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Facial Mask of Mine

Got more spare times today, girls? While watching your favorite movies, why don’t you use facial mask and lay down for a moment then? Facial mask is also important to restore your skin after several days being in an unhealthy condition. There are several types of facial masks that you can choose according to your skin type of course.
For you girls who have an oily skin, then Mud or Clay Facial Mask is the best choice for you. It helps to reduce grease on your skin and clear up blemishes. This mask usually has clay products on it which can dry up your skin. So it won’t be a suitable for dry skin. Just apply it onto your face for 15 minutes and leave it to dry. After that, you need to clean your face using towel and warm water (not just tissue) so that it will remove dirt, dead skin cells and absorb excess impurities.

But if you have a very dry skin, you can try Moisturizing Facial Mask for your skin treatments. You can find it as cream, mostly looks a lot like ordinary moisturizer only this one is thicker and rich. It will moist your skin intensively and remove dry patches. Just apply it onto your face and leave it on for 15 minutes before remove it with a tissue.

These three kinds of facial masks below can be used by either dry or oily skin type. Exfoliating Facial Mask works intensively to remove dead skin cells which cause dullness to your face. That’s why we need to exfoliate them regularly in order to remove dead skin cells as well as the blackheads. Just apply it onto your face and do a gently massage for about 15 minutes. This mask contains tiny abrasive particles which will clean away the debris and dullness during massage. After that, you need to wash the mask with towel and warm water.

Gel Facial Mask provides a cooling sensation and soothing effect after use. This will be a perfect choice after having too much sun during work time, girls. Apply it onto your face and enjoy your 15 minutes relax and feel the cooling sensation around your face. It also works effectively on sensitive skin.
The last one is Peel-Off Facial Mask. Just like the Gel Mask, this mask can be used for refreshing purposes. It can also tighten your skin and clearing pores that are clogged. Especially for dry skin, it can nourish your skin more effectively.

So, the option is yours right now. As I said before, you can wear this facial mask during your spare times and get the maximum result in just few minutes. But for the perfect result, you may need to do this regularly to keep your skin in its best condition.
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