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Be A Fair Seller

I love to shop online and manage to buy several things this last few months. Well, some may consider that shopping online is not actually shopping (as a friend of mine said) since the buyer and seller is not actually meet each other. So it has lost the excited part of selling and buying process. But I don't see it that way. For me, nothing is better than able to buy things I like from in front of my laptop without losing time to visit the place directly. Not to mention the benefit that I will be able to buy stuff from online stores which far away from my hometown which sometimes offer quite lower prices. I bought things cheaper from online stores out of my town compared to the stores nearby.

So, you may say that I'm not a newbie in this online buying anymore. I have enough information and know more about how to buy things online safely and avoid from being conned about the exact price. I will not easily believe the price I saw before making any research about other store's price list first. Price and trust are things you need to maintain from your customers if you have an online shop business.

The only thing I hate from buying online is that I can't have my purchase directly after ordering. I must wait at least two days for it to arrive. That's why sometimes I also like to buy stuff from friends who sell their products from door to door. The price is a bit higher than the online store (maybe because they also buy products online too, right) but I can have my purchase right away. That's the beginning of my story.

I met a new woman who sells almost everything I like, especially bags and accessories. She told me that all her stuff are cheaper than other sellers and she offered me special prices. And guess what? She's a stupid liar! As a matter of fact, all her stuff are too expensive compared to the online stores which offer only half price from her. I can't stop laugh. I wonder if anyone out there is stupid enough to buy from her whatsoever. Maybe, there will always one or two customers who will only buy once from her. But they will never come back to buy more.

I mean, how dare you playing with higher prices when people can easily get the lower ones? Especially to someone you know. You will lost the opportunity to have a long term relationship with your customers which is bad for your business. And believe me, rumors spread quickly and many more people will find out about your stupid business. Just be fair. Even a fair seller sometimes finds it's hard to have regular customers nowadays.

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