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Vanity Peacock

Peacock is such a beautiful bird. This animal is also well known for its vanity. Every time peacocks realize that people (or animals, perhaps) are watching them and their beautiful and colorful feathers, they will soon open their giant feathers widely so that every one will get a clearer look. Some say that peacock is the true icon of vanity.
A white peacock reminds me of a bride in a wedding ceremony
In my Easter holiday yesterday, I had a chance to capture these three peacocks from a zoo in my hometown. I was so amazed of how beautiful they are. I stared down for a quite long time at them. That’s when I realized that the more people came around them the longer they keep their feather opened. They will come toward the most crowded side of the cage to show off. They can keep the feathers open for a quite long time.
Just like in a fashion show
When they got tired, they will take a rest for a few second but still try to show off the feathers by walking around just like in a runway of a fashion show. They will walk as close as they can to the crowd and start to act just like a human model to show their feather color and pattern. After that they will soon open their fabulous feather again and again.
I can’t get them out of my eyes. I really can’t. That’s why I want to share some pictures of this beautiful animal here with you all my beautiful friends who love peacock. What a great bird.

Anyway, I still have more of other beautiful animals such as white tiger in Blog Perempuan Rumahan or perhaps you want to see a cute zebra in Mommy Mayonnaise. Have a great day all.


  1. wow! so beautiful:) thanks for sharing! have a great day!

  2. I'm amazed, too...
    The birds with beautiful feathers are the male ones, right?

  3. I love peacocks too.. Love the colorful feathers..



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