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Serum For Skin Renewal

I believe that a healthy and younger look skin is the obsession of every woman. And to gain that maximun condition of the skin, I think we're already quite familiar with every rituals we need to do. We use cleanser products (such as facial wash or make up remover), tone products (such as freshener or toner), eye care (such as eye cream/gel), moisturiser products, protector products (such as sun block or SPF products), face masks (cleaning or treatment) and exfoliate product (such as facial scrub).
Is that all? Actually, there's still one item left. I'm sure that you all have ever heard about skin serum before. In cosmetical context, serum is a kind of liquid which contains mostly amino acid on it and use for skin renewal purposes.

The main ingredients of serum are water, emultion, Vitamin C and E. Beside the renewal purpose, skin serum also works to moisturising your skin and make the skin look flawless. What is the different between skin serum and the skin moisturiser that we use daily then?
Skin moisturiser works at the outer layer of epiderm, while serum works at the deeper layer of epidermal itself. You need to apply the skin serum first before applying the skin moisturiser on your face. They work together from inside and outside to maintain your skin condition. Make sure you use them both regularly to get the perfect result.

Now, have you added the skin serum on your list already?

Pictures taken from: http://cdn-viper.demandvideo.com, www.ydryskincare.info

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