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Beware of Expired Cosmetics

Do you know that your lipstick can only last for 2-3 years after your first use before finally expired? You must throw it away even if the lipstick bar is still long enough. Sometimes, it’s not that easy to do especially for the expensive lipstick but you must do that otherwise it may harm your skin and body.

Every cosmetics item has its own expired date. Foundation and face powder can last up to 2 years before expired. Blush on has a shorter time which is between 4-6 months only. While mascara and eye shadows can only last for 3-6 months.
PS: pressed form can last longer that the liquid and cream forms.

For example, if you use a liquid foundation instead of a powder one, you may find it quicker to expire than the powder one. Meanwhile, the mineral make up base last shorter than the oil make up base. So, pay more attention to your make up ingredients in the package to find out whether it’s a mineral base or oil base.

It’s better if you use brush to apply your make up than using your own finger. It can make your cosmetics last longer. Our fingers may bring bacteria into the cosmetics and contaminate it by spreading all over. But you still need to wash your brush regularly to maintain the hygiene.

Close the lids tightly to prevent bacteria from entering. But the best way of all is by looking at the appearance of the cosmetic itself. If you find any change in color or smell, do not hesitate to throw it away. It’s already turned into a poison material that can harm your skin and body.

Pictures taken from: www.faqs.org

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