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Take Milk Bath Regularly

What is the story behind the milk-bath treatment actually? Well, there are several stories about this, ladies. First, there is a tale about a fragrant mistress of Chinese emperor named Iparhan from Uighur clan in Qing dynasty. She was a beautiful and kind woman who was famous because of her good smell. Even the emperor himself fall out for her from the first time he saw Iparhan and infatuated by her body fragrant. Reputedly, Iparhan’s body was so fragrant by taking  milk bath every time. She then successfully conquers the emperor’s heart and became the most favorable mistress. In this case the milk helps her a lot.
But the most famous story about this milk bath is that Cleopatra also took advantages of milk bathing to keep her skin soft, radiant and glowing. It contains lactic acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (also known as AHA) which be able to dissolve your dead skin cells.

Well, how to do it anyway? It’s simple actually. In order to get the best result, you need to do the exfoliation first before taking a milk bath. Exfoliation will get rid of all your dead skin cells first, but remember to do it when your skin in dry condition.

Meanwhile, add 4 cups of milk into warm water and let it soak for a moment. When you’re finished with the exfoliation, rinse the milk thoroughly on to your entire body. The oil in the milk will moisturize your skin and make it soft and radiant. However, do not stay too long on your milk bath since milk also contains particular acids that may irritate your skin. In case this happens, rinse off the milk immediately from your body.
After all, you still can have your soft and radiant skin, ladies. Do this regularly. Remember, you can take milk bath on your own bathroom, right?

Pictures taken from: www.wrap.org.uk, www.bewellbuzz.com

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