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Are you a workaholic? If you are a workaholic, don't be so proud of it, girls. It happens when somebody having a problem in trusting other people, bad on job delegation, and can't be a part of a team work.
According to the experts, there are four kinds of workaholic:

1. Bulimic workaholic
This is kind of people who insists to do every job perfectly. If they can't do it perfectly, they will choose the refuse the job instead. They will spend more time on details until deadline shocked them up. Then they will finish the job in a rush. As you may guess, the result will not as perfect as they want.

2. Relentless workaholic
You kind find this on people who hunts for a kind of job which can challange them in a certain way. They love to feel the adrenalin rush into their heads. On the process, they usually pick the fastest way to do it (mostly in careless way). The result will not gain their expectation in the first place. What a useless.

3. Attention-deficit workaholic
People like this enjoy the warm out part when they just begin to work with the project. They're full of enthusiasm and plans. But they'll get bored very quickly and forget about the enthusiasm and plans they've had before. People like this usually fail to finish their job/project successfully.

4. Savoring workaholic
There are three words to discribe people on this zone: slow, systematic, thorough. They usually have a problem to finish the job based on deadline. They also refuse any kind of help from other member of the team. And usually find a perfect reason for being so late on the job. The only reason they have is: the result is not perfect enough yet.
See? In a big picture, being a workaholic is not a good thing. I can't guarantee that you will have the perfect result because of it. So, why don't you spend sometimes for yourself? Go see some friends and hangout. And you'll be ready for the next project.

Pictures taken from: skew.dailyskew.com, www.up-lift.com

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