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Undercover Boss

Have you evaluated your work ethic recently, ladies? I’ve been in that situation few years ago, before I finally decided to quit and become a stay at home mother until now. I have experienced that sometimes you can be in a really bad mood and lost your work ethic for few moments. But make sure that you can heal your self from the bad mood as soon as you can before something unexpected happens. I watch a program on BBC Knowledge channel about bosses who has an undercover job to see how their employees work daily. Their reactions may vary depend on how the employees they work with handle their job each day. Some unlucky employee may end up in a bad situation if their undercover boss finds their work bad. But for those who work with their hearts and souls may find unexpected appreciation or award for their hard works. So, you better watch out, especially when a new employee shows up one day and ask you for directions. Who knows? He could be your undercover boss! *wink*

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