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Gossip Can Be Fun Sometimes

People can always know your value from the way you talk. That's what I believe the most which I think some of you are agree with. In this case, I'm talking about gossiping. Somehow people always make a correlation between this habit with women. Am I right? I kinda disagree with it. Talking about other people's life is basically human nature (in my opinion) and it has nothing to do with your gender! I know that men love gossip too.

However, you need to be careful of what you are going to say about other people stuff especially if you meet barely new people to talk to. Gossip can be useful to start a conversation with new people (when you need something to start a conversation) especially if somehow they agree with your opinion. In my experience, a proper topic can build a connection among people who agree about certain kind of thing and make them closer. But be careful. If somehow you provoke the story too much, people can lost respect on you. Somehow they will try to find a clue about why are you being so interested and over reaction about that stuff. Indeed, they actually inside the same perspective with you, but there's always a different scale of interest regarding that topic. If you're the one who apparently become the person in over reacting about it, people will get suspicious about your true intention. Well, although I love gossip sometimes, I never say that it was without consequences. If you get too deeper, gossip can bring you down too.

Not to mention about how people in your gossipers circle will try to find a correlation between your background with your gossiping habit. The have certain judgment inside their mind about people are too much involved with gossip and start to make speculations. They will think that your former background job has formed you the way you are right now. Or judging that your profession is somehow identical with gossip stuff and look down and you. Do I need to re-write it again? They will look down on you eventually.

My point is that you should make a limit yourself and avoid getting involved too deep in gossip. If you try to start a conversation using gossip with new people, you need to understand the situation before. First, do not over tell the story in order to make the subject look 'fantastic'. Just keep it simple since people actually interested what I'$ considered as light gossip for fun. When it gets too serious, they will walk away. So share your story for a short time, after that leave the gossip and stop adding new stuff on it. Gossip is something mostly considered as unsolved case. So, it will always be there as long as you talk about it. It's only a matter about whether you wand to leave it eventually or not. As I said before, gossip can be fun sometimes and people will always show some attention to it. Don't bea hypocrite! But don't let other people look down on you at the end just because you're getting too deep with it. Consider it as an interesting opening subject to start a conversation only, after you make a connection, leave the gossip alone and find other quality topic to talk about. Too much gossip is bad for you just like too many sweets. LoL. Well then, have a nice day there girls...

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