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Gorgeous Over Sized Bags

I love over sized bags. So, I browse and browse until I found these eight incredible beautiful over sized bags. With this kind of bag, you can have either the fashion factor as well as the function factor. Let's take a look.

Legend Bag From Longchamp

Kate Moss is a fan of this bag. It has a bit of street style nuance but still look fashionable and chic.

Arkel Bag from Bally

As you can see in the picture above, Jelena Jankovic is a fan. Sporty yet fashionable.

Manor Bag from Burberry

I found out that Victoria Beckham was not the only fan of this bag because I found a picture of Liz Hurley with this bag too.

Mahina Bag from Louis Vuitton

I adore this bag. It looks gorgeous on Madonna's hand also. Don't you agree?

Warrior Bag from Burberry

Love the metal studs accent? This bag looks totally different from the others, right?

Saba Bag from Jimmy Choo

I love the ring accent on this bag. Maybe that's why a celebrity like Katherine Heigl had one of this.

Muse Bag from YSL

Demi Moore was wearing a casual t shirt while holding this gorgeous bag. Looks casual yet chic.

Ruffles Tote Bag from B & D Kan Kan

This bag is my favorite bag of all. I love the ruffles detail and the soft color as well. It looks really gorgeous. Eva Longoria is a fan of this bag.

Well, what do you think then? Are you a fan of over sized bags too?

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Some Fun On The Sun

Love sunbathing? Beware of the harmful UV rays, fellas. There are two types of UV rays. The first one is Ultraviolet B (UVB) which can bring damage to the epidermis and dry your skin also. This UV type is the main cause of the sunburn effect you have after sunbathing. The second type is Ultraviolet A (UVA) which is also the most dangerous one because it brings damage to the inner layer of the skin itself. UVA is the main cause of ageing and the worst of all is the skin cancer.

How to avoid those harmful effects and still can enjoy the sunbathing then? The most important thing to do before lying under the sun is to apply the sunscreen first. You need to choose sunscreen which contains Sun Protection Factor (SPF) on it. The SPF will cover your skin and screen out the harmful UV rays.

Apparently, most of the sunscreen products we found on the market are only working to protect us from UVB, since there is no certain measurement yet for the right amount of SPF to protect the skin from UVA. However, if we use the sunscreen with SPF, we can still be protected from UVA and UVB. So, don’t worry.

Pay attention to the number of SPF written on the sunscreen’s package. The number will tell you how much time you have (while using that product) under the sun before getting your skin burn. For examples, some researches results found out that Asian skin will get the sunburn after 25 minutes under the sun without using any sunscreen.
Then use a simple formula:
SPFnumber x 25 minutes
If you use the SPF15 sunscreen: 15 x 25 = 375 minutes
So the SPF15 sunscreen will protect you from sunburn for about 6 hours. After that you need to apply the sunscreen once again.

The low SPF sunscreen can be used on daily activities such as working or driving. But if you spend more time under the sun, such as sunbathing or swimming, make sure you use the higher SPF sunscreen. It will cover you better from the harmful UV rays.

So, grab you sun glass and have some fun on the beach or swimming pool, ladies.

Pictures taken from: www.faqs.org, www.nlm.nih.gov, http://cache1.asset-cache.net

Cellulite, Go Away

Every body hates cellulite. Those furrowed signs on the skin surfaces (usually around hips and thighs) look really ugly. It reminds me about the rough skin of a lime. This is definitely not something that you want to show off. Women who have those signs will cover it up so tightly even from their own husbands.

The truth is that there’s still no cure for cellulite yet. Cellulite itself is fat cells which have been trapped under the skin tissues.

But if you can’t cure it, at least you can do something to conceal the rough look skin. You may use “tanner lotion” to cover the rough skin because dark skin can cover cellulite better than the light skin. You can also try to use a special pill for reducing cellulite purpose, such as Cellulift. If you do either one of these regularly, then you may conceal the rough skin surfaces but it doesn’t mean that cellulite will be demolished forever. As I said before, there’s still no cure yet to demolish cellulite for good.

Wise men say: Preventing is better than curing. We can prevent cellulite from appearing by applying moisturizers or olive oil regularly to the skin surfaces. It will maintain the skin moist and the skin will look smooth and soft. Watch out for your weight. If you feel like your weight is increasing, do some exercises. Cellulite main cause is the body weight itself. The more weight you have the more cellulites will appear. So, make sure to maintain the normal weight for your own health and to prevent cellulite for good.

But, if you already have cellulite on your body, no need to be ashamed. All you need is avoid using mini skirts or short pants.

If you need to use LBD (little black dress) for a party, use a long sheer black stocking to help you cover the cellulite on your skin. See, cellulite is not the end of the world. You can still look fashionable by choosing the right apparels.

In the mean time, I want to share the first award I got from Faye in Holland (thanks a lot, sist). I've just arrived from her nice blog and bring this award with me, complete with some jobs to do with the award.

Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting:
First, I am an original Indonesian woman.
Second, I have four blogs.
Third, I have a 2,5 years old daughter.
Fourth, I love marinara fettucine.
Fifth, I love spicy foods.
Sixth, I can sit in front of my laptop all day long (lol)
Seventh, I'm a big fan of Farm Ville and Cafe World on Facebook.
That's all. I hope you find it interesting (lol)

Anyway, I think I would share this award back to some friends of mine. Lina@womenandperspective, Kathy@gorgeouswomenonline, Jenie@atablink and Fanda@curhatfanda. Come and grab it anytime you like :)

Pictures taken from: www.twolia.com, www.pollsb.com

Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta is one of a few models who famously beautiful. This 31 years old French girl has become the ambassador of many famous brands such as Victoria Secret, Yves Saint Laurent, Guess? and L’Oreal. Her face has already been used as a figure on French coin, just like Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.

Only a few people knew that Laetitia entered the fashion world by becoming the main actress on a French mini series instead of becoming a model first. After that, she got many companies and designers who offered her chances to become a successful model. And indeed, she made it.

In fact, she is not a kind of model who refuses to eat everything in order to maintain her body curve and weight just like ordinary models. The most well known foods among models are mineral water and parsley (wheeew…) Laetitia told the media that she almost eat everything.

Her favorite food is Japanese but she also loves cheese from Southern French and ham from Corsica. I wonder where those foods gone, since she still has her amazing curve.

She adores every thing about Japan’s cartoon, Hello Kitty. Even she herself acknowledges this as one of childish side inside of her. She has many things with Hello Kitty character on it, such as bag, notebook and cell phone accessories. For me, this has made her looks human and not just like a gorgeous woman who fall from heaven, right? Anyway, Laetitia Casta is one of my favorite model, guys. That’s why I share some things about her here.

Pictures taken from: thedirectholidaycompany.blogspot.com, www.vivagoal.com

How To Shrink Large Pores

I have large pores on my face. I really hate it. It makes my face looks dull and greasy all the time. Even if I apply a matte foundation perfectly on my skin face, it will only last for a few hours. After that my skin will look greasy and shiny again. And when this happen, all my large pores will appear as clearly as a full moon on a clear night..lol..

In fact, pores can be seemed so large, especially when you’re directly under the sun for a few hours or on a continually hot weather (during summer season maybe).

This situation has provoked your body and your oil glands to produce more and more sweats to control the body heat. It made the pores worked hardly to release all those sweats and oil from your body by enlarging themselves. And you can say: welcome to the large pores in a very short time.

We need to know that there is no such thing as “opened pores” or “closed pores” since our pores are totally different from doors (lol). But the size of pores may vary due to the quantity of sweats produced by your body. The more sweats you have, the more large your pores may look. The result is dullness and greasiness on the face also.

Large pores also tend to be slogged easily. We all know how slogged pores can cause acnes, right? In order to prevent this, we need to scrub our face twice a day after washing it with the cleanser foam before.

Use the scrub foam which contains alpha-hydroxy-acid (AHA) and beta-hydroxy-acid (BHA). These two ingredients (clinically approved) have the abilities to shrink the large pores problems. Continue the treatment by using toner (again with BHA on it) to tighten your skin. The results: your skin will look smoother and clearer with smaller pores.

Of course we need to do this regularly everyday in order to get the best result. I believe in daily skin care benefits better than instant treatments. Since the daily care results will last longer than the instant ones. What do you think?

Anyway, have you checked your pores in front on your mirror yet?

Pictures taken from: www.interwood.com, www.faceforwardmakeupdesign.com

Do Your Own Nails

You don’t have to go to a beauty parlour to get your nail done while you can do it yourself at home. The only thing we need to learn is how to apply the nail polish neatly. That’s all.

What should we do to make the nail polish lasts longer? It’s quite easy. First of all, make sure that the nail surfaces have been perfectly cleaned. We can use acetone for this. Wipe the acetone with cotton along the nail surfaces.

After that, use the Base Coat. We need base coat to cover the nail surfaces before contacting with the nail polish itself.

This base coat is also preventing damages to our nails due to the chemical ingredients on nail polish. It also contains some vitamins and moisturizers to protect the nails. Base coats usually have no color a.k.a transparent. So it will not ruin your real color of nail polish. Wait till this base coat completely dried before applying the nail polish.

Then you can apply the Nail Polish, girl. You need to apply it twice. Make sure the first applied has already completely dried (at least 5 minutes) before applying the next one. Avoid applying a thick layer of nail polish since the color may look dull and may easily cracking after drying. Just apply a slight swipe twice.

When the nail polish has completely dry, you need to apply the finishing touch, Top Coat.

Choose the transparent Top Coat in order to keep the real color of your nail polish. We need this finishing touch to prevent the nail polish from cracking. It will also make your polished nails look healthy and shiny.

Anything else? Nope. That’s all. See? All we need to learn is how to apply the nail polish neatly. Beauty parlours usually provide the expert manicures to do this. But if you don’t have much time to visit beauty parlour, you still can do it your own at home. The result may not as perfect as when you get it done with the experts help, but still look good and fresh, right?

Pictures taken from: www.juliegambleshop.co.uk, www.rescuebeauty.com, www.esteelauder.co.uk

Inhales The Papaya Enzyme

Papaya is one of many fruits than can be very useful to keep your skin looks healthy and shiny. It contains Vitamin E as antioxidant, vitamin A as beta-carotene, C, B complex, calcium, potassium, zinc and protein. The enzyme on papaya has been clinically proven as anti ageing enzyme (aha…love this part..lol). This enzyme can also heal the sun burn skin by removing dead cells faster from the skin in order to accelerate the growth of new healthy cells.

On the kitchen, we can use papaya to soften the meat before cooking. The same reason we can use on skin treatment also. Because this kind of enzyme can also soften our skin cells that help to refine the skin look and accelerate the regeneration process.

As we know, our skin cells can only last for 28 days before finally broken and die. These broken cells will be replaced by the new layer of skin cells right below the old broken cells. If we don’t remove the broken cells immediately, those cells will be accumulated and make some dark spots on skin surface. This spots will make your skin look dull and at the same time make you look older.

Seems like papaya is the answers to many questions we have. This fruits have so many benefits. You can consume it regularly for a better metabolism on your body. You can also use it to maintain your skin to look fresh and healthy.

Just mince it finely and then apply it to your whole body for a few minutes. Do this regularly and you can have a healthy and shiny look skin naturally. Because everything that comes from our mother nature is usually free of bad side effects.

Sometimes, you can leave all those artificial skin care products and let your skin inhales the sweetness of nature products. Because fashion is not just about decorative make up, but having a healthy from the inside as well. Have a beauty day, my friend..

Pictures taken from: www.whistler.com

Fashion Workers

Fashion world always looks fancy and glamorous. Don’t you agree? This is a giant business that is rapidly growing and stills no signs of getting slow. Fashion will always grow and makes new inventions each time. As long as there are still people in this globe, there will be fashion walking along the way.

Its glamorous has successfully attracted people to crowd around like fireflies around a big lamp. People were so interested to get along this shiny world. What kinds of people are actually growing in this world, anyway?

First, we have the Fashion Designers

(Donatella Versace)
This profession makes the true color of fashion world itself. They pour souls into designs they made that encourage people to buy and wear. Each Fashion Designer has their own characteristics that will always look special on their loyal customers. People such as Donatella Versace, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, or Tom Ford are nowadays famous designers. No matter how expensive their designs are, there are always loyal buyers who hunt, buy and wear it.

Second, there are also Fashion Stylists
Their job is to polish every fashion products and make them look perfect and gorgeous. They can be found on different places, such as magazines, films, advertising, or video clips. People such as Anna Wintour (Vogue Magazine) or Robbie Myers (Elle Magazine) are some of famous Fashion Stylists today. They make the rules on photo session, lighting, choosing the right models, make up, etc. They will make the runway looks perfect on a fashion show.

Third, Fashion Merchandiser and Fashion Buyer
These two profession have an almost the same job and work together. They have responsibilities to provide various kinds of fashion products available to customers. The Fashion Merchandiser usually makes a list and budget for every product they’d like to buy, while the Fashion Buyer will travel across the countries to hunt and buy all the products on lists. The Merchandiser than will decide about the placement and pricing of those brand new products they’ve bought. For this, they need a great sense of fashion and the most important thing of all is..the money itself. You can’t do this job with a little amount of money.

Fourth, we have Fashion Writer
The job is to supply articles or stories about fashion world on media. They can write either recommendations or critics about certain thing on fashion. And articles from a well known Fashion Writer usually get a serious response from other fashion workers also.

(Anna Wintour)
The famous Fashion Stylists above (such as Anna Wintour) usually start their career by becoming a Fashion Writer in the first few years. If they succeed with the writing job, then the path to be a Fashion Stylist will be wide open.

Fifth, the last chain before the buyers themselves is the Boutique Owners.
This is the place to seek any kind of fashion products such as bags, shoes, clothes or jewelry. Some boutiques may only sell one kind of fashion product from a famous brand line, while other may sell several kinds of products all in. Famous boutiques, such as Jimmy Choo Boutique usually attract the high end people to be their loyal customers.

The reason is simple: prestige. Famous boutiques definitely supply original products but extraordinary expensive price list. The prestige is if you can buy those expensive products then you must be a member of high end society itself. The other prestige is that will proof your sense of fashion as well.

Well, as I said before, fashion world always looks fancy and glamorous. The tagline is: if you want the best look, then you must provide the best budget. That’s all..

Pictures taken from: curbednetwork.com, www.zimbio.com, jessicalmc.wordpress.com

Myths About Two Way Cake

Girls, do you always bring your Two Way Cake powder on your purse? I think, you do. Two Way Cake powder is so handy and usually beautifully packed. You can keep it on your purse, so that every time you need a touch up your face all you need is find a rest room and use it. In a few minutes, your face will look flawless, fresh and oil free.

Two Way Cake powder is not just a usual powder such as Pressed Powder. The difference is because Two Way Cake also has Foundation on its ingredients. So, actually you don’t need to use Foundation (liquid or pressed) anymore if you want to use Two Way Cake, because you can find both Foundation and Powder on one package. That’s why we call it Two Way Cake, right?

Apparently, there are still some myths going around us about this kind of powder. Some of these myths are really myths. Let’s find out about them.
First, some say Two Way Cake powder is only suitable for party make up, because the formula is too thick to use daily. This is not right. The key is on the application itself. If you want to cover all the spots on your face, use the wet sponge. But if you want to avoid the “make up look” on your face, you can use the dry sponge instead. It’s all your choice. Don’t blame it on the product.

Second, Two Way Cake is not suitable for those who have sensitive skins type. The fact is if you have a sensitive skin type then you should avoid every kind of Foundation at all, because Foundation is the reason of the problem you have. Even the healthy skin type can have problems too if you use Foundation incorrectly. And remember, Two Way Cake has Foundation inside. The key is always make sure you clean up your face correctly after using Foundation all day long. You also need to wash the sponge after used, squeeze it until perfectly dry before you place it back. If you do so, then you have nothing to worry about.

Third, those who have oily skin type should avoid using Two Way Cake, since it can make your face look more oily and shiny. The main cause of shiny and oily look problem actually is the kind of moisturizer you use before applying Foundation or Two Way Cake. If you have oily skin type, then make sure that you use an “Oil Free Moisturizer” instead of the regular one before applying Foundation. The second, you can also use a Two Way Cake that contains “Shine Control” on it, so your face will look “matte” instead of shiny. There are a few kind of Two Way Cake you can choose out there. Ask for help from your beauty advisors.

Fourth, we still need to touch up regularly to avoid smudged. In fact, every kind of powder still needs touch up regularly, even if you spend all day long in a room with air conditioner. Why? Because our skin will continue to produce “sebum” even after we use make up. We can not expect our perfect make up will lasts as perfect as our original skin look, right? So, we still need to make some touch up a few hours later.

At last, girls, don’t hesitate to use your handy Two Way Cake. Its handy, easy to use and cover your skin better. It helps you to have a perfect flawless skin look.

Pictures taken from: www.88charmmy.com and www.femalemag.com.sg

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