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The Climate Change

Do you realize how bad is our earth condition right now? Each time I saw tv program, I saw some new bad things are going on right now. The most horrible thing for me right now is to show how the ice melting in both poles of the earth and will increase the possibility of more cities to get drowned. Do you live in a beautiful city which close to the beach? Imagine if the water drowns your city in a few years later.

Well, in my country we're also struggling with this climate change's negative effects. Floods and hurricanes are the most problems we have right now. Not to mention the high waves in the ocean which prevent the fishermen from doing their jobs. And you can guess what happens next, it's getting difficult to find supplies for your daily needs such as fishes or other kind of sea foods. Even if you could find some, the price is so high that only certain people able to buy it.

We don't know what else will we find in the next few years but somehow I feel things will be tougher and tougher for us. Hope this condition will get better and the earth will smile at us once again

Image Source: www.arcticportal.org

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