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My Favorite Magazines

Let's have a meme for today, girls. This time, I want to join a Top Three Thursday meme with Kelly. This week's topic is  
What Are Your Top Three Magazine That You Love To Read? 
Well, here they are:
As you can see, I love to read female magazine a lot. The last magazine (FEMINA) is one of my favorite local magazine. Anyway, this is the reason why I choose this meme actually. It can help me showing the feminine side of this side also. Have a nice Thursday everyone..


  1. Thanks for playing along. Like Cosmo

    Never heard the other 2

    Have a great Thursday

  2. Love your mag choices although I haven't heard of the second one. I'm a magazine addict. I think my three favorite are All You, Oprah mag and Real Simple. So hard to choose just three though. :-)

  3. All fabulous mags, loving them but too bad they are expensive.


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