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For all of you girls out there, who love to shop online, make sure you keep your password and credit card numbers carefully; especially if you have kids around you. Did you notice that kids are getting smarter and tricky these days? In fact, they can easily find your password and credit card number when you don’t even realize. After that, all they need to do is finding the right site and then start shopping.
They can trick you by pretending that they don’t know about your activities in front of your computer and make fool of you behind your back. A research has been held to find out more about this. And the result is a bit shocking. The Daily Telegraph in London wrote that quarter of the England children are shopping online without their parents notice. And half of them are using their parents’ credit cards. So, are you one of these unconscious parents right now?

The best thing to prevent this: do not store your credit/debit card information on internet. Use only the credible, reputable and trust-able online shopping sites. But the most important thing is that you must log out from that site after finishing you shopping activities. Prevention is always the best thing to do. Happy shopping.

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