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Gorgeous Over Sized Bags

I love over sized bags. So, I browse and browse until I found these eight incredible beautiful over sized bags. With this kind of bag, you can have either the fashion factor as well as the function factor. Let's take a look.

Legend Bag From Longchamp

Kate Moss is a fan of this bag. It has a bit of street style nuance but still look fashionable and chic.

Arkel Bag from Bally

As you can see in the picture above, Jelena Jankovic is a fan. Sporty yet fashionable.

Manor Bag from Burberry

I found out that Victoria Beckham was not the only fan of this bag because I found a picture of Liz Hurley with this bag too.

Mahina Bag from Louis Vuitton

I adore this bag. It looks gorgeous on Madonna's hand also. Don't you agree?

Warrior Bag from Burberry

Love the metal studs accent? This bag looks totally different from the others, right?

Saba Bag from Jimmy Choo

I love the ring accent on this bag. Maybe that's why a celebrity like Katherine Heigl had one of this.

Muse Bag from YSL

Demi Moore was wearing a casual t shirt while holding this gorgeous bag. Looks casual yet chic.

Ruffles Tote Bag from B & D Kan Kan

This bag is my favorite bag of all. I love the ruffles detail and the soft color as well. It looks really gorgeous. Eva Longoria is a fan of this bag.

Well, what do you think then? Are you a fan of over sized bags too?

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