"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

Beauty Advisor (BA)

Do you like Beauty Advisor (BA)? Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don’t. I love BA who helped me with the thing I want to know instead of pushing me to buy things I don’t need. And I love BA who able to give balance information about the benefits and the side affects of their products.
Somehow I believe that the quality of BA service depends on how good your outfits look. Mostly, you’ll get relatively better services from BA when you wear relatively expensive outfits. What do you think? Hahaha…

I have a bad experience with a BA a few months ago. She was standing in front of her counter alone that day and I was the only customer who came approaching her. I read about this product from a famous female magazine and I was interesting to find out more about it. Yeah, I know that it’s not a cheap one. This eye cream that I was looking for is expensive.

So I stand in front of the counter to see the products displayed there. Finally, I found what I was looking for and start asking her for more information about it. She just gave me one simple answer. “Yes, ma’am. That’s the eye cream.” That’s all. I try to ask more but she just gave me short answers all the time. I was so disappointed. Indeed, I was wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans at that time. Perhaps she considered that I’m just a kind of woman who asked a lot but with an empty wallet inside my purse. I don’t know. But, I left her counter right away and canceled my plan to buy that beauty product that day. And she didn’t even care. Sigh..

A few days later, I came back there. This time I tried a different way. I was wearing a relatively expensive dress with an eye-catching peep toe shoe, complete with an elegance tote bag. Wow, they treat me differently. There were two BAs there at that time and they all stand up even when I was still a few meters away. Wow! It’s amazing what your outfits can give you, right?

They treat me like a real customer and explained every product they have. Once again I asked more information about the eye cream I was looking for and they provide me a complete explanation. Only this time, I decided to not to buy anything at all. I told them that I’m going to think about it first and I’ll be back next time. They still smiled at me and friendly asked me to come again every time I want. They’ll be happy to help me.

See? I think, if you want the best service from BA, use your best outfits also. Hahaha..

Window Shopping for Fun

Men are always complaining about how they hate woman’s habit: window shopping. They always say that it’s pointless and useless. I don’t know, I don’t fell it that way.

I love window shopping. It helps me to relax; reduce stress and entertain my mind either. It’s fun to see all those clothes hanging on the mannequins beautifully. I love to touch them and feel the fabric’s in my hands. I also love to see the newest trend of style or color. For me it feels so fun.

You don’t have to buy everything you saw, though. Maybe, some people experience a strong need to buy all those beautiful dresses they saw at that time, but I don’t. For me, window shopping is totally different with visiting a book store. In a book store, I can’t resist the feeling to buy at least one book for each visit. I’m a book maniac. But, for dresses, I feel different. Window shopping is just for fun.
Well, you don’t have to be like Rebecca Bloomwood in “Confession of A Shopaholic” for sure. For me, shopaholic is some kind of mental disorder that makes you need to meet a psychiatric to talk with. Shopaholic will cost you fortune and it’s not fun anymore. Shopaholics would never agree about window shopping. All they know is buy this or buy that. For them, window shopping is pointless and wasting time.

I’m not a shopaholic so I still enjoy window shopping. But, I have to think twice before asking my husband to accompany me with this hobby. I don’t think that’s a good idea to ask a man to accompany you..hahaha… It’s better for me to ask some girlfriends on a sunny afternoon to go window shopping. After that, we can sit and hang out in a coffee shop with a cappuccino in each hand. What a beautiful afternoon. Lol

Pictures taken from: www.southeasttennessee.com, http://flowtv.org, www.celluloidfilmreview.com

Comfy Polo Shirts

My husband loves polo shirts. If only you could see into his wardrobe, you will find more than 20 polo shirts inside. Everybody wants the best polo shirt, like the one you can find on La Martina. They look wearable and comfortable, yet classy and elegant, just exactly what the polo players wanted.
In fact, polo shirt is not the only product of La Martina. They also design various kinds of shirts and sweat shirts. Although they still keep their eyes on polo shirt as their best product, they still open their arms for those who choose shirt better than polo shirt. Still you will find this shirt offers you the best quality just like the polo shirt did.
And for all of you who are a big fan of sweat shirts, you may want to take a look at this one here. This sweat shirt is made from quality materials to keep you warm and comfortable. Just like they said: “They are thin enough to fit very well, thick enough to insulate, and soft enough to keep you comfortable.” Great!
Go and see more of their collection on their website then. You’re going to love it.

Neon Colors Outfits

Some women are not feeling comfortable enough wearing neon colors such as fuchsia, red, green or any other neon colors. They said that they want to avoid the sassy impression they believed brought by those neon colors. Do you agree that those colors will make you look like a sassy girl in a negative way? Well, I don’t.
I believe that you can look elegant and captivated with neon colors. Just make sure that you don’t pair bright colors with big and striking accessories. You can choose either using bright color outfit without striking accessories or using the bright color item itself as the accessory.
For example, if you want to use a fabulous fuchsia dress, avoid using a big ethnic necklace or colorful bangles as the accessory. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to use any accessories anymore since the fuchsia dress can “speak up” for itself already.
You may try to use a black and glamor peep toe heel to calm down the shocking effect of the fuchsia color on your dress.

Another way to wear neon color items is by using it as the accessory itself. Such as this neon green scarf,
you might want to use it along with a black simple tank top and jeans. It will make you look fresh and cheerful.

So, neon colors are acceptable as long as you use them with appropriate accessories. Remember not to use two or more neon colors pieces at a time, girls. You don’t want to look like a kindergarten girl who want to attend a costume party, right?

Pictures taken from: www.dashrine.com, www.traderscity.com, http://4.bp.blogspot.com, http://images.usoutdoorstore.com, www.howtobetrendy.com

Video Surveillance in France

Si vous avez un plan pour utiliser les équipements visuels de surveillance dans votre maison pour votre sûreté, je pense que vous devriez appeler N Azur dans 0810210208 pour vous dépanner. Ils fournissent la meilleure qualité de la videosurveillance comprenant le service d'installation.
Ils ont le réseau des techniciens établis partout en France. Ne vous inquiétez pas, ils s'assurent que leur produit sera adapté à votre budget. Les services sont encore fiables même après la vente. Mais de toute la chose la plus importante est que vous pouvez encore entrer en contact avec elles par l'intermédiaire de l'email que vous pouvez trouver en leur site Web ou juste réclamer le nombre ci-dessus davantage d'information gratuite et d'évaluation. Bien que ce soit un poteau commandité, tous les avis sont à moi de 100%.

My Pictures Storage

I love photograph. I take picture of every interesting object around me. And my favorite object is my own cute daughter. As a matter of fact, I still keep all of those pictures on my external hdd. I do this as prevention, so if one day I have a problem with my computer, I still have those great pictures with me. Awesome! Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

Beware of Expired Cosmetics

Do you know that your lipstick can only last for 2-3 years after your first use before finally expired? You must throw it away even if the lipstick bar is still long enough. Sometimes, it’s not that easy to do especially for the expensive lipstick but you must do that otherwise it may harm your skin and body.

Every cosmetics item has its own expired date. Foundation and face powder can last up to 2 years before expired. Blush on has a shorter time which is between 4-6 months only. While mascara and eye shadows can only last for 3-6 months.
PS: pressed form can last longer that the liquid and cream forms.

For example, if you use a liquid foundation instead of a powder one, you may find it quicker to expire than the powder one. Meanwhile, the mineral make up base last shorter than the oil make up base. So, pay more attention to your make up ingredients in the package to find out whether it’s a mineral base or oil base.

It’s better if you use brush to apply your make up than using your own finger. It can make your cosmetics last longer. Our fingers may bring bacteria into the cosmetics and contaminate it by spreading all over. But you still need to wash your brush regularly to maintain the hygiene.

Close the lids tightly to prevent bacteria from entering. But the best way of all is by looking at the appearance of the cosmetic itself. If you find any change in color or smell, do not hesitate to throw it away. It’s already turned into a poison material that can harm your skin and body.

Pictures taken from: www.faqs.org

Vanity Peacock

Peacock is such a beautiful bird. This animal is also well known for its vanity. Every time peacocks realize that people (or animals, perhaps) are watching them and their beautiful and colorful feathers, they will soon open their giant feathers widely so that every one will get a clearer look. Some say that peacock is the true icon of vanity.
A white peacock reminds me of a bride in a wedding ceremony
In my Easter holiday yesterday, I had a chance to capture these three peacocks from a zoo in my hometown. I was so amazed of how beautiful they are. I stared down for a quite long time at them. That’s when I realized that the more people came around them the longer they keep their feather opened. They will come toward the most crowded side of the cage to show off. They can keep the feathers open for a quite long time.
Just like in a fashion show
When they got tired, they will take a rest for a few second but still try to show off the feathers by walking around just like in a runway of a fashion show. They will walk as close as they can to the crowd and start to act just like a human model to show their feather color and pattern. After that they will soon open their fabulous feather again and again.
I can’t get them out of my eyes. I really can’t. That’s why I want to share some pictures of this beautiful animal here with you all my beautiful friends who love peacock. What a great bird.

Anyway, I still have more of other beautiful animals such as white tiger in Blog Perempuan Rumahan or perhaps you want to see a cute zebra in Mommy Mayonnaise. Have a great day all.

Happy Easter 2010

 "Christ is Risen

"Christ is risen! Lift the song
Of our Easter gladness;
With the bright triumphant throng
Cast away all sadness,
Springtide flowers tell us how
We must leave the sighing,
As we pass the sorrow now
Of our earthly dying."

Happy Easter, everyone...

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