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Inhales The Papaya Enzyme

Papaya is one of many fruits than can be very useful to keep your skin looks healthy and shiny. It contains Vitamin E as antioxidant, vitamin A as beta-carotene, C, B complex, calcium, potassium, zinc and protein. The enzyme on papaya has been clinically proven as anti ageing enzyme (aha…love this part..lol). This enzyme can also heal the sun burn skin by removing dead cells faster from the skin in order to accelerate the growth of new healthy cells.

On the kitchen, we can use papaya to soften the meat before cooking. The same reason we can use on skin treatment also. Because this kind of enzyme can also soften our skin cells that help to refine the skin look and accelerate the regeneration process.

As we know, our skin cells can only last for 28 days before finally broken and die. These broken cells will be replaced by the new layer of skin cells right below the old broken cells. If we don’t remove the broken cells immediately, those cells will be accumulated and make some dark spots on skin surface. This spots will make your skin look dull and at the same time make you look older.

Seems like papaya is the answers to many questions we have. This fruits have so many benefits. You can consume it regularly for a better metabolism on your body. You can also use it to maintain your skin to look fresh and healthy.

Just mince it finely and then apply it to your whole body for a few minutes. Do this regularly and you can have a healthy and shiny look skin naturally. Because everything that comes from our mother nature is usually free of bad side effects.

Sometimes, you can leave all those artificial skin care products and let your skin inhales the sweetness of nature products. Because fashion is not just about decorative make up, but having a healthy from the inside as well. Have a beauty day, my friend..

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