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My Health And Beauty Stuff

This week topic for Girls Topic is about shopping, girls especially about Health and Beauty. Well, I usually shop for our grocery monthly. I will spend at least two hours visiting section every section with a long list in my mind. I hate to go back over and over again just because I missed one thing. So, I will buy everything including some of my Health stuff and Beauty shop at that time.
One thing for sure, I will stop by in health section to buy some daily vitamins for me. I consume vitamin C regularly to maintain my healthiness. I also buy non fat milk for me and hubby.
In the beauty section, I usually buy my facial wash along with the face scrub. I’ve been changing my facial wash and scrub couple of times until I find one which obviously the best for me. At first I choose Olay before replacing it with L’oreal until now. This is also the time for me to buy my hand and body lotion. As I mention before, I always love Vaseline. I will buy the biggest bottle every month LoL. Then for soap, I pregfer Dove. And that’s all.
For my other cosmetics such as powder, foundation and lipstick, I seldom buy them during grocery shopping. I will take special time to visit the official stores of brands I like. For skin care products I prefer Clinique and for cosmetics such as powder, lipstick, etc I usually go to Ultima II or Lancome stores.
And that’s my story, girls.. What about you?

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  1. thanks for dropping by and for following my blog! followed you back.

    you have a nice blog. so nice to have you in my blogroll. :)

  2. yay ^_^ cheers tayo sa Dove sis!! ako naman am afraid to try new products for my skin, as long as contento na ako sa isa!! unless the doctor told me siguro!! about the clinique stuffs, na try ko ang perfume dyan, (gift from admirer, weehh) until then, na hook na ako sa perfume ng clinique.. kaso mahal eh, kaya pag meron ako usually nag tatagal talaga, tinitipid ko kasi!!

    Happy GT ^_^

  3. Dumaan dito for GT.

    Meron palang different schedule ang comestics shopping. hihihi.. =) I've never tried a single Clinique product yet. Mahanap nga yan the next time Im in the mall.. =)

    Gandang araw. Hope you could drop by my blog, too. Happy GT thursday!

  4. i haven't used any from Clinique coz I find them expensive hehehe. well maybe because I hardly know anything about make-up and the likes.

    I'm a fan of olay though and M&S pressed powder because they were on sale last week =)

  5. Thanks for sharing, Risma.
    I use various brands of beauty stuffs :)
    I take multivitamin daily and several times a week (not every day) I drink goat milk.

  6. Hi Sis, this is too expensive for non-working moms ...love it though...
    dropping by for GT. My GT here

  7. i am an olay fan too. it works perfectly for me.


  8. by the way, i am now following you too.

  9. i can't afford clinique, too expensive for me.. :)

  10. clinique would surely stay in my wish list, forever.


  11. hmmm.. your preferred brands sound so expensive to me, lol!

  12. Which reminds me - I have to buy vitamins because we're almost out. Taking vitamin C daily is a very good idea.

    I like Clinique products too, but my Clinique things are all just gifts from the 'States, I don't buy them. :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! :D

  13. Nice stores. I'm not picky sis, when I see something good buy or sale, I'll definitely pick it up.

    My Girl's Talk here

  14. I don't have many beauty stuffs to shop, so I just add my needs in our family's monthly shopping. That's all.

  15. ako i don't apply facial kasi, soap lang:) ehehehe

    thanks for the visit:)

  16. Whoa, really nice brands and very particular... Now I wonder if I was able to discuss mine pretty well hahahah...

    Just like you, I've been changing from one brand to another to find the right one for me. But until this point I'm not sure if I happen to find the right one lol.

    See you again next week! =)

  17. droppin' by for GT. maganda tlaga Clinique, dapat lng kc expensive din eh.

  18. Oh dear!Clinique is one of the best brands I've tried,too most especially their perfume line.

    Thanks for dropping by at my GT entry--followed you^_^

    Happy Sunday!

  19. Dove is also my soap. I used to use Clinique for my facial care, that was when I only had my eldest, after 3 more popped out, I can no longer afford it. I also find the best facial products for me and no matter how expensive or cheap they are, if it suit my skin, it won't matter. Revlon and Cover girl for my make up and pressed powder. Sometimes, it's hard to find something that our skin will agree to. Thanks for the visit.

  20. i haven't tried any l'oreal product. i'm too scared to try other brands lest they give me breakouts. hehe


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