"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

Are you a Drama Queen?

Drama Queen. I thing you have (at least) one of this among your friends right now. We could see woman of this kind so easily just by looking at her attitudes. Well, at some points, I hate Drama Queen. But some other time, I feel sorry for them. They’re desperately need attention from everybody around them.
As I said before, you can easily find a Drama Queen among your friends from her attitudes. If you tell some stories about how bad life treated you in the past few days, she is the one who will stand up and says that life treats her even worse. If you tell stories about some good things you’ve done before, she will come up with a story the she has done better than you. If you share stories about how much your husband loves you, she will tell you that her husband loves her more. Pathetic, isn’t it? In some occasion, she may tell you that you’re lucky enough to be one of her friends (lol)

I understand completely why we hate woman like this. Drama Queen wants everybody put attention on her and her only. It doesn’t matter if the attention tends to mock her or appreciate her as long as she got it all. And this is the point where we should feel sorry for them, I think. For some of us, it’s not that hard to get attention from people around us. Maybe we are surrounded by family members that have so much love to share or husband with his abundant love showering us every time.

While she must work very hard just to make people turn their eyes on her. Otherwise, she will feel lonely and neglected. As a friend, we might want to help her with this. Some of you might have solutions for this kind of friend? About how to change a Drama Queen into a Loveable Queen.

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