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Some Fun On The Sun

Love sunbathing? Beware of the harmful UV rays, fellas. There are two types of UV rays. The first one is Ultraviolet B (UVB) which can bring damage to the epidermis and dry your skin also. This UV type is the main cause of the sunburn effect you have after sunbathing. The second type is Ultraviolet A (UVA) which is also the most dangerous one because it brings damage to the inner layer of the skin itself. UVA is the main cause of ageing and the worst of all is the skin cancer.

How to avoid those harmful effects and still can enjoy the sunbathing then? The most important thing to do before lying under the sun is to apply the sunscreen first. You need to choose sunscreen which contains Sun Protection Factor (SPF) on it. The SPF will cover your skin and screen out the harmful UV rays.

Apparently, most of the sunscreen products we found on the market are only working to protect us from UVB, since there is no certain measurement yet for the right amount of SPF to protect the skin from UVA. However, if we use the sunscreen with SPF, we can still be protected from UVA and UVB. So, don’t worry.

Pay attention to the number of SPF written on the sunscreen’s package. The number will tell you how much time you have (while using that product) under the sun before getting your skin burn. For examples, some researches results found out that Asian skin will get the sunburn after 25 minutes under the sun without using any sunscreen.
Then use a simple formula:
SPFnumber x 25 minutes
If you use the SPF15 sunscreen: 15 x 25 = 375 minutes
So the SPF15 sunscreen will protect you from sunburn for about 6 hours. After that you need to apply the sunscreen once again.

The low SPF sunscreen can be used on daily activities such as working or driving. But if you spend more time under the sun, such as sunbathing or swimming, make sure you use the higher SPF sunscreen. It will cover you better from the harmful UV rays.

So, grab you sun glass and have some fun on the beach or swimming pool, ladies.

Pictures taken from: www.faqs.org, www.nlm.nih.gov, http://cache1.asset-cache.net

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