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About Fake Eyelashes

If you have relatively small sized eyes, then you might be interested in using fake eyelashes, ladies. Fake eyelashes will help you to “open your eyes wider” and make you look fresh and cheerful.
Anyway, you kind find two kinds of fake eyelashes generally. First, Individual Lashes. This kind of fake eyelashes are used in case of strands according to your need. You can put the strands on the spot between your original eyelashes to make your lashes look full and bold. It can be used by applying special glue in the spot you want to add the strands on. You don’t have to use the fake strands along your lash. Just use them in between your original lashes. Remember to use the long lashes on the outer part of your eyes and the shorter lashes on the inside one. It has the most natural look for you. People wouldn’t even realize that you’re using fake eyelashes with this. However, this will going to cost you more time than second type.

The second type is the Strip Lashes. Since its using a strip with long strands on it, people will realize that they’re fake eyelashes. It’s perfect for party look only and not a natural-looking option. It can be used by using adhesive strip which attached to the lash or using special kind of glue. It will give you unnatural boldness looking eyelashes, false yet beautiful. But people will always recognize them as fake eyelashes. So, you must choose the perfect kind for you occasion first.
Applying these lashes is not an easy job to do, people. That’s why most women avoid using fake eyelashes since they require more time to apply on. Anyway, right after using your fake eyelashes, don’t forget to apply your eye liner (liquid eyeliner would be the best option) to cover the strip along your eyelash liner and put on your mascara once again. After that, you’ll be ready to show off, ladies.
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