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Balea Dunkle Flecken Aufheller

Among my other Balea beauty products, I use this Balea Dunkle Flecken Aufheller as a day cream. It contains Vitamin C consentrate on it. Vitamin C will lighten your skin and make it glowing. I use it after washing my face but before putting make up. For facial wash I'm still using Balea Mildes Waschgel and. I wrote about it here.

On my clean face I always apply the serum first. Until this time, I'm still using Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum and you can read my review here. After serum, I apply this Balea Dunkle Flecken Aufheller as my day cream. And then I put on my BB Cream. I'm still using Balea Q10 Anti-Falten BB Cream which you can read here. For a casual event, I just use loose powder and lipstick. But for formal event, I apply foundation first to make it stay longer. And then the make up section can now be started. LOL

The package is simple, a thin tube. The colour is white and absorb quickly into my skin and left no residue. No particular effect happens instantly but I can feel my skin smoother after a long time use. It does not make my skin oily nor dry, just smooth. I love it.

It smell nice and I store it inside my fridge along with the serum. And again, will be the last Balea Dunkle Flecken Aufheller I bought. As I wrote before, Balea products are getting harder and harder to find in Medan right now. So I must use another brand for my day cream instead.

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