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Have A Healthy Weekend

It's weekend already, my female friends. Have you any particular plan ahead? I'm sure you do. We usually spend time with foods during weekend. Whether you spend it at home with your family member (or alone) or go outside with some best friends to hang out. Will you believe if I say that most of foods we have during weekend are bad foods?
If you're enjoying old movie in front of your tv right now, look at what kind of foods that you choose to "accompany" you right now. Is it pop corn? Or chocolate bar? Or french fries? And what about your drink? How many of you choose to have milkshake right now? (lol)

Weekend is always fun and that's why we may forget that we still need to pay more attention to our snacks. Have some slices of fruit is always better that a bowl of popcorn. So, keep your weekend healthy, my dear friends. And hope you have so much fun ahead.
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  1. Thanks for the advice, I'll try remember this...


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