"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

Buy Sunglasses Smartly

In a tough economic condition we have nowadays, finding ways to spend your money in a smarter way is a must. You must start thinking to buy stuff in a cheaper groceries store, buy cheaper cloths or anything like that. Some people even choose to stop buy things which don’t show up in their “must have monthly” list. But what about eye glasses then? It’s not something that you can use today and throw away tomorrow. You are going to need them in order to be able to work daily.
And as you may aware, a pair of good sunglasses is not cheap. Money expert, Clark Howard said that it is better for you to shop sun glasses online to get cheaper prices. He talked about Zenni Optical on CNN as one of great ways to save your money. Zenni Optical offers high quality prescription eye glasses in a fabulous price compare to direct eye glasses store. If you need to spend money for at least $70 in ordinary store, in Zenni you can get $6.95 prescription eyeglasses. I guess now you can see why a money expert like Clark Howard mentioned about Zenni Optical in CNN. So be a smart eyeglasses buyer from now. This post was brought to you from a friend and all opinions are 100% mine.

Dangerously Crazy

So many women nowadays become so addicted to designer items such as bags, shoes or clothes. As you know, most of those things are really expensive. Why? In my mind, those items were designed for groups of people with certain range of income such as heir/heiress, actor/actress, noble family or kind of people like that. That's why they make the shoes or bags expensive.

But what will happen if you become one of those who addicted to these expensive item, while you actually come from "average" people? The answer is, dangerously crazy! For example, if you work as a staff in a small with income less than $2000 per month. Somehow, deep inside your heart, you dream about having a $8000 Hermes birkin bag. Then to fulfill this dream, you will do almost anything such as borrowing money, or stop having dinner for more that a year just to be able to save some money. This what I called dangerously crazy!

What exactly is the reason why women are so crazy about designers items? Well, I know a friend who loves to buy original Louis Vuitton bags for collection just because most of her friend in her office wear that kind of bag. Some people also say that designers items are usually last longer than anonymous bags. So, even though you must sacrifice a big amount of money to buy it, you still can consider yourself as as investor who save her money by purchasing expensive original items since you can always sell them back anytime you like. I'm sure you can add more and more reasons to this addiction.

It's okay to buy or to collect expensive designers items as long as you don't have to sacrifice your own neck for that. If you only have $2000 income per month, then buy for your self a maximum $1000 bag. Because an expensive bag is not worth to replace your meal money or other bills you must pay each month. Forget "Shop till you drop" and replace it with "Shop wisely"

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My Precious Beautiful Hair

Your hair is your crown, especially for woman like us. It's your pride. Whatever color you have there. Whether you have a shiny wonderful blonde hair or beautiful and mysterious black hair. I only choose the best for my daily hair treatments such as shampoo or conditioner. I also have special times to visit hair salon to get weekly or monthly treatment to keep my hair healthy and shiny. Well who doesn't anyway? But, what if something bad happens to your precious hair? Due to health problem or even just because you are getting older. You can not keep your hair healthy forever for sure, but you can sure try to keep its healthiness lasts longer. But if the condition turns bad and there is nothing you can do more, then a special hair treatment like Shahmalak is worth to try. It's where you can have your hair restored or even have a hair transplant. So that you can have your beautiful hair back and increase your self confidence. This is a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% mine.

Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

People nowadays are so busy and forgot how they can suddenly got sick at any time. No matter how strong you think your body is, there is always possibilities that sometimes you feel not so good when your wake up in the morning. Look at your lifestyle now and find out are you having a healthy one? Have a healthy way of life including food, rest and sports. It will be better if you add supplement to support you better.

Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products such as Gold Seal Vitamin C 500 mg Dietary Supplement Tablets is very useful for me. Vitamin C is the best way to maintain your daily stamina.

As a matter of fact, all their are suitable for every family member, just like this vitamin C supplement. As you may already aware, how we must choose wisely when talking about supplement or any other health products. You need to make sure that the product you use is safe and worth to buy.

Then at the same time, by purchasing Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Product you also take part in bringing preventive wellness services to local communities through Walgreens Way to Well Fund™ where they  contribute up to $3 million annually to provide free preventive health tests as well as health education to the community.  They also bring you giveaways where you can get a chance to get some Walgreens Gift Cards.




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Stay Update With The Collection

This post brought to you by Ringier Media. All opinions are 100% mine.

Getting pregnant and experiencing the miracle is almost every woman's dream. I am lucky enough to be one of those who has been given a chance to carry that tiny little person in my womb for the second time. Thank God. But I realize that not every woman in this world is as lucky as I am. Some women must struggle so hard in order to have their own babies due to particular issues they have. You can read so many stories about these "mommies wanna be" from the media, such as magazines, books or even internet.

Lately I read one about them called "The Global Baby"  from the collection of my Ipad' s application. Such an inspiring story about surrogacy which presented beautifully in 3D performance. It shows me how amazing in the process of the birth of human being and how it effect everyone around. Well, I am a mother and that's why I feel interest with this issue whatsoever.

But there will always be different kind of topics about the current issues happen around the world right now that you will find interesting. the collection will make it easy for you. For example, the first issue was actually dedicated to Prince William and the Royal Wedding. As you can see, you can always find globally relevant topics from your Ipad just by downloading this app from the App Store. Such an easy way to stay update, right?

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Be A Fair Seller

I love to shop online and manage to buy several things this last few months. Well, some may consider that shopping online is not actually shopping (as a friend of mine said) since the buyer and seller is not actually meet each other. So it has lost the excited part of selling and buying process. But I don't see it that way. For me, nothing is better than able to buy things I like from in front of my laptop without losing time to visit the place directly. Not to mention the benefit that I will be able to buy stuff from online stores which far away from my hometown which sometimes offer quite lower prices. I bought things cheaper from online stores out of my town compared to the stores nearby.

So, you may say that I'm not a newbie in this online buying anymore. I have enough information and know more about how to buy things online safely and avoid from being conned about the exact price. I will not easily believe the price I saw before making any research about other store's price list first. Price and trust are things you need to maintain from your customers if you have an online shop business.

The only thing I hate from buying online is that I can't have my purchase directly after ordering. I must wait at least two days for it to arrive. That's why sometimes I also like to buy stuff from friends who sell their products from door to door. The price is a bit higher than the online store (maybe because they also buy products online too, right) but I can have my purchase right away. That's the beginning of my story.

I met a new woman who sells almost everything I like, especially bags and accessories. She told me that all her stuff are cheaper than other sellers and she offered me special prices. And guess what? She's a stupid liar! As a matter of fact, all her stuff are too expensive compared to the online stores which offer only half price from her. I can't stop laugh. I wonder if anyone out there is stupid enough to buy from her whatsoever. Maybe, there will always one or two customers who will only buy once from her. But they will never come back to buy more.

I mean, how dare you playing with higher prices when people can easily get the lower ones? Especially to someone you know. You will lost the opportunity to have a long term relationship with your customers which is bad for your business. And believe me, rumors spread quickly and many more people will find out about your stupid business. Just be fair. Even a fair seller sometimes finds it's hard to have regular customers nowadays.

Silly Girl Usually Looks Down On Other People Life

People say: "Don't judge a book by its cover" and definitely don't judge other people by their outer look! Because you know that look can be very manipulated. I just want to share a short story with you all girls. I met several new female friends these past three months. I'm a kind of person who can get along easily, but it doesn't mean that I can find a close friend that easy too. I love to talk to new friends and share general topic but I prefer to avoid talking about personal stuff with them. Usually, after a few week, I will able to choose one of these new people to be the close one and be a close friend with whom I can share personal stuff.

This morning, my new clique told me story about how look can be very manipulated. There is a woman among us who barely talk to us everyday. She has a nice smile and always spread sweet words to us when we're together. She's a kind of girl who can get along together easily too and share almost everything (including personal stuff) with all of us easily. She makes jokes and we already have our each Blackberry PIN to communicate everyday. Her name is Aan.

Turns out that somehow she tells bad stuff about all of us behind us with her friend whom apparently is my clique's close friend too. But I never meet her before. She said that Aan made up story about how she actually is the richest one among us all and how we can't get along with her life style until now. Basically she conclude that we're all just a bunch of people who can only sit and listen to whatever she wants to say and look amazed. She gossiped us a lot, but this friend of mine said that it doesn't matter for me to know about the details. She told me this so that I know about the real Aan is and know how to react and talk in front of her in the future.

One thing that I can't understand about this silly Aan is that we only meet each other for about two months. Ever since we've never hang out together, never share personal stuff together, we do not even know each other address, nothing. All we have is exchanging Blackberry PIN though we never use to communicate so far. So, how can she made up a story to make us all look bad behind our back anyway? Imagine the kind of story she'll make if only she knows us all better and deeper! All I can think of as an answer to this is: maybe she's a psycho!

Turns out that she actually can not afford the life style that she's been proud of. It's all fake! She can't afford it but she pretends to. She has manipulated so many people before, borrowing money for life style purpose but wasn't able to return the money back. She tried to have a lifestyle she can't actually afford. Well, that's not a big problem for me as long as she doesn't judge me based on how I look and look down on me just because I can't tell story about my money and my lifestyle in front of her. Sorry, I'm not that kind of person.

Maybe I'm too naive for I always try to look at this world as a nice place. I try to make friendship instead of finding enemy. But somehow, there will always be people out there who naturally make themselves as other people's enemy. That's not someone that I like to hang out with. And I can't pretend to like her and smile to her anymore from now on. Not after knowing her bad habit behind me. I will definitely try to avoid her in the future and let her enjoys her disgusting habit about looking down on other people. I don't need to explain who I am and my lifestyle to her. She doesn't deserve it anyway. Farewell, you silly.. LoL

Gossip Can Be Fun Sometimes

People can always know your value from the way you talk. That's what I believe the most which I think some of you are agree with. In this case, I'm talking about gossiping. Somehow people always make a correlation between this habit with women. Am I right? I kinda disagree with it. Talking about other people's life is basically human nature (in my opinion) and it has nothing to do with your gender! I know that men love gossip too.

However, you need to be careful of what you are going to say about other people stuff especially if you meet barely new people to talk to. Gossip can be useful to start a conversation with new people (when you need something to start a conversation) especially if somehow they agree with your opinion. In my experience, a proper topic can build a connection among people who agree about certain kind of thing and make them closer. But be careful. If somehow you provoke the story too much, people can lost respect on you. Somehow they will try to find a clue about why are you being so interested and over reaction about that stuff. Indeed, they actually inside the same perspective with you, but there's always a different scale of interest regarding that topic. If you're the one who apparently become the person in over reacting about it, people will get suspicious about your true intention. Well, although I love gossip sometimes, I never say that it was without consequences. If you get too deeper, gossip can bring you down too.

Not to mention about how people in your gossipers circle will try to find a correlation between your background with your gossiping habit. The have certain judgment inside their mind about people are too much involved with gossip and start to make speculations. They will think that your former background job has formed you the way you are right now. Or judging that your profession is somehow identical with gossip stuff and look down and you. Do I need to re-write it again? They will look down on you eventually.

My point is that you should make a limit yourself and avoid getting involved too deep in gossip. If you try to start a conversation using gossip with new people, you need to understand the situation before. First, do not over tell the story in order to make the subject look 'fantastic'. Just keep it simple since people actually interested what I'$ considered as light gossip for fun. When it gets too serious, they will walk away. So share your story for a short time, after that leave the gossip and stop adding new stuff on it. Gossip is something mostly considered as unsolved case. So, it will always be there as long as you talk about it. It's only a matter about whether you wand to leave it eventually or not. As I said before, gossip can be fun sometimes and people will always show some attention to it. Don't bea hypocrite! But don't let other people look down on you at the end just because you're getting too deep with it. Consider it as an interesting opening subject to start a conversation only, after you make a connection, leave the gossip alone and find other quality topic to talk about. Too much gossip is bad for you just like too many sweets. LoL. Well then, have a nice day there girls...

Scrubs For Medical Professionals

You can always recognize medical professionals such as nurse, doctor, or dentist from their outfit.The scrub! Usually they will wear white color in certain kind of style scrub which apparently considered to be the most acceptable style among them. But as some said, why choosing to wear boring uniform when you can get colorful, stylish, beautifully colored and naturally breathable cotton nursing uniform anyway?

Medical uniform can be found in fashionable style. But at the same time, this fashionable scrub will not effect your medical professional look whatsoever. As usual, woman tends to find a way to look fashionable in every way, including medical professionals. Visit the site and find out which kind of scrub do you prefer the most. Don't you worry about the price, they give you quality product with reasonable prices. For example, you can buy a fashionable scrub top for less than $11. Fabulous!

For you guys, you can also find lab coats for men which are streamlined with functional pockets in this useful site. You may not consider much for the fashionable style of your scrub, but their collections provide you safety during your job with optimum functionality while still maintaining qualified appearance. This post was brought to you by a friend of mine and all opinions are 100% mine.

Spring's Gorgeous Swimwears!

This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who says that mommies can't look sexy in swim wear? You can always look great with suitable swim wear, moms. Well, maybe you can't expect your self to look as stunning as a young teenager girl, right? LoL. Just choose a right cutting and style, then you will be able to steal the attention too. If you feel not comfortable enough to use bikini, then try this beautiful monokini.

i prefer monokini too, because I realize that my body shape has been changed after gave birth to my little daughter 3 years ago. So, monokini like this will help me solve the problem.

Anyway, I got that picture from an online store which offers various kinds of women's swimwear called Express. I think they give you reasonable prices for their collections and you still can buy them without having to visit the store directly. And also, they will give you a chance to win one of ten $200 Express Gift Cards just by signing up for Express e-mail now. You can find out more about the sweepstakes rules in their online store for further information. And at the same time, you can browse around their collections also. Well then, enjoy your spring in the beach, moms.Advertisement

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A Big Fan of Noodle

I'm a HUUUGEEE fan of noodle and pasta (proudly tell you that. LoL). Although our main food is actually rice, but I can easily (and happily) change it into noodle. I can't resist a gorgeous and delicious look noodle like this one ever! I hope you don't see my mouth watering right now.LoL
Some people may consider fried noodles as oily kind of food. Indeed, it's oily enough so that you can even taste the oil in your mouth. But that's the original taste which make noodles so tasty, in my opinion. The original Indonesian noodles usually cooked together with certain vegetables and a small amount of meat or sea food. You can't find cheese or cream or other dairy products here. As you can see from the picture above.
However, I still love the cheesy and creamy past too. Fettuccine Alfredo is one of my favorite pasta.
I love the creamy taste, though most of my friend consider this as TOO HEAVY food and not healthy. The more cream and cheese the better, for me.
Yes, I'm a big fan! How about you?

Image Source: bima.ipb.ac.id

Stop Diaper Rash With Butt Paste

This post brought to you by Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

For me, baby's butt is the most delicate surface in the world. Don't you think? I even love to put my cheek in my baby's butt to feel it. But, sometimes diaper could cause rashes in in baby's skin, no matter how careful you are to change the diapers regularly and clean your baby's butt. That's the condition we must deal with due to the use of disposable diapers.

The best thing you can do is to use a particular cream before putting on the diaper, such as Boudreaux's Butt Paste  It's been well known as a perfect choice for diaper rash care. It's been featured in many famous shows such as Oprah Show, ESPN or even People Magazine. You don't need to worry about the ingredients of this butt paste because it's recommended by pediatrician. It contains 16% Zinc Oxide and Peruvian Balsam which able to soothe irritated skin.

By visiting their online site, you will be able to see this product and choose the size you feel convenient to use. Whether it's 1oz to 4oz tubes, or 16oz jar and single foil pack. And they are all available at fine retailers nation wide. Get a free sample offer by sending them a self addressed envelope. You might want to try first before buying. Then free you precious baby from diaper rashes for good.

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The Climate Change

Do you realize how bad is our earth condition right now? Each time I saw tv program, I saw some new bad things are going on right now. The most horrible thing for me right now is to show how the ice melting in both poles of the earth and will increase the possibility of more cities to get drowned. Do you live in a beautiful city which close to the beach? Imagine if the water drowns your city in a few years later.

Well, in my country we're also struggling with this climate change's negative effects. Floods and hurricanes are the most problems we have right now. Not to mention the high waves in the ocean which prevent the fishermen from doing their jobs. And you can guess what happens next, it's getting difficult to find supplies for your daily needs such as fishes or other kind of sea foods. Even if you could find some, the price is so high that only certain people able to buy it.

We don't know what else will we find in the next few years but somehow I feel things will be tougher and tougher for us. Hope this condition will get better and the earth will smile at us once again

Image Source: www.arcticportal.org
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