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Zen Garden Spa Medan

This evening, I have spent 3 hours in spa named Zen Garden. This was my first time here and I had a wonderful time there and I want to share my experience with you.

The Zen Garden front desk looks simple and oriental. You can find path of white coral and scent of lemon filled the room. It comforts your nose and your mood in a minute. The body treatment I choosed is called: COFFEE ENERGIZER in 90 minutes duration (180K) + FACE TREATMENT in 60 minutes (100K). They ask me to choose between three different kinds of spa essences and I choose green tea essence. Then I sit in the waiting room and wait for my therapist to come and fetch me. They serve me a small cup of cold fragrant tea and a small cold towel to wipe my face. And then my therapist came with a pair of slippers for me and keep my shoes in a drawer.

The female section in Zen Garden is on the second floor and I was directed to a room with three beds inside which not been occupied when I was come. I was asked to undress and wear only a disposable panty they gave, then laying flat on my stomach. She massage me for one hour with the green tea essence and its soo relaxing. She gave me face treatment which are cleansing, scrubbing, massaging and then applying face mask. She also massage my head as well, very relaxing. She then covered both of my eyes with damped cotton in green tea scents.

While waiting for the mask to stiff, she started to apply the coffee scrub onto my  skin and let them dry for about five minutes. Then she rubs the scrub gently until all the residue fall down. She moves to my face to wipe the stiffen face mask from my face. My skin feels smooth. After that she asked me to lay down on my stomach again because she will apply the coffee scrub on my back side.

After scrubbing and all the coffee residue fell down, I enter the sauna room for ten minutes. The sauna room is big and clean with proper place to sit down, she gave me a cold towel to cover my face inside the sauna. I could not make it to 10 minutes and give up after five minutes. Then I lay back on the bed for the next treatment. She covered my entire body with warm coffee body mask.  Then wrapped me in a grey soft plastic for 10 minutes so that all the benefits from coffee mask can absorbs into my skin. After that, I take a bath under running warm water to clean my skin from the coffee mask. I wash my skin with soft soap and rinse properly.

I go back to the room after drying my skin and find two little pots on the bed: the smallest pot contains moisturiser for my face and the bigger one contains moisturiser for my body. What an excellent closure! I can feel my body feels moist and soft with a little scent of coffee. While waiting in the waiting room, she served me a hot tea in a small cup and give me back my shoes. I tipped her properly since I love her service very much. This is exactly the kind of activity i like to do on weekend and Zen Garden provides all I need. I surely will sleep well tonight and ready for tomorrow :)

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  1. Hello Risma. Thank you for your glowing review of Zengarden. All of us are honored to have you as one of our guests. Look forward for your next visit!


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