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My Favorite Spa Center

Spa center is always the best place for me to unwind and release my weariness for a short time; because if I had a long time, I’d rather go straight out town and have a vacation. But sometimes, you can feel so exhausted and overwhelmed in the middle of the week and there’s no way you can run away for a vacation right? And thank God, the spa center will always be there for me the whole weekend.
What’s more comfortable then to let your body laying in relaxation and get ready for the comforting massage anyway? As additions, you will also listen to an easy listening instrumental music which softly played around you. Not to mention the scented beautiful candles along with the scented massage oil. Oohh…that’s heaven on earth! LoL
When ever I’m weary, I just go to my favorite spa center and spend few hours there. I always leave that place with a smile and feel relax. This is my story about Girls Talk this week about the best place to unwind. I want to hear your story then.


  1. i still have to experience the spa!i am so sure it is one celestial place to chillax!

  2. how envious!I wanna get pampered at spas,too!

    Girl'S Talk

  3. Im a spa addict too, sometimes i recreate one in my own bathroon just to have a feel of it on ordinary days.

    Have a great weekend! Here is my entry for this week's GT.

    I Love Darly
    Food and Passion

  4. oh yeah! i heard visiting the spa is one GREAT experience haven't tried it myself yet, well, who knows maybe i'd give myself a treat this Christmas, lol!

  5. I love going to spas too... I just haven't tried Spa Center. I go to The Spa most of the time, before. hahaha!

  6. i haven't been to a spa ever, honestly, so i cannot really relate. but it seems very relaxing, based on what my friends who go there are telling me. might try it one day ;)


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