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Getting pregnant and experiencing the miracle is almost every woman's dream. I am lucky enough to be one of those who has been given a chance to carry that tiny little person in my womb for the second time. Thank God. But I realize that not every woman in this world is as lucky as I am. Some women must struggle so hard in order to have their own babies due to particular issues they have. You can read so many stories about these "mommies wanna be" from the media, such as magazines, books or even internet.

Lately I read one about them called "The Global Baby"  from the collection of my Ipad' s application. Such an inspiring story about surrogacy which presented beautifully in 3D performance. It shows me how amazing in the process of the birth of human being and how it effect everyone around. Well, I am a mother and that's why I feel interest with this issue whatsoever.

But there will always be different kind of topics about the current issues happen around the world right now that you will find interesting. the collection will make it easy for you. For example, the first issue was actually dedicated to Prince William and the Royal Wedding. As you can see, you can always find globally relevant topics from your Ipad just by downloading this app from the App Store. Such an easy way to stay update, right?

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