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BMI Calculator

What’s your breakfast this morning, ladies? Did you pick the healthy breakfast today? I started this day with a glass of orange juice and oatmeal this morning. It’s important for us to pick the right menu for breakfast each day. Some people choose to avoid breakfast just to stay slim but deep in your heart you know that it’s not healthy.
Anyway, have you ever calculated your BMI before? BMI is calculated value which allows you to define how well your body corresponds toyour height and consequently a degree of over- or underweightness. There is a particular website that help you to calculate BMI easily. You only need to provide your height (in lbs); height (in ft) and gender in to the BMI Calculator on that site and press calculate. And you will find out about are you having over weightness issue or underweight ness in a very short time. And the better part is the website also provides you information about how to lose weight and how to gain weight also, all in healthy ways. Including choosing a healthy diet according to specific reasons and how exercises help you to lose your weight or gain more weight. Although this is a sponsored post all opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. thanks for the link, gotta really maintain our BMI!!!!! HELP... :)


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