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Etude Sheet Facial Mask - Pomegranate

Another facial mask here, ladies :) This one is different type from my previous facial mask review from Garnier Lightening Peel-Off Mask which you can read here. That Garnier mask is a peel-off mask while this one here is sheet mask. Etude Sheet Facial Mask - Pomegranate. Basically its made from paper which has been dampened with moisturizer (glycerin is very common). It has four holes on it, so when you put it on your face it will not cover both of your eyes, nose and mouth. Here is the package of this mask

I'm sorry for the tear in the package. I forgot to take picture of it before taking the mask out. The mask is so damped that your skin will get very wet on it. The smell is sweet just like the name Pomegranate. I like to keep it in the fridge for few hours before and feel the freshness on my skin when applied.

First, as usual, you have to clean your face before using this Etude Sheet Facial Mask - Pomegranate.  I'm still using Balea Mildes Waschgel right now and you can read my review about it here. Take out the mask from the package and open gently. Put it down on your face according to the position of the four holes on it. These holes will fit on your eyes, nose and mouth. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can lay down and get relax while waiting. If you put it on the fridge before using, the mask will also bring the cooling effect on your skin. Very relaxing.

After 20 minutes, take the mask down and dispose. Your skin will still remain wet with the moisturizers, do not wash your face. Gently rub the remain moisturizer onto your skin until fully absorbed. My skin feel moist, damp and soft afterwards. I will use it regularly and will find different type other than Pomegranate :)

Every post I write about beauty review is solely based on my own opinion and experiences. All the pictures here are all my own and can't be used for any other commercial purposes. I bought all those beauty products with my own money and receive nothing as payment for this post (unless stated otherwise)
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Balea Beauty Effect- 24-h PFLEGE

This cream is one of Balea line I use other than serum and Bb Cream. You can read my review about Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum here and Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream here. I use Balea Beauty Effect 24-h PFLEGE as a night cream after applying the serum. I love this cream too as much as I love the serum. It soften my skin and make it looks moist. And read my review about Garnier Lightening Peel-Off Mask here.

Its actually a day cream and for normal type skin as you can read in the pot. But my skin is acne prone and too much moist will bring negative impact. Night cream is usually contains more amount of moisturiser compared to day cream. My first plan is to find out how moist is this day cream before buying the night cream. And turns out this day cream is moist enough even when I apply only a small amount of it into my face. I don't need to buy the night cream. I use this cream as night cream and will find another kind of day cream since this cream does not contain SPF. The pot size is regular for 50ml and unlike the Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum or Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream which have white  background with yellow tone, this cream has blue tone instead. Unfortunately, it doesn't have spatula and I must use cotton bud to take the cream out. I will not use my bare finger, its not clean enough even if I wash it carefully. 

The texture is light in pearly white colour and the smell is very pleasant. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any residue. I can feel the moist right after applying it into my skin. I sleep with air condition ON and I must use a proper moisturiser otherwise my skin will get drier night after night. And this Balea Beauty Effect 24-h PFLEGE really lasts until the morning comes. When I wake up, my skin still feel moist and soft. After I wash my face with water (without facial foam), my skin looks bright and soft. I really love it.

Too bad, that this Balea product will also be the last one for me because I will not repurchase it, just like my Balea serum.
I will buy another brand for my night cream and will share the review here just likeI always do. 
So, good bye for now :)

Every post I write about beauty review is solely based on my own opinion and experiences. All the pictures here are all my own and can't be used for any other commercial purposes. I bought all those beauty products with my own money and receive nothing as payment for this post (unless stated otherwise)
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Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream

BB Cream... BB Cream... Almost everybody loves this one, including me :)
Some say that BB Cream is a kind of cosmetic that you use as make up while some other consider it as skin care product. For me, BB Cream is covering both of them.  BB Cream is a skin product that can be used as cosmetic as well. But I always wear this after applying serum and moisturiser first since I don't think that BB Cream has enough moisturiser in it. I use Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum and you can read my review about it here. BB Cream I use right now is Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream like this one below. 

It is from the same line with my serum:  if you want to read my review about it. The package is in tube of 50ml with the same colour as the serum which is white one the background with yellow tone. I think the tube is quite tricky and a bit hard to squeeze when its almost empty. When the tube is full, you can squeeze the tube slowly and the cream will come out, but when its almost empty you need to squeeze harder in couple of times. 

The texture is thick and I think it only availables in one tone. Its thick but quite easy to blend and apply. But in my skin, this cream  quickly absorbed and disappear. Its literally 'disappear' as if I'm wearing nothing at all which I don't like. I have read many reviews about BB Cream and find out that it should not be disappear into your skin. That there supposed to be a very thin layer of colour on your skin and makes it glowy like wearing tinted moisturiser. As you can see below, the right picture is my skin after applying this Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream and you will see nothing. LOL

also think the oil control is not good enough since my skin starts to look oily after half and hour which is not good for me. I have  dehydrated kind of skin which actually dry but produce oil as well. Its complicated :( and excellent oil control product really is a must for me. The result in my face after two months is'okay' with no break out. 'Okay' means it doesn't break my skin out but it doesn't improve it either. I keep using it since I do not want to throw it way and better use it but no intention to repurchase. 

My last tube is almost empty now and I am about to buy another BB Cream from different brand and say good bye to Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream. I will write my review about the new BB Cream soon :)

Every post I write about beauty review is solely based on my own opinion and experiences. All the pictures here are all my own and can't be used for any other commercial purposes. I bought all those beauty products with my own money and receive nothing as payment for this post (unless stated otherwise)
Thank you.


Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum

It's been a while since my last English post in this blog due to the hectic time and lots and lots of things to do back home. And sometimes, I just feel that I have nothing to write down at the moment. And there's no use to push myself to the limit just because I want to write something new here :D since for me blogging is for fun anyway and not to add anymore pressure to my 'already hectic' life LOL

For this time post, let me share something new with you who accidently come over here. Its a kind of thing that I've never done before. A beauty review.

Every post I write about beauty review is solely based on my own opinion and experiences. All the pictures here are all my own and can't be used for any other commercial purposes. I bought all those beauty products with my own money and receive nothing as payment for this post (unless stated otherwise)
Thank you.

My first beauty product I want to share is: Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum 
Actually, this is the very first beauty product I used from this Germany brand. We can not find Balea easily here in Medan and can only be bought from a friend who imported directly from Germany. And this friend of mine is the only person I know selling Balea products in Medan online (no offline store available). Later I found out that this brand is actually drugstore skincare products.

I have never use any kind of serum in my face before. My first reason is because every kind of serum I found is a bit pricey and I can not be sure that it will make my skin better. Then why risking too much money for stuff that you can't be sure will work right? But i decided to try this  Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum since the price is lower, only 190k Rupiah for 30ml. At least if somehow i find this product is useless it won't be too hard for me throw it into trash bin. But I was surprised with the result!

As you can see, the bottle is quite simple with white colour combined with yellow. The pump quality is excellent that you can easily control the amount of serum you want to use. For me i just use the size of peanut to apply in my whole face. The texture is not thick and easy to absorb. The smell is also pleasant for me

I love this serum since the very first time! It makes my dehidrated skin soft and smooth, no breakout and excellent oil control. And I can see the result just within one week. But I'm not a big fan of whitening product and this serum is not for whitening purpose. But the moisturiser ingredients are so easy to absorb without any oily residue. I really like my skin right now. It looks brighter and smooth.

As you can see, on the left is my bare skin after cleaned. And on the left is my skin after I applied the serum. I took picture of it right away after applied before the serum dissapear into my skin so that you can see the difference. But after the serum absorbed completely, you won't find any residue on my skin left. I can only feel the moist in my skin and it feel smooth. I really love it. But unfortunately, I'm going to find another brand of serum for the next month. I already bought my third bottle but I think I will not repurchase this Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum again since my friend who usually sells this serum is running out of stock. The time of the arriving products from Germany to Medan is so unpredictable. Sometimes, buyers will need to wait until one month or more after ordered. That means if your serum bottle is already empty while your next order hasn't arrived yet, you will not be using any serum in the meantime. Unless you buy another available serum from different brand. And if so, why bother to go back using this Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum again if you already find another substitute serum which actually works for your skin too? However, I really love this serum and the ingredients are all safe too, no dangerous ingredients whatsoever. It's so bad that I'm not going to use this serum again Lucky for you who stay in Germany and have easy access to this treasure.

A little cry

Tonight, somehow I feel so empty in my heart. I'm so tired with all my routine this day yet I can't sleep. These few days have been quite hard for me. I lost my temper almost the entire day. I was mad at everything which I realized as weird myself.

And this was the time when I finally realized that I have nobody to talk to. Someone I trust enough to share my strange deeper feeling. Someone who's not my lover or sister or mother. I can count my real friends with just one hand. I know lots of people and I keep lots of Phone numbers and emails. But somehow I don't feel comfortable enough to share the wound inside my feeling. Its hard to find someone who able to hear without judging me. 

Maybe I can share my tears with you, anonimously. Since I don't know you and you don't know me. If you have time to read this story then you may also have time to share your thought with me.

I must confess that I'm a high temper kind of woman. And quite perfectionist too. I'm a well organized person and love to do things by myself. When something went wrong in the process I can get mad quite easily, especially if it happens because someone did things differently from what I them to do. In this case, I'll be furious. Deep in my heart I know its wrong and I often regret it the moment after.

The furious and regret are bad bad combination for me. I cried silently. Just like now. I think i've lost my temper since afternoon and unable to smile even if its time for me to go to bed right now. I still feel like I want to cry. My lover is out of town and I can cry freely. 

Right now I feel better. This writing things apparently has wipe away some of my anger and calm the fire inside of me. And now my tear has stopped.

Well, whoever you are who accidentally stopping by this blog and read this insignificant post yet still reach the end of the post, I'd like to say thank you for stopping by. Don't forget to leave something which maybe can make me smile :)

Well, its time for me to try to lay and close my eyes. Gosh! I feel so tired and tomorrow is still a busy day for me. I hope whatever I feel right now isn't the sign of depression much less an emotional breakdown. I pray to God.

Nite nite, gorgeous.. Sleep tight.. XoXo
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