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Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream

BB Cream... BB Cream... Almost everybody loves this one, including me :)
Some say that BB Cream is a kind of cosmetic that you use as make up while some other consider it as skin care product. For me, BB Cream is covering both of them.  BB Cream is a skin product that can be used as cosmetic as well. But I always wear this after applying serum and moisturiser first since I don't think that BB Cream has enough moisturiser in it. I use Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum and you can read my review about it here. BB Cream I use right now is Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream like this one below. 

It is from the same line with my serum:  if you want to read my review about it. The package is in tube of 50ml with the same colour as the serum which is white one the background with yellow tone. I think the tube is quite tricky and a bit hard to squeeze when its almost empty. When the tube is full, you can squeeze the tube slowly and the cream will come out, but when its almost empty you need to squeeze harder in couple of times. 

The texture is thick and I think it only availables in one tone. Its thick but quite easy to blend and apply. But in my skin, this cream  quickly absorbed and disappear. Its literally 'disappear' as if I'm wearing nothing at all which I don't like. I have read many reviews about BB Cream and find out that it should not be disappear into your skin. That there supposed to be a very thin layer of colour on your skin and makes it glowy like wearing tinted moisturiser. As you can see below, the right picture is my skin after applying this Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream and you will see nothing. LOL

also think the oil control is not good enough since my skin starts to look oily after half and hour which is not good for me. I have  dehydrated kind of skin which actually dry but produce oil as well. Its complicated :( and excellent oil control product really is a must for me. The result in my face after two months is'okay' with no break out. 'Okay' means it doesn't break my skin out but it doesn't improve it either. I keep using it since I do not want to throw it way and better use it but no intention to repurchase. 

My last tube is almost empty now and I am about to buy another BB Cream from different brand and say good bye to Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream. I will write my review about the new BB Cream soon :)

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