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Body Exfoliation

A regular body skin exfoliation can be very useful to keep your skin young and soft. It will help to unblock the old skin cells and lessen hairs. Exfoliation is also very useful for stimulating the blood circulation since you’ll do some massage during the exfoliation process. I usually use granules as the exfoliator, but you can always use other different ones such as exfoliating gloves or loofah, body scrub lotion, or body scrub polishes.
How to make a perfect exfoliation then? First, before showering your body (your body is still in a dry condition), brush your skin softly using your exfoliator item, such as this gentle loofah below, to stimulate your circulation and remove dead skin cells. Do that for about five minutes and after that you can take a shower like usual. You may also want to use the loofah once again onto your wet skin and that alright. But you need to brush wet skin more carefully since the skin has been smoothen by the water.
After shower, cover your body skin with moisturizer cream. Your skin will absorb the moisture easily and make your body looks and feels fresher. Especially when you have a plan to sunbathe, you might want to exfoliate your body skin first. Because the exfoliated skin will give you a perfect tan as the result along with a healthy and shiny look as the bonuses.

Pictures taken from: aww.ninemsn.com.au, cdn.hellobeautiful.com

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  1. It's very useful advice, I'll try to apply it, since I seldom do body exfoliation...


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