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Beauty Advisor (BA)

Do you like Beauty Advisor (BA)? Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don’t. I love BA who helped me with the thing I want to know instead of pushing me to buy things I don’t need. And I love BA who able to give balance information about the benefits and the side affects of their products.
Somehow I believe that the quality of BA service depends on how good your outfits look. Mostly, you’ll get relatively better services from BA when you wear relatively expensive outfits. What do you think? Hahaha…

I have a bad experience with a BA a few months ago. She was standing in front of her counter alone that day and I was the only customer who came approaching her. I read about this product from a famous female magazine and I was interesting to find out more about it. Yeah, I know that it’s not a cheap one. This eye cream that I was looking for is expensive.

So I stand in front of the counter to see the products displayed there. Finally, I found what I was looking for and start asking her for more information about it. She just gave me one simple answer. “Yes, ma’am. That’s the eye cream.” That’s all. I try to ask more but she just gave me short answers all the time. I was so disappointed. Indeed, I was wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans at that time. Perhaps she considered that I’m just a kind of woman who asked a lot but with an empty wallet inside my purse. I don’t know. But, I left her counter right away and canceled my plan to buy that beauty product that day. And she didn’t even care. Sigh..

A few days later, I came back there. This time I tried a different way. I was wearing a relatively expensive dress with an eye-catching peep toe shoe, complete with an elegance tote bag. Wow, they treat me differently. There were two BAs there at that time and they all stand up even when I was still a few meters away. Wow! It’s amazing what your outfits can give you, right?

They treat me like a real customer and explained every product they have. Once again I asked more information about the eye cream I was looking for and they provide me a complete explanation. Only this time, I decided to not to buy anything at all. I told them that I’m going to think about it first and I’ll be back next time. They still smiled at me and friendly asked me to come again every time I want. They’ll be happy to help me.

See? I think, if you want the best service from BA, use your best outfits also. Hahaha..


  1. Sometimes I dressed gorgeously just to find out how many BA will greet me. If there are plenty, then it indicates that I've dressed up well. *LOL*

    I should say that women don't dress to impress men. Women dress to impress OTHER WOMEN.

  2. The more you look fashionable, the more you need beauty products. :)


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