"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”


Is it true that women can’t actually talk about feminism without having their own profitable hidden agendas behind? Some say that women will only drag in this topic according to their needs and capabilities. Women will 'yell' if somehow there’s an indication that a woman can not ever be a headmaster on a public school. In other case, women will also 'yell' when they found out that most people refused to have a female president in a certain country or a mayor in a certain city or something like that.
The bottom line is that no one should ever question woman’s capability of doing everything that (some people considered only) men can do. Female is as equal as man.

Do you know that there are few men in this world who made some sarcastic jokes about this gender issues? They said that women can only yell about feminism if it concerned with power and money only. But when it comes up with some trifling daily activities, women will shut their mouths up and let the men did it for them. For example, most women will refuse to repair a broken window in their own houses. Woman will also refuse to climb the roof to fix the leakage. Same thing happens when they have problems with their plumbing system. All they’re going to do is just calling a man to do that job. You won’t find any gender topic at that time. Women want to be as equal as men but the truth is they could never have that equality ever. That’s all. Doesn’t it sound pathetic?

So, my question will be simple, ladies.. What do you think about it?
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  1. I'm glad God creates such a wonderful thing called women :)

  2. It is a fact, women often use her "weakness" to avoid heavy jobs, but on the other side women demanding be treated equally with men ;-)

  3. Your question is simple...but it's not easy to answer :)
    I've never thought about gender or feminism in a serious way and I don't care much about other people's saying...

  4. Yes it is true that there are still hand job for men that a woman can't do. But there are also things that only the woman can do that the man cannot. Like carrying a baby for 9 months.


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