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Red Carpet's Disaster

Red carpet moment is the perfect time for artists to show their outfits up. I also think that this moment has also become the most favorable moment of all. People love to watch those glamour people passing by and wearing gorgeous outfit from famous designers. Usually, you can find most of that outfit style in a relatively cheaper price in the market the next day. So, we may say that Red Carpet moment is also used as a pattern to predict the next trend in fashion world.

In fact, you can find almost every kind of fashion styles here. Not only the gorgeous ones; you also can find the disaster ones. Just like some outfits below.
Cher with her outrageous dress came up to receive her Best Actress award in 1988. This outfit was so vulgar at that time. She looked like a cabaret dancer with that “see through” lace gown.

Celine Dion on Academy Award 1999 wore a white backward tuxedo from John Galliano. She was also considered to be the worst dressed celebrity on that ceremony.

Bjork came up with a dead swan dress on Academy Award 2001. That poor swan’s neck laid helpless in her right shoulder. This outfit really reminds of a kindergarten’s costume on a fable story.

Uma Thurman in the next celebrity. She came up in Academy Award 2004 with a white oversized dress complete with a big blue belt. She looked like a girl from the mountain then.

Diane Keaton with her Charlie Chaplin’s costume in Academy Award 2004. She maybe want to bring the androgyny theme with this outfit that ended by humiliating herself at that time.

Gorgeous dresses were kept for their fabulousness. But the worst dresses moments were kept for their silliness.

Pictures taken from: www.nypost.com, http://i39.tinypic.com, www.harpersbazaar.com, www.n24.de


  1. wow..real disasters!
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