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Neon Colors Outfits

Some women are not feeling comfortable enough wearing neon colors such as fuchsia, red, green or any other neon colors. They said that they want to avoid the sassy impression they believed brought by those neon colors. Do you agree that those colors will make you look like a sassy girl in a negative way? Well, I don’t.
I believe that you can look elegant and captivated with neon colors. Just make sure that you don’t pair bright colors with big and striking accessories. You can choose either using bright color outfit without striking accessories or using the bright color item itself as the accessory.
For example, if you want to use a fabulous fuchsia dress, avoid using a big ethnic necklace or colorful bangles as the accessory. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to use any accessories anymore since the fuchsia dress can “speak up” for itself already.
You may try to use a black and glamor peep toe heel to calm down the shocking effect of the fuchsia color on your dress.

Another way to wear neon color items is by using it as the accessory itself. Such as this neon green scarf,
you might want to use it along with a black simple tank top and jeans. It will make you look fresh and cheerful.

So, neon colors are acceptable as long as you use them with appropriate accessories. Remember not to use two or more neon colors pieces at a time, girls. You don’t want to look like a kindergarten girl who want to attend a costume party, right?

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