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A Big Fan of Noodle

I'm a HUUUGEEE fan of noodle and pasta (proudly tell you that. LoL). Although our main food is actually rice, but I can easily (and happily) change it into noodle. I can't resist a gorgeous and delicious look noodle like this one ever! I hope you don't see my mouth watering right now.LoL
Some people may consider fried noodles as oily kind of food. Indeed, it's oily enough so that you can even taste the oil in your mouth. But that's the original taste which make noodles so tasty, in my opinion. The original Indonesian noodles usually cooked together with certain vegetables and a small amount of meat or sea food. You can't find cheese or cream or other dairy products here. As you can see from the picture above.
However, I still love the cheesy and creamy past too. Fettuccine Alfredo is one of my favorite pasta.
I love the creamy taste, though most of my friend consider this as TOO HEAVY food and not healthy. The more cream and cheese the better, for me.
Yes, I'm a big fan! How about you?

Image Source: bima.ipb.ac.id


  1. Definitely, Im a big fan as well..and now I think I'll order fried noodle for my lunch...sluurrrpp.

  2. I love the carbonara and the garlic bread so yummy! I really love that meal uhm now I'm hungry got go to the kitchen to look for something to eat.


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