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Estella Warren

Another gorgeous woman to talk about is Estella Warren. This blonde girl with sexy lips comes from Canada. Even though she is a famous model, she also well known as a good swimmer in her country. Her first photo shot was with the Manhattan Modelling Agency and from there she started to work as a professional model.
She was the ambassador of Chacharel from Chanel and some other famous brands of perfumes. She also worked for Victoria’s Secrets and Perry Ellis. Her gorgeous look brought her to become one of “Hot 100 Babes” on Maxim magazine. This entire job has provided her more than enough money to buy her very first house by the age of 17. She became famous and rich in a very young age.

Somehow, Estelle felt something missing on her world as a model. She has not satisfied for just being able to see her face as a cover on so many famous magazines. She needed something to stimulate her brain and thoughts. I guess she found it on wide screen. She was offered to participate on three movies at a time. But her most favorite movie is Planet of The Apes where she worked together with Mark Wahlberg.
Unfortunately, after that Planet of The Apes movie, Estella seems to be disappeared from the wide screen. I sometimes saw her on Victoria’s Secret runway on Fashion TV only, that’s all. Maybe because she is 31 years old already this year and that age is considered to be “old” in modeling world. Then she was replaced buy other new models who are younger and fresher. Still, Estella Warren is one of gorgeous woman I adore.

Pictures taken from: www.popularfaces.com, www.mactonnies.com

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