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I Sell, You Buy

I own an online shop ladies, called SASSY MISS PURPLE where I sell replica bags imported from China or Hongkong. Good quality in affordable prices and comes in various brands. This is the kind of business I have these past two years. And I can tell you that this actually a good business, suitable for a stay home mother like me

But running an online shop is not as easy as it may heard. The problem is that you can not meet your costumers directly as it is in original shop. You sell your products by displaying pictures in your blogs and all communications are through email, BBM, Facebook or SMS. So as you may see, the main problem here is credibility and trust.

Building a trust-able online shop is a life time job. It's not easy to gain trust from other people (whom you never met before) who plan to buy your product. At the same time, it's not easy either for you to trust other people as well. Since in online shop, buyers will have to transfer full payment of their purchases first, and then the sellers will send their purchased item afterward. This is where fraud may happen.

Buyers can pretend that they already send their full payment (via paypal or something) when actually they haven't. Or they order so many items from your online shop, but when it comes to check out, they suddenly delete you from your Blackberry contact or refuse to reply your SMS/email and disappear without a trace.

But sellers can also con buyers too. Bad sellers will display fake pictures on their online shop or maybe stolen pictures from other true online shop and pretend that all products as theirs. To gain more attention, they usually give a very cheap price compare to other trusted online shop. Buyers who are not pay attention to this, may think that they finally find an online shop where they can buy the same product with other online shop but in a cheaper price. Well, you're wrong darling.
The price maybe cheaper, but in the end, you'll got nothing in return of money you've sent. You will send money but you will get nothing. You've been conned.

So, you better be careful and choose online shop carefully. And for you ladies who plan to have one of your own online shop one day, you must work hard to gain trust first. Once you have the credibility, you must work hard to maintain it too. Because once your customers lost their trust, it's so hard to bring it back.

But, if you're able to follow the path directly and maintain the trust of other people as your customers, you will realize that this is a promising business (if you enjoy selling things) just like I do :) 

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