"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

Silly Girl Usually Looks Down On Other People Life

People say: "Don't judge a book by its cover" and definitely don't judge other people by their outer look! Because you know that look can be very manipulated. I just want to share a short story with you all girls. I met several new female friends these past three months. I'm a kind of person who can get along easily, but it doesn't mean that I can find a close friend that easy too. I love to talk to new friends and share general topic but I prefer to avoid talking about personal stuff with them. Usually, after a few week, I will able to choose one of these new people to be the close one and be a close friend with whom I can share personal stuff.

This morning, my new clique told me story about how look can be very manipulated. There is a woman among us who barely talk to us everyday. She has a nice smile and always spread sweet words to us when we're together. She's a kind of girl who can get along together easily too and share almost everything (including personal stuff) with all of us easily. She makes jokes and we already have our each Blackberry PIN to communicate everyday. Her name is Aan.

Turns out that somehow she tells bad stuff about all of us behind us with her friend whom apparently is my clique's close friend too. But I never meet her before. She said that Aan made up story about how she actually is the richest one among us all and how we can't get along with her life style until now. Basically she conclude that we're all just a bunch of people who can only sit and listen to whatever she wants to say and look amazed. She gossiped us a lot, but this friend of mine said that it doesn't matter for me to know about the details. She told me this so that I know about the real Aan is and know how to react and talk in front of her in the future.

One thing that I can't understand about this silly Aan is that we only meet each other for about two months. Ever since we've never hang out together, never share personal stuff together, we do not even know each other address, nothing. All we have is exchanging Blackberry PIN though we never use to communicate so far. So, how can she made up a story to make us all look bad behind our back anyway? Imagine the kind of story she'll make if only she knows us all better and deeper! All I can think of as an answer to this is: maybe she's a psycho!

Turns out that she actually can not afford the life style that she's been proud of. It's all fake! She can't afford it but she pretends to. She has manipulated so many people before, borrowing money for life style purpose but wasn't able to return the money back. She tried to have a lifestyle she can't actually afford. Well, that's not a big problem for me as long as she doesn't judge me based on how I look and look down on me just because I can't tell story about my money and my lifestyle in front of her. Sorry, I'm not that kind of person.

Maybe I'm too naive for I always try to look at this world as a nice place. I try to make friendship instead of finding enemy. But somehow, there will always be people out there who naturally make themselves as other people's enemy. That's not someone that I like to hang out with. And I can't pretend to like her and smile to her anymore from now on. Not after knowing her bad habit behind me. I will definitely try to avoid her in the future and let her enjoys her disgusting habit about looking down on other people. I don't need to explain who I am and my lifestyle to her. She doesn't deserve it anyway. Farewell, you silly.. LoL

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