will spend more money for the equipments. People who love books will buy books regularly and arrange certain amount of money each month for it. Well, I like to spend money on skin care or cosmetics, ladies. I can't get enough of it. I love to read many testimonials about certain brand of skin care or cosmetics on the internet. As I always do some researches before make up my mind about buying things especially cosmetics.
If I read lots of complaints about certain kind product on the internet, I can change my mind and start a new research once more about another brand. I have a combination to oily skin type. So my main problem is how to get a suitable skin care which looks matte and oil free. Luckily, I don't have problems with blemish or pimples. Just the oily look.
I have tried to use few brands but I still can not find the best one yet. I don't mind buying products from famous brand though it costs me more money. As long as the price is reasonable, it doesn't matter at all. That's why I always try to find out more information about those products first before buy it. I don't want to spend a lot of money for skincare that couldn't fulfill my expectation.
Anyway, I'm still searching for this product right now. I already have 2 or 3 brands in my mind. However, I think I'm going to compare all of them in first order to get the best choice.


I love perfume but not a big fan. I use perfume sometimes (when I remember to grab the bottle from my drawer) before went out of house which I usually forgot (lol). That's why I prefer scented body lotion than perfume since I always remember to wear my lotion after bath.

But of course I still have favorite perfume, ladies.
Guess Gold
It smells fruity and I love the bottle shape also.

The Body Shop White Musk White Hot Summer
It smells flowery and feminine. I use it for formal occasions.
So, what's your fragrance, ladies?

Wings To Fly- Susan Boyle

I love this video and I love the lyric of Wings To Fly as well. I can't understand completely why certain people like Susan Boyle here has been blessed with such an astonishing talent and left nothing for an ordinary girl like me (lol)

Want to spread my wings and fly
Away into the sky
How I dream to be so free
No more sadness no more pain
No more anger no more hate
How I dream to have those wings and fly into the sky

If now, I could grant my wish
I'd wish to have those wings
Those wings just like the birds
That fly up in the air

So high up in the air
With feathers bright and fair
No wealth nor power can make
My heart filled with such joy

Want to spread my wings and fly
Away into the sky
How I dream to be so free
No more sadness no more pain
No more anger no more hate
How I dream to have those wings and fly into the sky

Anyway, I want to share this amazing video for you too. Don't you love Susan Boyle and the story of her life's journey too? Bravo Susan.

Home Theater Automation

After busy working outside your house for at least 9 hours per day, having a right equipment to entertain you at home would be perfect choice to relax. Not everyone enjoy the relaxing time by sitting in bar or club after work. Some might choose to go home right away, take more time in the bath tub before grab a cup of lemon tea and sitting in front of a home theater to watch a movie.

Well, maybe you will choose going to a public theater over a home theater instead, but watching a movie in your own living room is far more engrossed and cozy. And the fact that you don’t need to share your chairs with other people that you don’t even recognized right?

Having your own home theater is not complicated actually. Home theaters nowadays has gain more advancements more than you could ever realize before. However you still need help for a professional installation which can be found easily around you. With that you can experience simplicity for your home theater such as home automation and a Control 4 System which help you control your home theater through your iPad. Anyway have you ever heard about Phoenix Beauty School before? Visiting the site will help you find out more about them. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Sun Rising. Its Saturday!

1. When was the last time that you watched a sunrise? Who were you with?
I believe it was SOO many years ago (lol) when we went hiking to one of the tallest mountain in my hometown with some friends from college. We started to walk right in the middle of the night and arrived at the top of the mountain exactly when the sun’s starting to rise. That’s an unexplainable experience. At that time I realized that I was only a tiny spot in this universe which made by our almighty God.

2. If President Obama promised he'd do one thing you asked, what would you ask him to do?
Funny! I’m not quite sure (lol) maybe I will asked him to help unemployment home makers like me by providing suitable jobs that can be done without leaving our kids behind. And still earn money. Its something that can not be fulfilled easily here in Indonesia.

3. What is one experience that has strengthened your character the most so far?
My childhood experience wasn’t good enough. I remember how I must think hardly just to be able to buy books when my parents can’t afford me enough money for that. Yah, we’re lucky to be able to graduate from university and somehow our parents can afford the bill for us. Now, I want to teach my kid to appreciate whatever she has right now. She must know that some other kids may not as lucky as she is and own fewer things than she has. She must thank God for that; respect all of her belongings; study hard and do the best for her life.

4. What is the first thing that you usually do after completing Saturday 9?
Uhm.. this is my first post for Saturday actually. But usually, after joining any kind of meme like this, I will start visiting other blogger who already listed on the Linky. I’d love to read other bloggers answers too.

5. Tell us about someone either in your life or in the blogosphere that you think is extremely funny.
I can’t actually remember this one. I laugh every time I read or hear something funny. But I will soon forget about it in the next time. Forgive me for my bad memories. (lol)

6. Where was the last bed that you slept in that was not your own?
I think it was on last March when we had a trip back to my parent’s house in my hometown for a vacation. Actually, it was my bed when I was a teenager and stayed with my parents. But I left home and stayed in another city when I entered university. I started to work after graduated until I met my husband in this new city and got married. So officially it’s not my bed anymore, right? (lol)

7. Have you ever been too drunk to remember anything?
No! I have never get drunk in all my life before :) Obviously, I don’t drink (hey..don’t call me geek!) *grin*

8. Have you ever licked something to clean it?
This is a bit embarrassing and I only did it when no one’s around and I’m all by myself. I used to like to lick my plate after finished eating the food on it especially if it was one of my favorite foods. I can hold myself from doing so. But it was a long time a go. I don't do it again now. I mean it (lol)

9. Who, outside of family or a S/O, has influenced your life the most?
I think they would be the Book writers! I read a lots of books and I usually inspired by them. I also like novesl that been written based on true stories.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by and read my silly answers on Saturday Nine here (lol)
Have a great weekend, dear wherever you are right now. Xoxo

My Top Three Movies All The Time

I am a movie maniac. I even have a personal blog contain every movie that I've ever saw before. It doesn't have to be a latest movie though. I love old movies too such as Ben Hur or To Kill A Mocking Bird below. But actually, my most favorite theme of all is HORROR. Yeah, I will pick unknown horror movie DVD instead of famous drama movie DVD. That's why almost 80% of my movie blog contents are horror (lol)

Anyway, these are my top three movies that I can watch all the time over and over again. What do you think? Are you a fan of these movies too?
So, what are your top three movies?

A for Angelina

Here we back with 7th round from the ABC Wednesday. I can see that letter for today is back to A. However, still this is my first A on ABC Wednesday yet. And I will definitely follow this meme once Again.
Actually, this is the most lazy day I got Along this weekdays. I don’t know exactly why but somehow All I can do today is just sitting in front of television And watch Angelina Jolie’s old movies such As Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Beowulf and A Mighty Heart.

I Adore this beautiful Angel so much for how she Acts and All her charity Activities. Though seems like she starts to retire from the entertainment world, I still love to read news About her regarding her humanitarian Activities. Bravo Angelina!!

This post is dedicated to ABC Wednesday! xoxo
Pictures taken from: www.babble.com

Say Healthy

I have a few things that I planned to do a long time a go but somehow I can’t manage to get it done. Go to a gym regularly is one of them. I really need to work on my biceps and thighs to get them tight as they used to be (lol)

Yeah, I admit it.. I can't manage to get healthy foods everyday. To be honest, I think healthy foods are not tasty at all. Maybe that’s why I can’t commit a healthy diet everyday until now. That’s something I need to get fixed too. A.S.A.P

Oh no.. so little time so much to do.. I will start to see a few well known gyms around the neighborhood soon and register myself for at least a month. Maybe if I enjoy the gym soon I will enjoy the healthy diet also. I said, maybe! (lol)

08 Numbers

Telephone system is very important for your business so pay more attention in order to get the best solution and services from the telecoms provider you're using right now. Have they warn you about the newest Ofcom rules and charging company for 08 numbers yet? Make a new plan soon otherwise it will cost you more money for your phone bill in the future.

Choosing My Color

For you ladies, with a dark skin tone out there. Try to use plum or wine color as your lipstick. These colors will match your skin tone
 For a lighter skin tone (like me), pink will be the perfect option
 If you have the olive skin tone, you're going to love the brownish red color here.
 Oooo... I love my lipstick (lol)

I Love How I Look

Why we should appreciate of what we are and thank God for whatever we have right now? In my opinion, we actually own something that really special for each of us. That's why I also want to say thank you for what I’ve got right now. This time, I want to thank God for how I look.

I thank God for my black eyes.
Though I really want to have a pair of bright blue eyes and try to use soft lenses to get that appearance. Then I realize that the color may not suitable for my Asian small eyes. Somehow it makes me look like a ghost or something. (LOL)

I thank God for my yellow skin.
Though I really want to have a bright white pale skin this whole time and try to avoid direct sun shine for that. Then I realize that white pale skin may just make me look sick and unhealthy. I still can have a bright yellow skin and looks beautiful in my own way.

I thank God for my short stature.
Though I really want to be one of those marvelous tall stature models on the runway in my whole life (did I hear your laugh?? *grin*). Then I realize, I’m a real Asian female and I actually still have an average height here, people. At least, I can still use those magnificent high heels to help me feel better (LOL)

I thank God for my thin sleek hair.
Though I always think that curly or wavy hair as the most exotic type of hair, then I realize that my thin hair is so easy to take care of and I don’t need to use a special equipment to make my hair looks sleek, just like any other women did. I already have it naturally and it fits my face shape also.


The only think that I can’t resist is to high light my thin sleek black hair regularly (LOL)
I completely understand that as an Asian woman I would never have a red or dark blond color hair naturally no matter how much I love that color. But, I can’t tell myself to accept that reality yet and how black is the perfect color for me, ladies. So, I still high light my hair at least once in a year and definitely will still do it in the next couples of years. So forgive me God for that…

Well, I'm only human after all (wink)
Have a nice Monday, everyone….

Unexpected Event

I bet Facebook gave you many unexpected events all this time, ladies. Well, not to mention the presence of those great games inside (LOL). Sorry, I’m a huge fan of Facebook games, so please ignore that unrelated second sentence. Facebook is still interesting even without the games inside.

But I want to talk about certain things that might able to happen only because Facebook got something to do with it. I’ve read many stories about how numbers of people who finally able to find their missing family members through Facebook. All they need to do is just typing certain names or surnames and Facebook will provide several choices that might be related to their search. This enables the searcher to investigate each option that appears to gather more information.

Facebook can also reunite old friends (including your elementary class from decades ago), and help you meet some new friends as well. I got SOOO many new friends from Facebook especially from different countries and I think it’s awesome!!

By the way, I also unexpectedly meet my old puppy love boy friend (wink). He used to be a little boy who spent a little time with me back in my teenage time. Now, Facebook reunite us back along with our new existences. I’m now a mom with a beautiful daughter and a great husband while he’s (unfortunately) still single (LOL). But we’re still keeping our friendship until now. However I decide to keep this as a little secret from my husband. He doesn’t need to know that a guy from my Facebook is my ex and I don’t want to find out which girl in his friend lists was his ex also (LOL)

Anyway, how about you? What is your Facebook’s unexpected events then?

Yatata Yatata

Y for yatata-yatata. First time I look at this word in an online dictionary, suddenly I remember the time when my daughter tried to say her very first word. You know, that weird word and meaningless that I can’t understand because her mouth was so full with saliva (LOL)

But later I understand that Yatata-yatata has almost the same meaning with bla-bla-bla. Yes, the sound of chatter that we usually use when we saw people talking to each other in a very long time. You may have some clue about the topic at the beginning of the conversation, but later on, after a few hours, you start to lose any clue at all.
I think this is a kind of sound that you make when you make a long phone call to talk about some unimportant things. People around you will describe that conversation as yatata-yatata (lol)

Anyway, I dedicate this post to join the ABC Wednesday
Pictures taken from: www.captivatedcustomers.com

Ladies Love Car Accessories Too

Most women who drive a car daily choose to ignore many important aspects concerning their vehicles. You don’t have to take a special technical class for this, ladies. But at least you can pay more attention to your car accessories since they’re also important to keep your vehicles in its best condition.

If you don’t have enough time to go by yourself to shop this stuff directly, you can still buy them online. Grab your laptop and do some researches about various kinds of online automotive store available in the internet.

If you own a Ford Explorer car, for instance; you can find multiple choices of Ford Explorer Ford Mats in Carid online. It’s the automotive superstore online based in Edison, NJ that provide you interior and exterior product for your vehicles. They provide you complete information about the product that you’re looking for along with the price. I noticed that they also give you special discount for almost every purchase. I’m sure that you’re going to find a perfect Ford Explorer Ford Mats there.

So, girls don’t let people talk about how careless you are about your vehicle. Pay more attention since you can get all those stuffs easily even from your living room with your laptop.


A: “Ssst…did you know that Sarah’s husband ask for divorce last night?”
B: “Really?! I knew they had a fight last night. I heard Sarah yelling so loudly. By the way, how did you find out about this?”
A: “I’m not sure. I think somebody from the groceries talked about this to her friend this morning and I heard it by accident. I just can’t remember who…”

I really hate scandalmongering!! Do you ever heard of this vocabulary anyway? Scandalmongering means spreading malicious gossip about other people. There are always few particular persons that hardly willing to peek inside your house and find something to gossip around when you’re not there. This is a kind of people who usually has nothing to do in their spare time, that’s why they always have time to meet and talk about other people behind their back.
Some people may consider scandalmongering issues as a fun topic as long as the issue is not talking about them. They can easily add some other “hot stuffs” to make this gossip even more interesting although those “hot stuffs” are definitely a hoax. The hotter the issue the more people will get interested (usually).

I just hope that I would never be apart of this “stupid show” ever. I hate gossiping other people just like I hate being gossiped behind my back. People who always involved in gossip stuff like this are usually mean people. They don’t really care if you ever find out about them gossiping you one day since they can easily deny it. They don’t care about how you’re going to feel about that. And I’m absolutely not a mean person (like them). I don’t want to see people hurt because of something I did.

In conclusion, you better stay out of people like this at all. You don’t want your household information becomes one of their topics in their gossip hang out time one day. And how am I going to recognize people like this then? It’s easy. They usually start the conversation by talking about other people affairs and ask for your opinion. Just like the conversation above. If you meet one of them just slam the door in front of their nose (if they’re visiting you in your house), stop buying groceries from their stores (if they own one) or stop greeting them (when you passed them on the street) at all.
Pictures taken from: http://assets.nydailynews.com

Finding A New Hair Stylist

One thing that I also confused about is how I am going to get a suitable hair stylist in here, my new town. I used to have a good one back in Medan. He is my most favorite hair stylist ever. I actually met some other hairstylists before him but this man, Rudy, is the best of all.
He understands completely what I need just by using simple few words and instructions. Not only with the cutting style; as he has a perfect mixture of colors every time I want to highlight my hair also. I told him that I need a special mixture colors since I want to look different. I don’t want to meet another female with the same hair color in the next day. He usually laughs and starts discussing about what kind of color that I may like.

When he starts to cut my hair, he usually gives me some advices about the perfect cut for my face shape. He doesn’t hesitate to argue me when he disagrees with my choice. He will explain the consequences first and ensure that I will never going to regret my decision. When this happened, I usually give in and accept his advice. Woaallaahh…I should never question his advice, you know. I always like it.

But now, I must do everything from the beginning once again. I must open my eyes and my ears widely in order to get my “new Rudy” in this town. One thing for sure, I don’t like to do some trial and error stuff here, ladies because it’s my hair that we’re talking about. I need to find a right hair stylist as soon as possible. I managed to have my last hair cut with Rudy last month, just a few days before our departure. So at least in the next two months, I’m going to need to go to a hair salon back and cut my hair.

Uuhh…I hope I will find a perfect one for me here really soon….
Pictures taken from: www.benhulse.com


Is it true that women can’t actually talk about feminism without having their own profitable hidden agendas behind? Some say that women will only drag in this topic according to their needs and capabilities. Women will 'yell' if somehow there’s an indication that a woman can not ever be a headmaster on a public school. In other case, women will also 'yell' when they found out that most people refused to have a female president in a certain country or a mayor in a certain city or something like that.
The bottom line is that no one should ever question woman’s capability of doing everything that (some people considered only) men can do. Female is as equal as man.

Do you know that there are few men in this world who made some sarcastic jokes about this gender issues? They said that women can only yell about feminism if it concerned with power and money only. But when it comes up with some trifling daily activities, women will shut their mouths up and let the men did it for them. For example, most women will refuse to repair a broken window in their own houses. Woman will also refuse to climb the roof to fix the leakage. Same thing happens when they have problems with their plumbing system. All they’re going to do is just calling a man to do that job. You won’t find any gender topic at that time. Women want to be as equal as men but the truth is they could never have that equality ever. That’s all. Doesn’t it sound pathetic?

So, my question will be simple, ladies.. What do you think about it?
Pictures taken from: http://novaseeker.files.wordpress.com, http://media.collegepublisher.com
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