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NoLIta-North Little Italy

North Little Italy a.k.a NoLIta ia the shopping center on Manhattan, New York where shopper can find almost every kind of fashion items, whether the premium brands or the vintage ones. I read a lot about this area in fashion magazine. It seems like NoLIta has familiar enough among the shopper around the globe.
North Little Italy
Mostly, every boutique in NoLIta belongs to the designer also. For example, a boutique named “Zero” which owned by a designer Maria Carnejo. Or “Only Hearts” boutique by Helena Stuart. Or “Seize sur Vingt” by James and Gwendolyn Jurnye. Still you can find the mainstream labels such as Paul Frank, Miss Sixty, Ralph Lauren or RRL here also.
Unlike SoHo or any large boutiques you found along Madison Avenue, NoLIta offers more personal services for every shopper. The stores are quite small with only one or two store assistants inside. NoLIta is a perfect place for shoppers who want to spend more time looking around without having bothered by the aggressive store assistant. The perfect shopping paradise.

Pictures taken from: http://inlinethumb49.webshots.com, http://farm1.static.flickr.com

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