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Is It Matte or Moisturizing Lipstick?

For our Tuesday meme, let's talk about your favorite dates or favorite dates idea, girls. Well, I might come up with two ideas this time by using two kinds of lipstick as the main concept.

#1. Matte Lipstick
How about dinner in your favorite restaurant? Use your best outfit (Little Black Dress might be the perfect choice for this) and glamour make up. Don not hesitate to use matte lipstick for this occasion. But, iff you’re a fan of Matte Lipstick, you need to apply lip balm or lip moisturizer before or after applying the matte lipstick. Since this kind of lipstick contains less oil and almost zero water inside. If you use it everyday without special protection to moisturize your lips, you lips may dry and cracked. I know, matte lipstick will give you glamour and elegant look and that’s why it’s the perfect choice for you to use before attending a party or any social activities. It also lasts longer compare to any other kind lipstick and effortless. But still, it will be useless if you have dry lips in the end of the day.

#2. Moisturizing Lipstick
For a casual date, you might like to spend time with your loved one on a beach on a sunny afternoon. Use casual outfits and simple make up for this, such as moisturizing lipstick. Moisturizing Lipstick can help you with dry lips issue. It still gives color to your lips and at the same time moisturizes them. But, this kind of lipstick may not last long as the Matte Lipstick can do. You need to touch up and add more color after a few hours. It’s a perfect choice for daily use, such as shopping, picnic, hangout or any daily activities where you can touch up anytime you like. It’s safer than the matte lipstick but needs efforts.
That's all for my top 2 dates ideas for this week. For more ideas, you may visit Undomestic Momma below
Pictures taken from: http://i.dailymail.co.uk, www.womanmakeup.com

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