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Fashion Workers

Fashion world always looks fancy and glamorous. Don’t you agree? This is a giant business that is rapidly growing and stills no signs of getting slow. Fashion will always grow and makes new inventions each time. As long as there are still people in this globe, there will be fashion walking along the way.

Its glamorous has successfully attracted people to crowd around like fireflies around a big lamp. People were so interested to get along this shiny world. What kinds of people are actually growing in this world, anyway?

First, we have the Fashion Designers

(Donatella Versace)
This profession makes the true color of fashion world itself. They pour souls into designs they made that encourage people to buy and wear. Each Fashion Designer has their own characteristics that will always look special on their loyal customers. People such as Donatella Versace, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, or Tom Ford are nowadays famous designers. No matter how expensive their designs are, there are always loyal buyers who hunt, buy and wear it.

Second, there are also Fashion Stylists
Their job is to polish every fashion products and make them look perfect and gorgeous. They can be found on different places, such as magazines, films, advertising, or video clips. People such as Anna Wintour (Vogue Magazine) or Robbie Myers (Elle Magazine) are some of famous Fashion Stylists today. They make the rules on photo session, lighting, choosing the right models, make up, etc. They will make the runway looks perfect on a fashion show.

Third, Fashion Merchandiser and Fashion Buyer
These two profession have an almost the same job and work together. They have responsibilities to provide various kinds of fashion products available to customers. The Fashion Merchandiser usually makes a list and budget for every product they’d like to buy, while the Fashion Buyer will travel across the countries to hunt and buy all the products on lists. The Merchandiser than will decide about the placement and pricing of those brand new products they’ve bought. For this, they need a great sense of fashion and the most important thing of all is..the money itself. You can’t do this job with a little amount of money.

Fourth, we have Fashion Writer
The job is to supply articles or stories about fashion world on media. They can write either recommendations or critics about certain thing on fashion. And articles from a well known Fashion Writer usually get a serious response from other fashion workers also.

(Anna Wintour)
The famous Fashion Stylists above (such as Anna Wintour) usually start their career by becoming a Fashion Writer in the first few years. If they succeed with the writing job, then the path to be a Fashion Stylist will be wide open.

Fifth, the last chain before the buyers themselves is the Boutique Owners.
This is the place to seek any kind of fashion products such as bags, shoes, clothes or jewelry. Some boutiques may only sell one kind of fashion product from a famous brand line, while other may sell several kinds of products all in. Famous boutiques, such as Jimmy Choo Boutique usually attract the high end people to be their loyal customers.

The reason is simple: prestige. Famous boutiques definitely supply original products but extraordinary expensive price list. The prestige is if you can buy those expensive products then you must be a member of high end society itself. The other prestige is that will proof your sense of fashion as well.

Well, as I said before, fashion world always looks fancy and glamorous. The tagline is: if you want the best look, then you must provide the best budget. That’s all..

Pictures taken from: curbednetwork.com, www.zimbio.com, jessicalmc.wordpress.com

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