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Myths About Two Way Cake

Girls, do you always bring your Two Way Cake powder on your purse? I think, you do. Two Way Cake powder is so handy and usually beautifully packed. You can keep it on your purse, so that every time you need a touch up your face all you need is find a rest room and use it. In a few minutes, your face will look flawless, fresh and oil free.

Two Way Cake powder is not just a usual powder such as Pressed Powder. The difference is because Two Way Cake also has Foundation on its ingredients. So, actually you don’t need to use Foundation (liquid or pressed) anymore if you want to use Two Way Cake, because you can find both Foundation and Powder on one package. That’s why we call it Two Way Cake, right?

Apparently, there are still some myths going around us about this kind of powder. Some of these myths are really myths. Let’s find out about them.
First, some say Two Way Cake powder is only suitable for party make up, because the formula is too thick to use daily. This is not right. The key is on the application itself. If you want to cover all the spots on your face, use the wet sponge. But if you want to avoid the “make up look” on your face, you can use the dry sponge instead. It’s all your choice. Don’t blame it on the product.

Second, Two Way Cake is not suitable for those who have sensitive skins type. The fact is if you have a sensitive skin type then you should avoid every kind of Foundation at all, because Foundation is the reason of the problem you have. Even the healthy skin type can have problems too if you use Foundation incorrectly. And remember, Two Way Cake has Foundation inside. The key is always make sure you clean up your face correctly after using Foundation all day long. You also need to wash the sponge after used, squeeze it until perfectly dry before you place it back. If you do so, then you have nothing to worry about.

Third, those who have oily skin type should avoid using Two Way Cake, since it can make your face look more oily and shiny. The main cause of shiny and oily look problem actually is the kind of moisturizer you use before applying Foundation or Two Way Cake. If you have oily skin type, then make sure that you use an “Oil Free Moisturizer” instead of the regular one before applying Foundation. The second, you can also use a Two Way Cake that contains “Shine Control” on it, so your face will look “matte” instead of shiny. There are a few kind of Two Way Cake you can choose out there. Ask for help from your beauty advisors.

Fourth, we still need to touch up regularly to avoid smudged. In fact, every kind of powder still needs touch up regularly, even if you spend all day long in a room with air conditioner. Why? Because our skin will continue to produce “sebum” even after we use make up. We can not expect our perfect make up will lasts as perfect as our original skin look, right? So, we still need to make some touch up a few hours later.

At last, girls, don’t hesitate to use your handy Two Way Cake. Its handy, easy to use and cover your skin better. It helps you to have a perfect flawless skin look.

Pictures taken from: www.88charmmy.com and www.femalemag.com.sg

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